101 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2014

These 101 fantasy football team names will make your league laugh

These 101 fantasy football team names will make your league laugh

The upcoming NFL season marks the kickoff of everyone's real favorite sport — fantasy football. Only one team in your league will be crowned Super Bowl champion. But it just takes a dirty joke or some well-crafted Johnny Football trolling to cash in on the best . Here are a few suggestions for this season:

Brown-out Drunk

Drake's New Favorite Team

Waka Flacco Flame

Taste My Rainbow

12th Man Records

Trolling Crabtree

Vince Young's Steakhouse

Cry Me a Rivers

Connecticut Cholos

Hernandez Hit Men

The Gronk Abides

Wilfork Dance Party

Mr. UGG Boots

I Spygate

Evil Empire

Revis' Vineyard

Jay-Z's My Agent

Off to Tennessee the Whiz

Remember the Titans

I Don't Want Your Life

Bud Kilmer's Coyotes

Dillon Panthers

Pouncey Bouncers

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers

Purple Jesus Juice

All Day 2K

J.J. S.W.A.T.T. Team

Clowney Question Bro

Kaepernick Swag

You Down With JPP?

Peyton Manning's 5-Head

Mile High Manning

Welker, Texas Ranger

The Boldin the Beautiful

Jimmy "WR" Graham

No Romo

Jason Garrett's Ginger Boys

Monte Kiffin's 401K

Dez Does Dallas

80% Mental, 40% Physical

Laces Out

Show Me the Money

Four Horsemen

Titletown Cheeseheads

Super Bowl Quadruple-Check

Prime Prep Two-Step

Toronto Bills

RG 3000

Hard Knocks Life

Eat a Damn Snack

Motown Megatrons

Suh Girls, One Cup

Boy Named Suh

Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe

K.C. Kool-Aid Man

Drinkin' Fortes

Turn Your Head and Coughlin

Tampa Bay Terminators

JaMarcus' Purple Drank Diet

Illiterate Read Option

Springfield Atoms

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

Ron Mexico's Perro

It's Always Runny in Philadelphia

Makin' It Wayne

Luckness Monster

Irsay's $29K

Red Hot Julius Peppers

Show Me Your TDs

Going Incognito

Wham, Bam, Michael Sam

Gruden vs. Gruden

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