Who Is Athlon

Founded in 1967, Athlon Sports Communications, Inc., is a Nashville-based media company with two major areas of expertise: Publishing and Sports Marketing.

Athlon Sports publishes preseason, single-title sports annuals, covering professional and college athletics. These premium publications are sold at newsstands throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe.

The company's newest venture, Athlon Sports, is a monthly publication that launched in October 2010. Athlon Sports debuted with a circulation of seven (7) million, via daily and community newspapers, and grew to nine (9) million early in 2011, making it the largest sports magazine in the United States.

Athlon Sports engages sports fans of all kinds by offering unique perspectives and opinions, by telling compelling stories of athletes and teams, and by making accurate predictions and providing analyses of all sports. Athlon Sports is redefining the highly competitive sports category by offering advertisers an extended mass audience that is largely unduplicated by sports or men's lifestyle magazines.

Athlon's preseason annuals remain a core component of the brand's offering, providing detailed preseason analysis to the passionate sports fan.  As a publisher, Athlon ranks No. 1 among sports annuals based on retail sales dollars and magazines sold. As a marketer, Athlon offers a unique trade-based sports marketing program designed to assist companies in the following areas: brand and product awareness, communicating sales and marketing initiatives (internally and externally), and selling more goods and services.

Athlon's digital properties include AthlonSports.com, which provides daily coverage for the sports we cover and garners more than 1 million visitors each month. AthlonSports.com also provides visitors with a variety of robust sports contests including our NCAA Tournament game ("Bracket Breakdown") and our award-winning Pick 'Em games for Pro and College Football. In addition to our consumer games, Athlon offers a full suite of white-labeled fantasy games for our trade partners. These customized games compliment our trade-based sports marketing programs by delivering branded company content to specifically targeted audiences on a weekly basis.

With each of Athlon's products, the company delivers the enormously powerful medium of sports to businesses and their customers. It is through this medium that Athlon partners with its clients to communicate with the hard-to-reach male audience. Athlon designs communications, promotions and marketing campaigns to meet its clients' corporate objectives, and offers solutions to assist in solidifying and maintaining relationships between its clients and their customers. Athlon provides media support through its magazines, websites, digital games, podcasts, videos and other media.

Athlon's 15 magazines include: Athlon Sports monthly, Pro Football, Fantasy Football, National College Football, Southeastern Football, Atlantic Coast Football, Big Ten Football, Big 12 Football, Pac-10 Football, Baseball, College Basketball, Racing and Golf.

Athlon has offices in Nashville, New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Indianapolis.

Executive EditorsRichard McVey, Mitch Light
Director of Sponsored ContentCharlie Miller
Senior EditorRobert T. Doster III, David Fox
Deputy Online Editor/CFB EditorSteven Lassan
Features EditorNathan Rush
Photo EditorHarrison McClary

Mark Ross, Braden Gall

Production DirectorMark Malone
Design Director/Editor RacingMatt Taliaferro
National Advertising Sales & Marketing[email protected]
SVP/Publisher-Digital, Athlon SportsBryce Wells
Chief Marketing Dev.Tracey Altman
Media Sales ManagerPatrick Ferencz
Corporate Sports Marketing Sales
Regional Vice-Presidents
Northeast RegionAnthony R. Hagelgans
Mid-Central/Southern RegionTom Burr
South CentralBill Gaglione
National Account DirectorsEddie Gonzalez (Mid-Central/South)
Events Marketing ManagerKelly Duke
International / FantasyRichard Beck
Client Services
DirectorJessica Anderson
Account CoordinatorsElizabeth Masterson, Katie Hilton
Pro Cir Retail SolutionsScott Hill
Athlon Media
Senior VP Newspaper RelationsJerry Lyles
Marketing CoordinatorKaren Coleman
President and CEOSpencer Hays
SVP/Publisher-Digital, Athlon SportsBryce Wells
Chief Operating OfficerChuck Allen
Chief Financial OfficerMary Lee Dunn
Executive AssistantKaren Coleman
Accounts Receivable ManagerLuAnn Selby
Accounts Payable/Payroll ManagerSommer Stephens
Fulfillment Center
DirectorSusan Malone
Athlon Sports Collectibles
Division PresidentRichard Beck
Manager, Mail OrderJeff Duello
Warehouse Manager-Wholesale, Charity, AuctionJim Kaus
Athlon Interactive/Fantasy Games
VP of DigitalMichael McCracken
Jr. Project ManagerErin Dugan
Senior Web DeveloperEric Olson
Senior Web DeveloperErin McCargar
Jr. PHP DeveloperMichael Harley
Jr. PHP DeveloperFiifi Appiah




Employment opportunities and advancement at Athlon are open to all qualified applicants solely on the basic of their achievement, experience, aptitude, and abilities. Qualified applicants are considered for positions and for advancement without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, or disability.

Athlon will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment of its employees due to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, or disability. Employees who feel they have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or harassment should immediately advise their supervisor, President or the Chief Executive Officer.


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