Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: July 30, 2013

Rounding Up the Web's Best Sports Links So You Don't Have To.

This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for July 30.


• Here's a countdown of reality show. My takeaway: I gotta start watching Big Break.






. Not surprisingly, it's pretty similar to the actual rankings.


• Not everyone can say they broke a record held by Hank Aaron. .


• It's Packers training camp's most popular interactive game:


. His great uncle discovered it, after all.


• The trend toward personality-branded sports websites continues: .




. If that's true, Tim Tebow may not see the field in 2013.




• The ump blew a call in last night's Rays-Red Sox game. As a result, the Rays are in first this morning.



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