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During the Fiesta Bowl between Stanford and Oklahoma State, this little gem occurred after a kickoff. Jeremy Stewart doesn't think that Ty Montgomery should take the kickoff out of the end zone.

Ty Montgomery thinks he should. Then, as he's running out Stewart says "No, you will not" and decks him before he makes his way out of the end zone. If you watch the tape, it doesn't look like Montgomery would have made it past the 5 yard line, so Stewart essentially saved Stanford 15 yards on his heads up play.

Oklahoma State went on to win the Fiesta Bowl 41-38 in overtime (after Jordan Williamson, the freshman Stanford kicker missed a game-winning field goal, and then another in overtime). But this play may be the one that stands out when people talk about this game.

<p> This was one of the more memorable plays of Bowl season</p>
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Lebron James continues to follow in his idol's footsteps. Just days after Michael Jordan announced his engagement to Yvette Prieto, Miami Heat Star Lebron James announced he was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson.

James popped the question on New Year's Eve with teammates and friends looking on. It was also James' 27th birthday.

Chris Paul and Heat Owner Mickey Arison tweeted their congratulations. 

Lebron and Savannah have two sons. Savannah and James have been dating since high school. James, who struggled last year after he was turned from one of the most well-loved players in the NBA to one of the most hated after leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers to go to the Miami Heat didn't respond well to playing the role of league villain. Something he recently admitted. 

Maybe his new engagement will help soften his image, especially among women, who will see a guy who stayed with his high school sweetheart, despite being one of the most famous and wealthy athletes on the planet.

Here's a photo gallery of the Brinson and James:

There's no way to know if Michael Jordan's engagement prompted James to follow suit (James used to wear #23 in homage to his on-court idol), but we'll see if Lebron's first marriage fares better than Jordan's (MJ lost a reported $150 million after his first marriage dissolved in 2006.)

Heat fans are hoping this is the year Lebron finally does for the first time what his idol was able six times, and that's win an NBA championship.

<p> The Miami Heat star popped the question to his high school sweetheart</p>
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At the beginning of the 2011 NFL season Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris was one of the most promising coaches in the NFL. One of the few coaches who seemed to be farthest from the hot seat.

And on the second day of 2012, he's now been fired. An almost unthinkable scenario just four months ago.

But that's what a 10-game losing streak to finish a season will do a head coach in these win-now times.

In a statement from the Bucs brass, they thanked him for his service: "We want to thank Coach Morris for all his hard work and dedication as head coach of the Buccaneers," Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer said in a statement.

The Bucs, who are one of the younger teams in the league, hadn't won a game since beating the Saints on October 16th. One of the main reasons they lost their next 10 was the regression of quarterback Josh Freeman. 

Freeman, who was a fan favorite last year, was expected to make the jump to elite quarterback in 2011, but failed to do so, throwing a whopping 22 interceptions, after only tossing 6 to the wrong team last year.

The 2011 Bucs were expected to compete for an NFC South title. But when that faded, it seems Tampa Bay felt they needed to make a change at head coach. What this means for the future of Josh Freeman will come to light at the NFL draft. With a high draft pick and a lot of high-quality quarterbacks in this year's draft,t he BUcs may look to go in another direction. Or they may stick with Freeman.

No replacement has been announced.

<p> Tampa's head coach couldn't survive a 10-game losing streak</p>
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The stakes are high enough as it is. In fact, they couldn't be higher during a regular-season game. Rarely are there games where a division title and a playoff berth is on the line and the loser will be eliminated entirely.

That's what's on the line on Sunday night in what might just be the Game of the Year in the NFL between the Giants (8-7) and the Cowboys (8-7) at the Meadowlands. The winner wins the NFC East and locks in the fourth seed in the NFC playoffs. The loser's season is immediately over and there's a chance they could slip all the way to third place.

And hard as it is to believe, that's not all. The ramifications for the loser goes way beyond wins and losses. The Giants are at a crossroads with their 65-year-old coach, Tom Coughlin, who could be facing an uncertain future. Ditto for their once-heralded defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. And in Dallas, they all work for a reactionary owner in Jerry Jones. Who will he blame for failure? Jason Garrett? Tony Romo? Both?

Maybe the loser will realize how close they came and they'll decide to stay the course and take their chances with the same key players in 2012. Change, though, tends to be inevitable in the NFL especially in big markets. So both teams might really be playing for a lot more than a playoff berth and a division championship.

Both teams could be playing for a lot of people's jobs.

What if the Cowboys lose?
Is there anyone who thinks Jerry Jones will quietly accept failure, considering the Cowboys have just one playoff victory in the last 15 years?

The brash owner has voiced mostly support for his sometimes embattled quarterback, Tony Romo, but how many times is he really going to watch him come close and fail? And considering the rash of rookie quarterbacks who have had stellar debuts this year, it's a pretty good bet that Jones will at least eye Romo's successor at some point – likely early – in the NFL draft. If he doesn't replace him immediately in the event of a loss, he will very likely make sure the replacement is on the roster looking over his shoulder.

And what about Garrett, who just a few years ago was considered one of the brightest offensive minds in the NFL and the next great up-and-coming coach? Jones thought enough of him to pay him millions when he was just Wade Phillips' offensive coordinator. But Garrett's fate could have been decided the moment he iced his own kicker in a loss at Arizona. If the Cowboys had won that game they could've clinched the NFC East last week against the Eagles, instead of having to rest their starters and set up one final, do-or-die game.

Jones may like Garrett, but he's a showman at heart. If they fail to make the playoffs, can he really resist the urge to bring in one of the bigger names on the market. Can he just sit quietly while Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher and Jon Gruden all get away?

There will be other decisions, too. Felix Jones was supposed to be the next great Cowboys running back and they even jettisoned Marion Barber to give him his chance. But the best Cowboys running back this season was DeMarco Murray. Jones still has one year left on his contract, but as much as he's a favorite of Jerry Jones, the emergence of Murray makes it seem unlikely he'd get a big offseason contract extension. And if he doesn't, could he be trade bait to a team that needs a running back so the Cowboys can bolster their depth?

What if the Giants lose?
The Giants are a franchise that craves stability, and they have a coach that ownership absolutely loves. But the cold, hard truth is that they haven't been to the playoffs since 2008 and in Coughlin's eight-year tenure their only postseason wins came during their Super Bowl championship run in 2007. That has given Coughlin a lot of milage, but the honeymoon can't last forever.

It will be a painfully hard decision for the owners and one the Giants don't want to make, but can they really ignore what would be a 2-6 second half, the latest in a string of second-half collapses on Coughlin’s watch? Can they ignore no playoffs in the last three years and no playoff wins in seven of eight seasons? Maybe they can be seduced by all the big names standing on the sideline, too. And there's also the question of whether any change they make will include GM Jerry Reese, because a good argument could be made that any failure by this team had more to do with the makeup of the roster and the depth than anything a coach did or didn't do.

They won't have any Romo-like decisions to make at quarterback, where Eli Manning will be coming off his finest season, but there could be other parts of the team that need a makeover -- their defense in particular. That will bring up the status of Fewell. Coughlin rarely fires his assistants, unless he does so under pressure. And if he fires Fewell, the Giants will end up with their fourth defensive coordinator in five seasons. That's usually a bad sign.

What would make ownership make Coughlin make a change? Well, what if the Rams fire Steve Spagnuolo, who was the Giants' defensive coordinator in Super Bowl XLII? That might make them think about it, at least.

One thing is certain, though: The prize for losing this game isn’t just an early vacation and a second- or third-place schedule in 2012. The prize could be a long, painful offseason and plenty of changes along the way.


<p> The fallout from the Cowboys and Giants game will be big</p>
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The Skycam fell onto the field during the Insight Bowl between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Oklahoma Sooners. No one was hurt, but one of the Iowa players barely missed being knocked on the head by it and became tangled up in its wires.

It's surprising that this doesn't happen more often, with Skycam cameras zooming around almost every stadium in the country. These high wire cameras are attached at the very tops of the corners of each sports stadium, and while they provide very awesome views of on-field action, they are only help up by not-so-thick wires.

And these wires have to hold the strain of camera putting wear and tear on them as they follow the action on the field and fly from one end of the stadium to the other.

It will be interesting to see if more precautions are put into place to have other Skycam's around the country get checked more rigorously. Imagine if this happened in the middle of the last play of the Super Bowl and a Skycam "tackled" a player going into the end zone. Actually, that would be kind of awesome.

<p> It's surprising that Skycams don't fall more often</p>
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Kasey Kahn apparently isn't a breast man. The Hendricks Motorsports NASCAR driver angered mom's everywhere when he was disgusted by seeing a woman breastfeeding while he was at the grocery store.

Kahne tweeted to his 100,000 followers "One boob put away one boob hanging!! #nasty"

As if the hashtag nasty wasn't bad enough, he went even further by insulting the mom's who were furious at his tweet and even calling one of them a "dumb bitch".

What Kahne is about to learn, if he hasn't already, is that breastfeeding is one of the most sacred elements of motherhood. And mom's feel REALLY strongly about it.

It's one thing for it to be a topic of discussion about when and where it's appropriate to breastfeed, but to take his strong stance and call is nasty and disgusting will surely infuriate the not only the hardcore element of breastfeeding mom's who think it should be done anywhere and everywhere, but also the other mothers who are in the middle when it comes to breastfeeding in public.

After feeling the wrath of the insulted moms, Kahne later tweeted that he was sorry in what sounded like a bit of damage control:

“My comments were not directed at the mother’s right to breastfeed. They were just a reaction to the location of that choice, and the fashion in which it was executed on that occasion. I respect the mother’s right to feed her child whenever and wherever she pleases.”

Kasey Kahne then added: “In all honestly, I was surprised by what I saw in a grocery store. I shared that reaction with my fans on Twitter. It obviously wasn’t the correct approach, and, after reading your feedback, I now have a better understanding of why my posts upset some of you.” 

But is that really damage control? He didn't really say he was sorry, or that his views that breastfeeding in public were misguided. Or that he even learned anything. Which is what the mom's are going to want to hear. They will want him to ackowledge that his views are archaic and sexist. But his response was more along the lines of "Hey, I couldn't believe what I saw so I tweeted it. I'm sorry it made you mad. Deal with it."

It will be interesting to see Kasey Kahne drink the traditional glass of milk if he were to win the NASCAR race at Indianapolis Speedway this year. 

<p> The NASCAR driver tweeted that he was disgusted by a breastfeeding mom, sparking controversy</p>
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Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player who's ever lived. And now he's the greatest basketball player who's ever lived who is also engaged to Cuban model Yvette Prieto.

Jordan and Prieto have been dating since sometime in 2009. He first made their relationship known to the world at the All-Star game of that year.

Not a ton is known about her, except a few of these fun facts:

- Yvette Prieto got her start by modeling by doing bikini and fashion shoots and commercials.

- Prieto is 33 years old.

- Yvette is Cuban-American.

- Apparently just three years ago Yvette was reportedly dating Julio Iglesies Jr. and was happily in that relationship. According to Hola! Magazine's translation:

We've been dating for a year. While I can count on my fingers the girls I have dated seriously, Yvette is the third and the third time's the charm. She's a fantastic girl and I like her, apart from her beauty that's obvious, she is loving and easy-going. How good it is.

I guess if you're Julio Iglesies Jr, losing your girlfriend to Michael Jordan would hurt, but yuou'd also kind of understand. He's Michael Jordan.

Not much else is known about her, and even less is known about her relationship with Air Jordan, one of the most private men in all of sports.

The 6-time NBA champ's divorce, which was finalized in 2006 cost Jordan a reported $150 million, the details of which he kept under wraps about as well as you possibly could given this day and age of paparazzi and focus on celebrities.

There aren't a lot of photos of Prieto out there, but here's a quick gallery:

How a man who recently lost $150 million in a divorce can go back to the well so quickly (no matter how hot she is) must speak to how smitten Jordan is with the mysterious Yvette Prieto. Or maybe when you have somewhere in the vicinity of a billion dollars, losing a cool hundred and fifty million isn't that big of a deal.

We're guessing more photos of Yvette Prieto will come out as more people investigate her past, and we'll add the best ones here when they surface.

<p> The greatest basketball player of all time is now the greatest engaged basketball player of all time</p>
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Rahcel Uchitel, the first woman to come out and admit that she was Tiger Woods mistress has let the world know that she is pregnant.

But don't worry Tiger, as far as we know, you're not the baby daddy.

Uchitel was the girl who set Tiger Woods personal (and golf) life into a downard spiral that ended up costing him his wife, millions of dollars in endorsements, and the ability to win golf tournaments.

When Uchitel revealed texts that Tiger Woods had allegedly sent to her, they revelaed a guy who was trying to keep his mistress on the hook, by telling her exactly what she wanted to hear:

"I know it's brutal on you that you can't be with me all the time," he texted Rachel Uchitel in one e-mail.

"I get it. It f-----g kills me, too. I finally found someone I connect with."

In a line that had to really get to Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, the golfer wrote Uchitel is "someone I have never found like this. Not even at home."

Uchitel later went on the Today Show with Dr. Drew, saying she suffered from a "love addiction," which probably just gave a lot of other guys the notion that they, too, had a shot with her.

There were rumors that Woods had given her $10 million in hush money, that she later returned because she wanted to go on shows like Celebrity Apprentice and thought should could make more money by building a career off being Tiger Woods' mistress instead of walking away with the ten million.

I guess that's sort of an oops.

<p> Tiger Woods isn't the daddy, as far as we know</p>
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Surprise, surprise. Tim Tebow's followers want to bring down HBO after an atheist made a blasphemous joke about the annointed Denver quarterback. Tebow, who is devoutly religious (he has a knack for putting Bible scripture on his eye black) has been a polarizing figure since he came to the NFL is at the center of another debate surrounding his combination of poor quarterbacking skills and Hall of Fame-worthy worship skills.

On one hand, he's not a great traditional quarterback. He's not great at throwing or doing the things you'd expect a quarterback to do, but he somehow manages to win games (his defense and kicker help a lot, too), so that makes the pundits mad that they can't explain his success. On the other, his fervent religiousness has made him a poster child for lots of Christians who have insinuated that God is pulling for the Broncos now that Tebow is behind the helm, and that makes everyone else mad.

So when Bill Maher tweeted "Wow, Jesus just f---- #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler "Hey, Buffalo's killing them" it really made Tebow's Christian followers very, very angry. Maher, who is a devout atheist and star of his documentary "Religulous" probably couldn't be more pleased to tweak the religious right with a single tweet.

Was the tweet in bad taste? It depends on which side of the Tim Tebow fence you fall on. But regardless, there are calls to boycott HBO, which broadcasts Bill Maher's "Real Time" show.

But, as usual, the outraged have missed the point. Maher is a devout and vocal atheist. Do you really expect anything else from him? And if you hate what he says so much, you're only bringing attention to him and his show by calling for boycott's of it. Guess what all this controversy and furor is going to do for Maher's ratings when his show returns in January? They're going to be higher than ever because people are going to tune in to see what he's going to say next.

And what do you really care what he says about Tim Tebow? If you don't like his show, don't watch it. Or, if you really want to do Bill a favor, picket it. Start a petition and get the word out about what a horrible and controversial show Maher does. Because there's a pretty good chance if Christians are boycotting his show, it's win-win for Bill. He gets tons of free publicity without losing any of his audience.

<p> Tebow's followers don't like an atheist who makes jokes at God's expense</p>
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There's really not much that needs to be said about this video titled Don Cherry's Piano Desk. It is what it is -- Genius. For those of you who don't know who Don Cherry is, he's Canada's answer to Glenn Beck. He's a loudmouth red neck who says a lot of wacky stuff on Hockey Night in Canada. But since he's Canadian, he's way more more loveable than Beck.

And plus, he has that sweet piano desk. Who wouldn't want that?

<p> This is an awesome video from Hockey Night in Canada</p>
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With the recent state of politics, there seems to be a parallel between the major players in the Republican and Democratic parties and some major figures in the sports world. So we made a list comparing them. We're just hoping that before our economy crashes and we're all left jobless and homeless that the politicians realize that we need them to be held to a higher standard than we hold a guy who gets a bucket of Gatorade dumped on him when he's successful.

Newt Gingrich is Rex Ryan

How They're Similar: Sure, both of them are fat (clearly) but they both also have egos that match their enormous size. And they both also have sketchy/disgusting sexual histories, with Gingrich reportedly ditching his cancer-ridden wife while she was on her deathbed, and Rex filming foot fetish videos with his wife. We're pretty sure Newt's is worse, but forcing us to envision whatever it is Rex Ryan does to his wife's feet is a really close second.
Newt Gingrich Quote: "I have enormous personal ambition. I want to shift the entire planet. And I’m doing it. I am now a famous person. I represent real power."
Rex Ryan Quote: "We're going to win the Super Bowl."

Rick Perry is Les Miles

How They're Similar: Have you ever heard what comes out of Rick Perry's mouth when he's trying to explain...well, anything? Have you ever watched Les Miles try and answer a straight forward question during an LSU press conference? It's like these guys are sharing the same mouth. And while both have been successful with big programs (Perry with the state of Texas, Miles with LSU), they both do their best work when there's no microphone around.
Rick Perry Quote: "Oops."
Les Miles Quote: "I can only tell you that the only fit to me for those players on this campus is extremely good."

Michele Bachmann is The Runaway Cart

How They're Similar: I'm not sure which one is crazier. On one hand you've got Michele Bachmann, who said an FDA-approved vaccine is making people retarded, Democrats are responsible for the flu, and gave us her insane eyes on the Newsweek cover. And on the other hand you've got that runaway cart that mowed down lots of people at Cowboys' Stadium. Let's call it a draw.
Michele Bachmann Quote: "If we took away the minimum wage, we could potentially, virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs on any level."
Runaway Cart Quote: "I'm a runaway cart! No one's driving me! I'm mowing people down!"

Ron Paul is Bill Snyder

How They're Similar: Both Ron Paul and Kansas State's football coach Bill Snyder are crazy old guys who say and do things that fly in the face of convention. For example, Ron Paul will say that a young man without health insurance should die (not the most politically savvy thing to say), and Snyder once tried to hypnotize himself to compress a full night's sleep into a one-hour trance. But guess what, there's a bit of truth on what these old codgers are going on about. Paul (who says a lot of common sense stuff between his libertarian black and white view of the world) is currently leading the Republican polls in Iowa and Snyder was just named the Sporting News' Coach of the Year after turning around the Kansas State football program. Take that non-crazy young people.
Ron Paul Quote: “With politicians like these, who needs terrorists?”
Bill Snyder Quote: "We practice in the rain. We ought to be able to play better in the rain."

Herman Cain is The Penn State Football Program

How They're Similar: Oh, ya know, that whole thing where they both tried to cover up decades-long sex scandals and then dropped out of sight while meakly proclaiming their innocence.

Mitt Romney is Bill Belichick

How They're Similar: Mitt made hundreds of millions in business while using cut throat practices of sending jobs overseas, while Belichick won three Super Bowls, routinely ran up the score on his opponents and was caught cheating in the Spygate scandal. And, yet, for as ruthless as both of them have been, they both have the personality of lukewarm water when someone is asking them questions in front of a camera. I'm not sure what's worse, getting stuck talking to Mitt Romney at a party, or having him send your job to the Philippines.
Mitt Romney Quote: "Corporations are people, my friend... of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people. Where do you think it goes? Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People's pockets. Human beings, my friend."
Bill Belichick Quote: “We’re playing for 60 minutes, I don’t give a [expletive] what the score is.”

Rick Santorum is Tim Tebow

How They're Similar: Both of these guys are super religious, and they each have an interesting phenomenon named after them (Tim has "Tebowing" and if you don't know what "Santorum" is, go ahead and google it). But they're also similar in that we have no idea why we're still hearing so much about either one of them. Tebow is a 4th-rate quarterback and Santorum is the guy who will finish 6th in the Republican primaries. (In addition, this time next year, they will both be known as "Remember that guy?")
Rick Santorum Quote: "I have no problem with homosexuality. I have a problem with homosexual acts."
Tim Tebow Quote: "As iron sharpens iron, men sharpen men."

Barack Obama is Ryan Leaf

How They're Similar: So much promise, so much hope. And then when it came to game time, they both threw more balls to the opposing team than they did to their own.
Barack Obama Quote: "I will close Guantanamo Bay."
Ryan Leaf Quote: "I'm looking forward to a 15-year career, a couple of trips to the Super Bowl and a parade through downtown San Diego.''

Joe Biden is Dana Holgorsen

How They're Similar: It's mostly the hair.

<p> This is sadder than it is funny</p>
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Maybe it's a cultural thing, but I've never been able to get into cricket. Not only do the matches take weeks, but when something does happen, it's basically just a piece of wood falling off a stick. It's rare for their to be a diving catch or a bone-crushing collision.

And there's tea breaks. Don't get me wrong, I like tea as much as the next guy, but should you stop a sporting event to sip something that grandmothers drink before bed?

Or maybe it's more civilized. Either way, this video of a camerman crashing his segway is pretty enjoyable. If this happened more often, I might spend some time to understand cricket.

<p> This is the best thing that's ever happened at a cricket match</p>
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Drew Brees is now the king of the NFL's quarterback mountain after passing Dan Marino for most passing yards in a single season. And Brees has one game left to increase his record even more.

And while the Saints demolished the Falcons on Monday Night football to clinch the NFC South division title, the story of the night was Brees. He's had arguably one of the greatest quarterbacking seasons of all time.

Arguably because this is an NFL based around passing much more than it was in Marino's time. But those who point to that as a way of taking away from what Brees did are way off base, because defenses are infinitely more complex now than they were 20 years ago.

In a show of class, Dan Marino (who you know is not happy about his record getting broken) tweeted, "Great job by such a special player."

But there's also something different about Brees record now. In the past, football records didn't really matter all that much. The rushing record was the sexy one, but after that, not a lot of people gave much thought to NFL records. It was baseball's immortal stats that really held the public's attention. 

But with the steroid scandal that permeated through that sport over the last 15 years, no one knew what to think of baseball's record book. Every feat had a dark cloud of questions hanging over it. And now, with Barry Bonds who everyone almost guarantees took steroids, holding his sport's most hallowed record, it has lessened not only the home run record, but all the others as well.

And Drew Brees is the exact opposite of Barry Bonds. A super nice guy who does tons of charity work and has never been labeled a prima donna. He's the perfect player to own one of the NFL's most important records and should help turn around the public's interest in NFL's highest achievements.

And Brees breaking of the record was dramatic, as he did it on his last throw of the game. Brees edged him by 3 yards and now has 5,087 yards to Marino's 5,084. Brees is also the first player in NFL history to throw for over 5,000 yards in more than one season, havig thrown for 5,069 in 2008.

And as if that wasn't enough, Brees' four touchdown passes against the Falcons brought him to ninth on the all-time touchdown list with with 276, passing Joe Montana (273) and Vinny Testaverde (276).

<p> The Saints quarterback now holds one of the NFL's most coveted records</p>
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Here’s something you’ve probably heard before: New York is the greatest city in the world.

Depending on whether or not you can name the five boroughs in between bites of your hero (no, not your hoagie, grinder or submarine), that’s a statement you likely whole-heartedly agree with or reject completely.

Of course, no New Yorker can verify their claim of urban supremacy. Most of us have never been to Paris or Rome or grabbed a bite at In ‘N Out Burger, one of the few meals that, allegedly, can’t be matched in the City. (And let’s be real, there is only one City.) And oh, sure, we hear Pittsburgh is a nice place to live. But…Pittsburgh over New York? Next you’ll be telling me I should grab a Morton’s rib-eye over a Peter Luger porterhouse, or that deep dish is better than neopolitan. And you’ll be wrong, of course. Because everything is better in New York. Including our sports teams.

Except for one.

I mean, a lot of our sports teams are bad. The Jets and Giants are about to go head-to-head in the MetLife-Who-Sucks-Less Bowl, Fred Wilpon is probably cashing a welfare check as we speak, and yeah, sure, the Rangers haven’t done much since the ’94 Cup, but that’s hockey. It doesn’t really count.

There’s only one franchise – correction: one team – that we’ll admit isn’t as good as everyone else’s. It’s the one that plays in the Greatest Arena in the World (wink, wink) and that’s gone through a bit of a 38-year rough patch lately.

This may come as a surprise, but New York sports fans harbor a bit of a superiority complex. The Yankees have always been The Best, a symbol of sports royalty, the team of the decade, most successful franchise of the century. (Thank you, Bob Costas.) Yet, World Series titles wouldn’t become a Bronx birthright until King George issued his doctrine saying so. Now, perennial ticker-tape parades are the 21stcentury equivalent of Manifest Destiny. Except manifesting destiny involves less Native American genocide and more hanging Chuck Finley breaking balls.

Once Jesus Steinbrenner’s sermon became gospel, it began to trickle down to the rest of the New York sports teams and their fan bases. The idea of an “all or nothing” philosophy jived with New Yorkers, who already believed they were better than everyone else. It only made sense that their sports teams should be too.

As this insanity began to infect the rest of the city (most notably following 9/11, when the ‘Team of Destiny’ HAD TO win the World Series), the Knicks were god-awful. And they continued to be god-awful throughout the decade. As the pressure of ‘all or nothing’ continued to grip the Yankees, the Jets and Giants moved in the right direction. The Jets’ hiring of Eric Mangini and their subsequent free agency/Brett Favre binge was viewed as a masterstroke at the time. Then Rex and San-chize stole the town before they got lambasted for not stealing the country.

The Giants won a Super Bowl and now endure a chorus of boos every time they show signs of not being the best team in football.

Yet the Knicks were left in the dust. After all, the Knicks have always been a conundrum, never quite as ‘storied’ as we liked to believe. They haven’t won a title since the Nixon Administration. The best players in franchise history are probably Walt Frazier and Willis Reed. Neither would make MJ’s knee’s quake, and both were on that pre-Watergate title team.

But the last decade? Roll out the caution tape.

Nothing to see here, people. Just eight coaching changes, one winning season (last year) and $11.6 million in punitive damages, none of which went to Jerome James. Move along.
So for the last five years, Knicks fans have been harboring delusions of grandeur. We believed with every fabric of our being that the Knicks would have a chance to contend As Soon as Isiah Was Gone. And then, when he was and we weren’t, we believed that we DESERVED a winner, and that that winner would come real soon, and that it would come in the form of some salary cap and logic bending messiah that magically transformed a decade old doormat into a fucking minx rug.

We believed LeBron would come for no other reason than he COULD. He could be the guy to finally put New York back on top! This is NEW YORK after all…So, uh, why not?

(Perhaps because his second best teammate would have been Toney Douglas or some overpaid/overhyped/underinsured/injury-prone amalgam of Joe Johnson, Amare, Carlos Boozer and Chris Bosh, you Famous Original Ray’s-gobbling buffoon.)

Of course, we never let logic get in the way. Even if LeBron didn’t end up in Miami, there was no reason to believe the Knicks were next on his list. (The guy didn’t even mention the ‘Bockers when he rattled off his list of suitors during The Decision.That’s true. Check the tape.)

So we moved on. Soon, we were SO SURE Chris Paul or Dwight Howard would “revive B-Ball in the Big Apple,” even as some salary cap expert from ESPN or FoxSports or SI rolled out column after column outlining how excruciatingly unlikely this was. Um, maybe if Jimmy Dolan decides to unload Amare OR Chris Paul decides he wants to take (INSERT DOUBLE DIGIT NUMBER HERE) million dollars less to play in New York…

So there’s a chance!

Eventually, reality hit us in the face like an errant pass from Stephon Marbury. With Chris Paul cursed with a We-All-Know-It’s-Coming ACL injury in Los Angeles and Dwight Howard more likely to ball in Brooklyn than Manhattan, our dreams of a Big Apple Big Three have evaporated. In its stead is a Big Two-Point-Five, or a Big Two or perhaps something less – depending on where you stand on Tyson Chandler, Carmelo’s defense and how many games Amare has left before his knees implode.

We’ve absorbed this pretty rosy reality fairly quietly, as far as New Yorkers go.

Have any of your Knicks fans friends been crowing lately? Did SportsCenter cover the Tyson Chandler press conference for more than 3.2 seconds? Who’s being talked about on WFAN right now: Carmelo Anthony or Eli Manning?

Somehow, given our decade of pain, Knicks fans really aren’t THAT excited/enthusiastic/confident about this year’s Knicks team.You see, we could have sworn we were getting a Ferrari for Christmas. So that Audi parked in the driveway doesn’t look too hot by comparison.

But that makes absolutely no sense. It’s still a fucking Audi. We’ve been through ten years of sports fan hell that we wouldn’t wish on anyone outside of Boston. Now, finally, we emerge with the best frontcourt in the league and a true contender…and we’re sitting in the corner, twiddling our thumbs and being complacent!?

Who cares if the Knicks were supposed to get LeBron? They didn’t. They also didn’t get Chris Paul, and they’re not snatching Dwight Howard unless Dwight is willing to sign for the veteran minimum.

The Steinbrenner Doctrine states that winning a championship is the goal in any given year, implying that not winning a championship constitutes a failure. So in order to not be viewed as a “failure,” any team that adheres to The Doctrine must win a championship EVERY YEAR.

The only way to not be bitterly disappointing is to be dynastic. That perspective is unrealistic enough for an efficiently run franchise with bottomless pockets. It’s an absolute pipe dream for the Knicks.

Sure, the Knicks’ dynastic dreams were thwarted. But those dreams were self-defeating in the first place.

Here’s the bottom line: if you’re a Knicks fan, and you’re not unfathomably, incredibly, undeniably excited for the next few months of basketball, then head to Peter Luger and go choke on a piece of the Best Steak in the World. Because, with or without Gilbert Arenas or Baron Davis or whatever other half-corpse Mike D’Antoni pull out of his casket to play point, this is far and away the best team the Knicks have fielded in a long, long time. Sure, they’re not going to win a title, but so what? That’s not the goal.

The Knicks will be decent. They will be fun to watch. At least there will be hope of something more than a low playoff seed and a first-round exit. And what exactly is the problem with hope, a commodity Knicks fans haven’t exactly had in spades and that T’Wolves fans would kill – no, actually – David Kahn for?

Eddy Curry was The Guy as recently as four years ago. Shawne Williams and Jared Jeffries were our Men in the Middle in 2010. Shouldn’t the idea of the Knicks being a contender – even if they’re not THE contender – be enough?

Heck, it should be more than enough. It should be the best thing that’s happened…since, well, New York.

So go down to DiFara’s, grab a few slices, and start yelling from the rooftop of your favorite skyscraper. It’s time to get excited again. The Knicks are back, baby, and better than we ever could have expect them to be.

Jesse Golomb is the Editor-in-Chief of TheFanManifesto. Follow him on twitter, or drop him a line via email.  

<p> New Yorkers love themselves. And it’s affecting their ability to love their teams.</p>
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Path: /overtime/camila-alves-hottie-tamed-matthew-mcconaughey-photos

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey are engaged. The "Dazed and Confused" and "We Are Marshall" star popped the question to his model and TV host girlfriend, who also happens to be the mother of two of his children.

Camila has been the host of "Shear Genius" as well as a model.

Their marriage isn't that big of a surprise, but McConaughey, who's known to run shirtless through most of LA has always been considered one of the biggest bachelor's on the Hollywood market. 

Camila and Matthew have been dating since 2006, but since he had never had the cojones to commit and pop the question to Camila, no one knew how serious he was about settling down. But no one really cares about that. So here's what you really want, some of the hottest photos of Camila.

Now, whether Camila and Matthew stay married is a whole other question. It seems like McConaughey was dragged into the marriage thing (he didn't exactly jump at the chance to marry the woman who had not one, but TWO of his children.) But who knows, maybe he needed to wait to make sure he was making the right decision. Do you really care? No, so just enjoy the photos.

<p> You can see why Matthew McConaughey popped the question</p>
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Path: /nfl/afc-and-nfc-playoff-scenarios-giants-and-cowboys-play-it-all-week-17

The NFL playoffs are less than two weeks away. Which means you need more than an abacus to figure out if your team still has a chance to make the NFL postseason (we can't all be Packers fans.) So here's a breakdown of what each team that's still in the running for the playoffs needs to happen to either win their division, secure a first round bye or eke out a wild card spot to keep their dreams alive of making it to the Super Bowl.

Hey, last year the Packers won it from the last wild card spot, so anything can happen. Well, anything to any team not named the Colts, Rams, Vikings, Bucs, Jaguars and all the other crappy teams with a less than .500 record.


CLINCHED: New England Patriots -- East Division and a first-round bye.

Houston Texans -- South Division.

Baltimore Ravens -- wild-card spot.

Pittsburgh Steelers -- wild-card spot.


New England clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:

1) NE win or tie

2) BAL loss or tie + PIT loss or tie


Baltimore clinches AFC North Division and a first-round bye with:

1) BAL win

2) BAL tie + PIT loss or tie

3) PIT loss

Baltimore clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:

1) BAL win + NE loss


Pittsburgh clinches AFC North Division and a first-round bye with:

1) PIT win + BAL loss or tie

2) PIT tie + BAL loss

Pittsburgh clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:

1) PIT win + BAL loss or tie + NE loss


Denver clinches AFC West Division with:

1) DEN win

2) DEN tie + OAK loss or tie

3) OAK loss


Oakland clinches AFC West Division with:

1) OAK win + DEN loss or tie

2) OAK tie + DEN loss

Oakland clinches a wild-card spot with:

1) OAK win + CIN loss + TEN loss or tie

2) OAK win + CIN loss + NYJ win


Cincinnati clinches a wild card spot with:

1) CIN win or tie

2) NYJ loss or tie + OAK loss or tie

3) NYJ loss or tie + DEN loss or tie


NY Jets clinch a wild card spot with:

1) NYJ win + CIN loss + TEN loss or tie + OAK loss or tie

2) NYJ win + CIN loss + TEN loss or tie + DEN loss or tie


Tennessee clinches a wild-card spot with:

1) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ win + OAK loss or tie

2) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ win + DEN loss or tie

3) TEN win + CIN loss + NYJ loss or tie + OAK win + DEN win


CLINCHED: Green Bay Packers -- North Division and home-field advantage.

San Francisco 49ers -- West Division.

New Orleans Saints -- wild-card spot.

Detroit Lions -- wild-card spot.

Atlanta Falcons -- wild-card spot.


Green Bay clinched home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs.


San Francisco clinches a first-round bye with:

1) SF win

2) SF tie + one NO loss or tie

3) one NO loss


New Orleans clinched NFC South Division

New Orleans clinches a first-round bye with:

One NO wis + SF loss or tie


NY Giants clinch NFC East Division with:

1) NYG win or tie


Dallas clinches NFC East Division with:

1) DAL win


The two biggest disappointments not on this list have got to be the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Diego Chargers. Two teams a lot of pundits picked not only to make the playoffs, but to win the Super Bowl have been eliminated two weeks before the playoffs even start. 

<p> With one week left in the season, here's a breakdown of what each NFL team needs to make the postseason</p>
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Path: /news/lance-moore-active-saints-drew-brees-eyes-marinos-record

Lance Moore, will continue his great year as he is officially active for the New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

Moore tweaked his hamstring on Friday and was held out of practice on Saturday, but it seems as though this was more of a precautionary measure. According to reports, Moore was fine in pre-game exercises and looks like he's ready to go. 

And the Saints are going to need all the offensive help they can get. As Drew Brees is just 305 yards away from breaking Dan Marino's record for most passing yards in a season, the Saints are without running back Mark Ingram, OT Will Robinson, TE Mike Higgins and WR Adrian Arrington. The loss of Higgins and Arrington shouldn't affect Brees' high-powered attack too much, and the Saints are so stacked at running back (with Ivory and Sproles) that their running game shouldn't miss a beat, but anytime an offensive lineman goes down, could be a cause for concern.

And this game is important to both the Saints and the Falcons (Brees' record aside). Both teams are jockeying for playoff position. The Saints have a postseason spot sealed up, as do the Falcons after last night's Bears loss, but the Falcons and Saints are vying for the division crown.

The Saints seal it with a win or tie in either one of their remaining games, while Atlanta needs the Saints to lose both games and win both their remaining games. An uphill battle for the Falcons, but a win tonight against New Orleans could make next week's games much more interesting.

<p> New Orleans go-to receiver will be in the lineup against the Falcons</p>
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Path: /news/ben-roethlisberger-not-starting-against-rams

Ben Roethlisberger has a bad ankle. He didn't blame it for his poor, 3-interception performance against the 49ers last week, but it's going to cause him to be on the bench for the Steelers Week 16 game against the St. Louis Rams.

It's a mixed blessing for Roethlisberger owners. If you somehow managed to pull out a win after his crappy showing last week, at least this week you don't have to struggle with the decision to start him this week and can put all your eggs in your back-up quarterback's basket.

But this also affects Rashard Mendenhall, Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown. Charlie Batch will start in Roethlisberger's place. Normally this week, Steelers wide receivers would be salivating to go up against the Rams horrible secondary. All year opposing wideouts have been running up and down the field at will against St. Louis. 

Batch is a serviceable quarterback, but he doesn't have the timing that Ben has with his starters. They should do something here and there and put up some points, but not the kind of points you would hope for on championship week.

But, on the flipside, this is great news for Rashard Mendenhall owners. No Ben Roethlisberger means that the Steelers are going to run the ball against a very sketchy run defense all day long. And Mendenhall can put a lot of fantasy teams on his back and take them to a fantasy football crown.

<p> The Steelers quarterback has a bum ankle and won't hit the field in week 16</p>
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Path: /news/felix-jones-hamstring-wont-play-if-giants-win

Felix Jones has had an up and down fantasy football season in 2011. And the Cowboys running back is back on a down trend in week 16 against the Eagles.

With Felix Jones' hamstring injury calling him a game-time decision, the Cowboys staff is saying that he won't even play a snap if the Giants win their 1pm game against the New York Jets.

Due to playoff implications, if the Giants win, the Cowboys' game against the Eagles is meaningless, so they'd rather not test him. And as a fantasy owner, you just can't wait to roll the dice on Felix getting on the field.

And even if you could, he wouldn't be a good play given that he's a 50-50 shot to even play. And that has to hurt a lot of fantasy owner's hearts because the Eagles running game has been giving up giant chunks of yards this year to opposing running backs. And when most of them drafted him in the 3rd round of this year's draft, they probably assumed that he would be a big part of their team, especially when it came down to Championship week.

Sammy Morris will play a "significant role" according to Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones, but he's only an option if you are desperate. And if you're that desperate, there's probably a good chance that your team isn't still in the running for a Fantasy Football crown in week 16.

But this is just par for the course for Dallas' running back situation all year. It will be interesting to see how next year's drafts view the worth of Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray.

<p> The Cowboys' running back is a 50-50 option to play in week 16</p>
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Path: /nfl/if-tom-coughlin-gets-fired-year-who-will-be-giants-next-head-coach

Tom Coughlin’s seat isn’t necessarily hot. It’s more like lukewarm heading into the final two games of the NFL season. His bosses don’t want to fire him, and they might use any excuse to keep him.

It’s also possible that they’ll have no choice if he loses his last two games.

That’s the precarious position Coughlin has put himself in with two games to go in the Giants’ season gone wrong, which started at 6-2 and is now in the throes of what Justin Tuck called an “historical” collapse. They are 1-5 in the second half, coming off a hideously pathetic, 23-10 loss to the Washington Redskins. They head into their Christmas Eve showdown against the Jets, facing humiliation and possible elimination.

Coughlin can still survive. There’s a possibility he can even survive if this injury-riddled team doesn’t make the playoffs. But what he can’t survive is the spectre of his team quitting on him down the stretch, the way they did two seasons ago. When they pushed the Green Bay Packers to the final minute and followed that up with a season-saving win in Dallas, it sure didn’t look like they had any quit in them.

Now? Who knows? They’ve been a Jekyll and Hyde team all year long. They’re certainly capable of completely unraveling down the stretch.

And if they do, John Mara and Steve Tisch, the stability-loving owners of the Giants, could be forced into making the decision they don’t want to make. They love Coughlin. They admire his work ethic and preparation. They believe (correctly) the post-2006 version is respected by his players. His teams, for the most part, play the right way and stay in contention. He runs a tight, disciplined ship that rarely gets any unwanted attention.

Sometimes it’s just time for a change, though. But if Mara and Tisch do it, they better have an answer to these two questions:

Is there somebody out there who is a better coach than Coughlin? Do they really think someone could have done any better with this flawed, battered and overrated team?

If they believe the answers are yes, then the shortlist to replace Coughlin could be an incredibly short one -- and really only two or three of the potential candidates have any real appeal. They’d have to look at all the big names, of course, because it’ll be hard to fire a coach with a ring off a near-playoff season and replace him with an unknown assistant. In Pittsburgh, you can do that and cross your fingers that you’ve found Mike Tomlin. In New York you can’t take the chance that you’ve landed Ray Handley instead.

That said, here’s a look at five of the most popular names being kicked around as candidates, mostly outside of the organization. One look at this list, though, and the conclusion might be that if these are the guys on the shortlist, the Giants are better off with what they already have:

Bill Cowher
He’s No. 1 on everyone’s list outside the organization and he’s likely high on the theoretical list inside, too. He not only has a Super Bowl ring – which seems like a must when you’re replacing a Super Bowl-winning coach -- but he has a high profile and he worked for the Rooney family in Pittsburgh, which isn’t insignificant given the Rooney’s close (and family) ties to the Mara’s. He would bring instant stability, respect, credibility and he can coach, too.

Jeff Fisher
Maybe the only other candidate that fits the Giants’ profile. He coached for a long, long time in Tennessee and showed a remarkable resiliency. Whenever his teams seemed to be on a downward spiral, he found a way to turn things around. He never won a Super Bowl, but he got there (and got within a yard of winning it). Mara also knows him well from their years serving together on the NFL’s Competition Committee. The only worry is that his long term in Tennessee included a battle with a general manager and ended with him fighting with his owner over a franchise quarterback he didn’t want.

Jon Gruden
He’s the last of the Big Three on the market – the three replacement coaches the fans seem to talk about most – but he seems to be the least likely. He certainly can coach, but he brings some baggage that includes the ugly end of his tenures in both Oakland and Tampa Bay. There wasn’t a lot of winning near the end in Tampa, either. But the thing that might frighten the Giants away the most is that he’s outspoken and a bit high-octane. They prefer a more quiet, professional perception of their coach.

Steve Spagnuolo
There was a time when many people assumed he’d be the next coach of the Giants when Coughlin retired, and the Giants’ owners still like and respect “Spags.” He might even be a candidate to return as defensive coordinator if Coughlin stays and fires defensive coordinator Perry Fewell (which seems to be a longshot). The problem with Spagnuolo as head coach is the Giants can’t fire a Super Bowl-winning coach and replace him with a lesser coach who failed to win in St. Louis in the wide-open NFC West.

Romeo Crennel
OK, they’re probably not going to hire a 64-year-old coach to replace a 65-year-old coach. But you know why he makes sense? Because he fits the Giants’ profile. Their hires over the last 30 years have either been high-profile head coaches from elsewhere (Dan Reeves) or former Giants assistants they got to know and respect while they were in New York (Bill Parcells, Ray Handley, Jim Fassel, Tom Coughlin). Things have changed in the organization – most notably ownership, because this would be the first hire since Wellington Mara and Bob Tisch passed away – but Crennel did get an interview when the Giants hired Coughlin and could get a look again. Of course, he’d only be a short-term solution, and he might end up as the head coach of the Chiefs. But he does fit the old profile, and since John Fox and Sean Payton have jobs and will keep them, very few other candidates do.


<p> The New York Giants coach could lose his job, so who would replace him?</p>
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Path: /overtime/stephen-smiths-faces-when-hes-talking-skip-bayless-photos

Stephen A. Smith spends a lot of time on ESPN's First Take arguing with Skip Bayless. For those of you who have seen Skip, you can see why he can try Stephen A's patience (although Stephen A. also holds his own in the patience-trying department.)

So here's a gallery of Stephen A. Smith's various faces he makes as he's trying to argue or listen to Skip Bayless. Most of these screenshots are from ESPN First Take. As you can see, his face ranges from exasperated to angry to completely perplexed at what comes out of Skip's mouth.

Stephen A. Smith should go into acting because he's got the facial expression range of a classically trained actor. I've never seen a face express so much emotion and pain, and he's only talking about sports. But I guess Skip Bayless can do that to someone.

<p> Stephen A. Smith makes some interesting faces when he's listening to Skip Bayless</p>
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Path: /columns/winning-game-plan/fantasy-football-rankings-week-16

We rank enough players at each position to appease everyone from those in 8-team leagues to 16-team leagues, those that can start two QBs, two TEs, three RBs and four WRs. We cut out the rest, because if you're looking at who the 50th-best running back or the 17th-best kicker is for that week, you need more help than any Website can give you. Click here for all of our fantasy football rankings each week.

These rankings are our suggestions, but of course as always: You are responsible for setting your own lineup.

2011 NFL Week 16 Fantasy Football Rankings

Running Backs
Wide Receivers
Tight Ends
Defense/Special Teams

Athlon Sports Week 16 Waiver Wire

Rankings are based upon Athlon Sports' standard scoring system:

All touchdowns are 6 points
1 point for 25 yards passing
1 point for 10 yards rushing/receiving
Receptions are .5 points
Interceptions/fumbles are minus-2 points

0 points allowed = 12 points
1-6 points allowed = 10 points
7-13 points allowed = 8 pts
14-20 points allowed = 6 points
21-27 points allowed = 2 pts
28+ points allowed = 0 points
Safeties = 2 points
Fumbles recovered = 2 points
Interceptions = 2 points
Sacks = 1 point
Defensive/Special Teams TDs = 6 points

PATs = 1 point
39 yards and under = 3 points
40-49 yards = 4 points
50-59 yards = 5 points
60+ yards = 6 points

<p> Athlon Sports has all the position rankings you need to help your fantasy team unwrap a win this week</p>
Post date: Thursday, December 22, 2011 - 06:24
All taxonomy terms: Fantasy football rankings, NFL, Fantasy, News
Path: /columns/winning-game-plan/fantasy-football-kicker-rankings-week-16

We rank enough players at each position to appease everyone from those in 8-team leagues to 16-team leagues, those that can start two QBs, two TEs, three RBs and four WRs. We cut out the rest, because if you're looking at who the 50th-best running back or the 17th-best kicker is for that week, you need more help than any Website can give you. Click here for all of our fantasy football rankings each week.

These rankings are our suggestions, but of course as always: You are responsible for setting your own lineup.

2011 NFL Week 16 — Kicker Rankings

Running Backs
Wide Receivers
Tight Ends
Defense/Special Teams

Athlon Sports Week 16 Waiver Wire

Rankings are based upon Athlon Sports' standard scoring system:

PATs = 1 point
39 yards and under = 3 points
40-49 yards = 4 points
50-59 yards = 5 points
60+ yards = 6 points

Note: Unless specified below, games will be played on Saturday, Dec. 24 this week. 

Rk Player Team OPPONENT
1 David Akers SF at SEA
2 Mason Crosby GB vs. CHI (Sun.)
3 Dan Bailey DAL vs. PHI
4 John Kasay NO vs. ATL (Mon.)
5 Stephen Gostkowski NE vs. MIA
6 Sebastian Janikowski OAK at KC
7 Neil Rackers HOU at IND (Thurs.)
8 Nick Novak SD at DET
9 Jason Hanson DET vs. SD
10 Matt Bryant ATL at NO (Mon.)
11 Mike Nugent CIN vs. ARI
12 Rob Bironas TEN vs. JAC
13 Graham Gano WAS vs. MIN
14 Robbie Gould CHI at GB (Sun.)
15 Matt Prater DEN at BUF
16 Dan Carpenter MIA at NE

<br />
Post date: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 15:21
All taxonomy terms: Fantasy football rankings, NFL, Fantasy, News
Path: /columns/winning-game-plan/fantasy-football-tight-end-rankings-week-16

We rank enough players at each position to appease everyone from those in 8-team leagues to 16-team leagues, those that can start two QBs, two TEs, three RBs and four WRs. We cut out the rest, because if you're looking at who the 50th-best running back or the 17th-best kicker is for that week, you need more help than any Website can give you. Click here for all of our fantasy football rankings each week.

These rankings are our suggestions, but of course as always: You are responsible for setting your own lineup.

2011 NFL Week 16 — Tight End Rankings

Running Backs
Wide Receivers
Tight Ends
Defense/Special Teams

Athlon Sports Week 16 Waiver Wire

Rankings are based upon Athlon Sports' standard scoring system:

All touchdowns are 6 points
1 point for 25 yards passing
1 point for 10 yards rushing/receiving
Receptions are .5 points
Interceptions/fumbles are minus-2 points

Note: Unless specified below, games will be played on Saturday, Dec. 24 this week. 

Rk Player Team OPPONENT
1 Rob Gronkowski NE vs. MIA
2 Jimmy Graham NO vs. ATL (Mon.)
3 Antonio Gates SD at DET
4 Tony Gonzalez ATL at NO (Mon.)
5 Jermichael Finley GB vs. CHI (Sun.)
6 Jason Witten DAL vs. PHI
7 Aaron Hernandez NE vs. MIA
8 Brandon Pettigrew DET vs. SD
9 Brent Celek PHI at DAL
10 Dustin Keller NYJ vs. NYG
11 Vernon Davis SF at SEA
12 Kellen Winslow TB at CAR
13 Jermaine Gresham CIN vs. ARI
14 Owen Daniels HOU at IND (Thurs.)
15 Greg Olsen CAR vs. TB
16 Anthony Fasano MIA at NE
17 Heath Miller PIT vs. STL
18 Ed Dickson BAL vs. CLE
19 Jared Cook TEN vs. JAC
20 Kevin Boss OAK at KC
21 Visanthe Shiancoe MIN at WAS
22 Marcedes Lewis JAC at TEN
23 Jacob Tamme IND vs. HOU (Thurs.)
24 Scott Chandler BUF vs. DEN
25 Evan Moore CLE at BAL
26 Jeremy Shockey CAR vs. TB

<br />
Post date: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 15:15