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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Sept. 6.


South Carolina's hottest fan, the lovely Nicole, is no doubt hotly anticipating tomorrow's clash with Georgia. We're now hotly anticipating a trip to Columbia.


• ICYMI, the most memorable play of last night's Broncos-Ravens game wasn't a Peyton Manning TD pass (after a while, those all kind of ran together). It was Danny Trevathan's drop-six. Don't worry, Danny: You weren't the only premature celebrator of the week. This idiot cyclist started his victory party with one lap to go.


Some sad headline writer in Columbus, Ohio, is stuck in the past. Although I'm sure Elway would be happy to take credit for Peyton's success.


• In honor of Malcolm Mitchell's season-ending TD celebration, here are the most painful celebrations in sports.


• From a Johnny Football signature to a beer-spilling Red Sox oaf, It was a banner week in GIFs.


Speaking of celebrations, this Lingerie Football League team came up with a doozy by popping a figurative squat in the end zone. Wonder if Joe Buck would call it a "disgusting act."


• The SEC East has the league's best slate this week, even when you count Vanderbilt-Austin Peay. Here's what you can expect.


Floyd Mayweather only wears boxers once, and he color-codes his cars by mansion. Dude's nickname is "Money" after all.


• Pop culture souffle: The Rock is going to star in a remake of "The Fall Guy."


• Good Lord: A brawl left a rugby player with a claw hammer sticking out of his head. Rugby players are tougher than actual humans.


• Watch this 11-year-old kid hurdle a defender on his way to a touchdown.




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Post date: Friday, September 6, 2013 - 11:06
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Comparing anyone to Tiger Woods is typically a fool's errand and will do nothing but humiliate the individual being compared. Woods' numbers — 14 majors, 79 wins, a career winning percentage of .257 — dwarf anything any other active player (or two or three) can muster. Aside from Jack Nicklaus, there's no other real contender for the title of History's Greatest Golfer.

But a certain rookie, who just turned 20 years old, is doing things that a 20-year-old Tiger once did. Earlier this year, Texan Jordan Spieth became the first teenager to win on Tour since 1931 and the fourth-youngest winner in PGA Tour history. He became the first player since Tiger to start a season with no Tour status whatsoever and still qualify for the Tour Championship. There hasn't been a rise this meteoric since erstwhile grocery stocker Kurt Warner won the MVP and the Super Bowl.

Here's some of what Spieth has accomplished:

• He began the year at No. 810 in the Official World Golf Ranking. He currently stands at No. 28.

• He parlayed early sponsor's exemptions into Special Temporary Member status, then full status, then FedExCup contention.

• His win at the John Deere Classic in July, which gave him full Tour status, improved his World ranking by 61 spots.

• He had one of the shots of the year at the John Deere, holing out from a greenside bunker on the 72nd hole to earn a spot in a playoff with defending champion Zach Johnson and David Hearn.

• Spieth was an obvious Captain's Pick for U.S. Presidents Cup captain Fred Couples — after starting the season outside the top 800 golfers in the world.

In other words, Spieth has earned has earned his Tiger comparison. So we're happy to oblige.

Here's a look at Spieth's rookie year (with two tournaments yet to play) compared with Woods' explosion onto the scene as a 20-year-old rookie in 1996.

                                     Spieth               Woods

Tournaments entered     21                    11*

Tournaments won           1                      2

Runner-ups                     2                      0

Top 5s                             4                      5

Top 10s                           8                      5

Top 10 pct.                  .380                   .455

Top 25s                         11                      8

Low round                     62                     63

Scoring average          69.79               69.44

*Woods played The Masters, U.S. Open and British Open as an amateur in 1996.

We give a slight edge here to Tiger, but keep in mind: He turned professional in September, after the tournaments on the toughest courses with the toughest fields had already been played. Spieth has amassed his accomplishments in the teeth of the Tour schedule. Also, keep in mind that Spieth shot his 62 at the Deutsche Bank, a pressure-charged FedExCup playoff event, while Tiger's rookie low round of 63 came in Las Vegas, notorious for a relaxed atmosphere and low scores.

No pressure, Jordan, but the title of "Next Tiger" is out there for the taking. All you need to do is win the 2014 Masters by 12 or more shots.

Post date: Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 12:52
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Sept. 5.


• Kate Upton is on the cover of Vanity Fair. Katherine Webb congratulated her by suggesting they have a pajama party. I happen to think that's an excellent idea. Just tell me when and where.


This headline asserts that the five best months of the year start tonight. I don't disagree. Welcome back, football.


This idiot chowdah-head Red Sox fan should no longer be taken out in public after nearly ruining the evening for two different women.


This Las Vegas billboard is under the impression that Lon Kruger is the UNLV basketball coach. Kruger's been at Oklahoma since 2011.


• We may have reached the Johnny Football saturation point: He's on the cover of this week's Time Magazine under the provocative headline: It's Time to Pay College Athletes.


This ESPN profile of Floyd Mayweather reveals that he has $123 million in one bank account. I prefer to spread my money around.


Check in with SDS' Bo Jackson Award tracker (best SEC player regardless of position) after Week 1.


• "You're my boy, Blue." 20 classic comedy quotes you probably say in your sleep.


• Not to be Mr. Wet Blanket while we all gorge on football, but actually going to a game can kinda suck. Here are 20 reasons why.


The Indians let a live chicken run around during warm-ups. Hope they didn't tell Pedro Cerrano. (Sorry for the dated "Major League" reference.)


One PGA Tour player thinks that Ian Poulter's logo looks like a part of the male anatomy. Don't really see it, but I guess if you're looking for it...


• In today's video, Alex Galchenyuk of the Canadiens shows us that the hockey swing doesn't translate to the golf course.




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Post date: Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 10:44
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Sept. 4.


Presenting the 100 hottest NFL cheerleaders, including Denver's Brittany (pictured), who clocks in at No. 99. Wow, some poor sap had to comb through a lot of photos to come up with this list. What an idiot.


Meet Western Michigan coach P.J. Fleck. According to Deadspin, he's contending for the title of Swaggiest Bro-Coach to Have Ever Swagged. Not sure what else he has to do to earn the title.


• News and views from Booger, the Snake, et al: Sporting News' player panel assesses Week 1 action and looks ahead to Week 2.


• Meet the newest Internet legend, if you haven't already: Iowa fan and crazy drunk girl @Vodka_Samm, who blew a coma-worthy .341.


So how much tennis is actually played in a three-hour match? A lot, actually. Three times as much action as in a football game.


Rick Barry has another basketball-playing son, and he shoots free throws underhanded. Best part: His name is Canyon.


• Brian Kelly had to backpedal off his statement that Notre Dame-Michigan is an overrated rivalry. But he might have been right.


• Today in people who are much richer than you: Jay Z is selling his Nets stake to Jason Kidd.


Read all the way to the end of this email from the Nashville Predators to their season-ticket holders. Trust me, there's a payoff.


• Here's a different take. The people who should be concerned about Johnny Manziel's antics: the Alabama Crimson Tide.


This Utah high school football player nearly got his head twisted off. But he completed the play.


• Today's video is a hilarious sportscaster fail. In his defense, Deutsche Bank is somewhat similar to d----- bag. But not that similar.




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Post date: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 10:40
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Sept. 3.


• Leading off a short week, we present a debate for the ages: Who has college football's hottest fan base? Hard to say, but the photographic evidence is fun to peruse.


• If you spent your Labor Day holiday away from the television, here's what you missed, including one of the greatest debuts in college football history.


The 10 greatest things about September. No. 1 is pretty obvious.


• Sometimes, The Onion just nails it. This is one of those times. (Language warning.) This is another one of those times.


• This is a growing trend: Nice guy gives foul ball to kid, kid throws ball back onto field.


Mark May says he grew up watching Michigan play Notre Dame. Michigan and Notre Dame didn't play from the time Mark May was born until he was in college. Ergo, Mark May is a dirty fibber.


Watch the world's strongest man hoist nearly half a ton. I pulled a groin just watching that.


An Australian Rules footballer had to apologize for setting a dwarf on fire at a party. Apparently setting a dwarf ablaze is frowned upon Down Under.


Dennis Rodman's back in North Korea, just chillin' with his best bro.


A recap of a memorable Week 1 in the SEC.


• Saturday night brought a reminder that Clemson has the greatest entrance in college football.




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Post date: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 10:25
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 30.


• Leading off the last Friday before college football's first weekend, here's a different spin on this week's Top 25 matchups: cheerleader vs. cheerleader.


• Okay, so Vandy-Ole Miss was bananas. Not a bad start to the season. Pat Forde has a nice recap of Jeff Scott's run to glory. Here's Jordan Matthews puking his guts out on the field (fair warning: it's pretty nasty). And here are five takeaways from Opening Night in the SEC.


• Twitter erupted a bit over Jadeveon Clowney's apparent lack of conditioning. Steve Spurrier even got in on the act.


College football fandom displayed in terms of Facebook likes. Zuckerburg's always watching.


• Here at Athlon, we're rooting for Mark Sanchez to play as much as possible, purely for the entertainment value. Here's Sanchez's 2012 season in GIFs, including the immortal buttfumble.


• In 2013, the joy of football is always tempered by the dark concussion cloud. In the wake of the NFL settlement yesterday, Jim McMahon talked about his own dementia and thoughts of suicide. Sorry for the buzzkill; now back to our regular programming. Here are 20 great drunk moments in sports!


• Geography fail and anti-Southern bias rolled into one: The New York Post thinks North Carolina and South Carolina are in-state rivals.


So did Tim Tebow earn a job last night?


• One of the highlights of USC's lackluster win over Hawaii: The Warriors quarterback absolutely lighting up a hapless Trojan defender.




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Post date: Friday, August 30, 2013 - 10:55
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 29.


• August is almost over (finally), so to celebrate the end of summer, here are the hottest sports-related women of the month, including some wet Song Girls (the best kind).


• Along those same lines, here's a good way to kick off the season: A countdown of college football WAGs.


• It's SEC kickoff day. Here are the league's five toughest venues for visitors. Of course Bryant-Denny is No. 1. If the Tide played at Chuck E Cheese it would still be the toughest venue.


So now that football's finally here, what SEC players are ready to take it to another level?


• There's nothing worse than a season-ending injury in the preseason. Unfortunately, there's been an epidemic of them this year.


A Reds beat writer criticized Brandon Phillips' on-base percentage. Phillips called him a mother-effer. Dusty Baker laughed. All in all, an eventful evening.


The Backstreet Boys toured Alabama's athletic facilities. I'm sure they blended right in.


Here's a ranking of Alabama's five craziest fans. In other words, the five people who'll go on suicide watch if Bama fails to win its third straight national title. Spoiler alert: the tree-killer is No. 1.


The new head coach of the Atlanta Hawks is already familiarizing himself with local law enforcement. That could prove to be useful research.


• Last night in Epic Marlins fail: Two baserunners slide into the same base. I'm no rules expert, but that seems off.


• These never get old: A dog welcomes his master home from deployment.


• We close today with a second Epic Marlins Fail: Logan Morrison gets called off a popup by a fan. Or a ghost.




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Post date: Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 10:33
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 28.


• To celebrate Madden 25, here's a photo shoot of scantily clad models recreating Madden moments.


College football is so perfect, we even love its ridiculousness.


Sporting News picked the brains of some college football greats in anticipation of Week 1 action. A sneak peek: Jake Plummer would take Johnny Football over AJ McCarron or Aaron Murray.


Here's a list of five top celebrity college football fans. I think they missed a few. Will Ferrell, anyone?


If you don't know the George Raveling "I Have a Dream" story, you need to.


• Play of the night: Didi Gregorius Willie Mays'd a shallow pop-up.


• Not the play of the night: C.J. Wilson faceplanted on his way to the pitcher's mound.


• Videobombing is played, so you have to get creative with it, which the Rockies mascot managed to do.


The SEC's top dynamic duos, starting with Georgia's Gurshall two-headed monster.


The LolJets added to their quarterback tire fire: the guy who lost his backup gig to Vince Young. It just keeps getting better.


Kate Upton took a golf lesson from The King. That's what I call a win-win.


• This'll whet your appetite for football: Watch Michigan recruit Jabrill Peppers break about nine tackles on a touchdown run.




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Post date: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 10:42
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 27.


• Let's face it: Women's tennis is replete with comely ladies. Here's a rundown of the 32 hottest contestants at the U.S. Open, including Flavia Pennetta (pictured).


• It's a big year for the Mack Brown regime in Austin. So can Texas actually win a national title? We'll say this: There's talent there.


So apparently Alabama fans are bored by all the winning. We feel so sorry for you.


A guy in Albuquerque made a million-dollar hole in one. So Albuquerque is not all desert, car washes and meth labs?


Rex Ryan's feud with the media has reached the New Jersey governor's office and the front page of the Daily News. Over to you, President Obama.


So that thing that crawls out of the TV in "The Ring" can really bring the heat.


Johnny Manziel spent six hours with NCAA investigators. Let's end this dance and either sit him or not.


50 burning questions as we enter another college football season. Spoiler alert: No. 50 is, will Alabama start murdering trees again?


GQ delves into the psyche of one Nick Saban and decides that it's a scary place to visit.


• Wanna see a screen grab of Michael Strahan in drag, presumably dressed as Oprah? Of course you do.


Watch as Dan Patrick continues to feed the "John Clayton has a ponytail" rumor, which unbeknownst to me, he actually started.


• I don't know much about tennis, but I know enough to know that this shot by Rafael Nadal is absolutely sick.




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Post date: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 10:26
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 26.


Enjoy this countdown of the 101 Most Beautiful People in Sports. When surfer Ellie Jean Coffey (pictured) is only No. 14, you know it's a strong list. Fair warning: The list does include both sexes.


• It's here. College football. And there are already some BCS Championship elimination games on tap for the first weekend.


The LolJets have already provided a season's worth of entertainment, and the season hasn't started. Let's enjoy the Ryan-Sanchez-Smith circus while we can.


Jets and Giants fans staged an inter-sex brawl that was better than the action on the field.


The SEC arms race has extended to schedule posters. These are pretty spectacular.


Caroline Wozniacki is trying to convince the Twitterverse that she and Rory McIlroy are still together. Methinks she doth protest too much.


A kid with cerebral palsy asked Jason Kipnis and Carlos Santana of the Indians to hit homes runs for him, and they obliged. Suck on that, Babe Ruth.


Evidence as to why "Predator" is the greatest movie ever made. Hey, you'll get no argument from me.


• Were last night's VMAs the death knell of American culture? Here's the evidence in pictures and GIFs. The folks over at Morning Joe in particular had a conniption over Miley Cyrus' "performance."


I know nothing about rugby, but I know a good prank when I see one.


• You know it's baseball's dog days when the old gum on the hat trick makes an appearance.




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Post date: Monday, August 26, 2013 - 10:37
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 23.


Mandatory has a nice rundown of shamless gratuitous eye candy in film, including Brooklyn Decker (pictured) in "Just Go With It," which we're happy to do. 


Some guy named Willie Young of the Lions taunted Tom Brady last night. Two problems here: One, it's preseason, and two, he's Tom Brady and you're Willie Young.


So did Roger Goodell pressure ESPN to drop out of the "Frontline" documentary on NFL head injuries? This could get interesting.


• Speaking of head injuries, here's Ronnie Lott talking about how he changed Super Bowl XXIII with his demolition of Ickey Woods.


Roy Hibbert stuffed himself into an airplane lavatory and took selfies.


• Remember how Ian Poulter and Howard Stern went at it on Twitter over fans yelling "Baba Booey", among other things? Well, a fan yelled "Baba Booey" at Poulter yesterday and was removed from the Liberty National premises. I'm hoping it escalates from here.


So is Johnny Football now the sport's bad guy?


Twitter melted down last night over the Affleck as Batman news. I'm not bothered by it. I hated Christian Bale's insane growling.


The Hoover High School cheerleaders are already in midseason form.


Hawk Harrelson gave a White Sox homer the confused old dude treatment last night.


Two South Carolina Gamecocks born four months apart have the same name and the same dad. That won't be confusing for Steve Spurrier at all.


• We don't give America's Hat enough love around here. How about video of a 125-yard CFL touchdown on a missed field goal return?




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Post date: Friday, August 23, 2013 - 10:17
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 22.


• Looking to enhance your Instagram follow roster? Here's a countdown of some of the lovelier ladies who populate that particular medium.


Jaws indulges in some serious Kaepernick hyperbole. Dude, chillax.


Jadeveon Clowney has caught the attention of the Grey Lady. Let the Heisman chatter commence.


• Congrats to Ichiro on reaching 4K. Here's how he did it.


• Planning a last-minute summer vacation? Avoid these destinations at all costs.


Athletes immortalized in cartoons. Not surprisingly, The Simpsons' "Homer at the Bat" episode is well represented on this countdown.


Grantland presents the best songs of the millennium. My takeaway: This millennium has sucked so far.


• If you feel like watching Jason Heyward suffer in GIF form, you're in luck: The Braves star took a 90 mph heater to the jaw.


• We're exactly one week away from real, live Southeastern Conference football. Here's a 1-14 SEC power ranking.


• The NCAA corrected one mistake with that MTSU Marine. Here's another flub they need to fix.


Seeing this photo of relief pitcher Brian Wilson made me realize how much I didn't miss Brian Wilson.


• An interesting take from Gary Payton on the origin of Allen Iverson's famous "Practice!?" rant.




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Post date: Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 10:39
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 21.


• There was an Internet rumor yesterday that Maria Sharapova was going to change her name to Sugarpova to hawk candy. Not true, but it's an excuse to link to a slideshow of Ms. Sharapova, who's lovely by any name.


The 12 biggest bromances in sports. My favorite is the May-September thing that Pop and Tim Duncan have going.


• Speaking of bro-ness, the pool dunk craze led these 10 bros to translate three balls, two rooftops, a trampoline and an above-ground pool into Internet immortality.


• The one-trick ponies of college sports: Schools with the biggest football-basketball success discrepancies.


Watch a dog go to great lengths to avoid a bath, including going limp and playing dead.


An Astros rookie erased his first hit in the most Astros way possible.


• I know absolutely nothing about action and adventure sports, except that they yield really cool photos.


• Online sports content these days is one big rank-a-palooza. Here are the top 10 SEC linebackers of the BCS era.


Yasiel Puig got benched, then hit a game-winning homer.


• This is kind of meta: Watch Mike Tyson play Mike Tyson Punch-Out in the green room at Fox Sports 1.


Brandon Phillips fed a troll on Twitter with a pretty stout comeback.


• Watch a passed ball get sucked into another dimension, allowing Paul Konerko to score.




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Post date: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 10:42
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 20.


Here are the cheerleaders of the AP Top 25. Football can't get here fast enough.


Marshawn Lynch and Arian Foster have made a commercial for Madden 25. Well done, fellas.


College football's 25 best names. I'll be following Konockus Sashington.


• SEC fanbases are usually bitter enemies, but here are five things that will unite SEC Nation this year.


Some guy made his online resume look just like CNN's home page. Props for creativity.


• Bad news for Johnny Football: Of the last 16 Heisman-winning quarterbacks, only one has won an NFL playoff game as a starter. I'll give you 3.16 guesses who it is.


• With "Anchorman 2" due later this year, here's a ranking of the 20 movies Will Ferrell has made thus far. No. 1 is a big surprise, to me.


Baseball's weirdest promotional nights. Hey, whatever it takes to get fannies in seats. Some of these are pretty creative, although I think I'd skip "Smells of Baseball" night with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.


Lolo Jones goes in the Cage. Let's hope she makes it out.


First pitches are officially out of control.


If a tree fell on Regis' new Fox Sports 1 show, would it make a sound?


• A-Rod gave a surprisingly clever and self-deprecating answer to a reporter's question. More of this all along would have helped.




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Post date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 10:41
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 19.


• Leading off the week: A statistical analysis of Derek Jeter's nine ex-girlfriends relative to his performance, including Adriana Lima (pictured).


• A plunking, a dinger, an ejection, more allegations: Last night was the night of A-Rod.


• Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson are engaged. The lead of the New York Daily News story puts it less tastefully than I would


• Wanna see Pam Oliver get drilled in the face by a pass from Mr. Irrelevant, Chandler Harnish of the Colts? Of course you do. The screen grab alone is priceless.


• This is interesting: The most statistically average lineup in baseball this year would include Albert Pujols and Stephen Strasburg. Their respective teams aren't paying for average.


• Fox Sports 1 went live over the weekend. Here's an amusing video of the anchors of Fox Sports Live, the counterpart to SportsCenter, reading mean tweets about themselves.


• Ryan Braun apparently slurred his urine collector, calling him an anti-Semitic Cubs fan.


A Ball State student sank a half-court shot to earn free tuition. Sadly, it's the greatest athletic moment in Ball State history. (I kid.)


• Remember when Joe Buck called Randy Moss' mooning incident a "disgusting act"? Now that they're co-workers at Fox Sports 1, they've decided to play nice.


Athlete tweets that went viral. Twitter never forgets.


The NCAA outdid itself by forcing a Marine to redshirt over intramural football.


• It's the second week of the preseason, and we may have already had the Catch of the Year.




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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 16.


The week's best GIFs and screencaps include this lovely lady who aspires to be the next Mrs. Federer.


A-Rod is really A-Rat.


Ugly naked guy stormed the field at the Lions-Browns game last night, which resulted in the evening's best form tackle (though not by any member of the Lions or Browns). Not entirely safe for work.


• A couple of celebrities are hiring lawyers for their sons this morning. One, Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy. The other, aging heartland rocker John Mellencamp.


• We all know that athletes are not mere mortals like you and me, including the way they recover from injuries.


• Looking to relocate? This could help: The best cities for meeting beautiful women. Portland's inclusion is surprising; I envision all their women looking like Carrie Brownstein.


• The week of Dufner continues. Here's our hero in a cryogenic chamber.


The SEC's top wide receivers of the BCS era.


Jay Cutler goes all John McEnroe on a lowly ball boy. Dude's in midseason form.


• I know, in the concussion era we're not supposed to celebrate big neck-snapping hits, but in this case, we'll make an exception.


• Speaking of near-decapitations, this minor league pitcher narrowly averted death to make a great play.




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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 15.


• Here's a countdown that will kick-start your Thursday: The 50 hottest women athletes on social media, including javelin thrower Leryn Franco (pictured).


A giant moth targeted A.J. Pierzynski with a kamikaze mission last night.


Yasiel Puig went all Roberto Clemente on the Mets last night.


• Today in Jason Dufner awesomeness: Auburn fan Dufner took acorns from Oak Hill Country Club to plant at Toomer's Corner.


The best Twitter comebacks by athletes.


A living mannequin scared the bejeezus out of some unsuspecting Michigan State players and coaches. Who knew Sparty was such a scaredy-cat?


Marcus Smart and Julius Randle had an epic dunk-off.


• Locks of love: College superfan haircuts.


Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy spent his vacation camping in the Peruvian jungle, eating rats. This guy needs a new travel agent.


• Inspirational story of the day: A one-armed basketball player has been offered a spot on Florida's team as a preferred walk-on. I smell movie.


• Yesterday, we brought you the indoor practice facilities of the SEC. Today, the locker rooms. I'd like to live in one of these things.


• A bunch of professional baseball players combined for a play that would embarass a little league team. The only thing missing is sped-up footage and Benny Hill music.




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Post date: Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 10:45
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 14.


• Leading off today: The 2014 Hot Shots calendar will feature girls in bikinis with guns. We endorse the concept.


Jason Dufner re-invents Dufnering while photobombing a woman. This guy's awesomeness is never-ending. Here he is snuggling with his trophy. Of course, if you've seen his wife, you know that he snuggles with a trophy every night.


Herbstreit pulls no punches in assessing the Manziel autograph situation. You won't like Herbie when he's angry.


If James Franklin pulls this off, he's created a Vandy fan for life.


Multi-pass pool dunk Vines are the new Harlem Shake. They're also extremely re-watchable.


The SEC's top 10 quarterbacks of the BCS era.


Gio Gonzalez and Jayson Werth had an airing of grievances in the dugout. Manager Davy Johnson called it "camaraderie."


Donovan McNabb says the Redskins have "brainwashed" RG3.


• Get this man some Fixodent: Here's Phillies manager Charlie Manuel casually popping out his dentures.


• Oh, Kevin Durant. Must you indulge the Biebs and his bottomless well of douchiness?


• In today's video, Tom Brady creeps us all out with his wandering sideline eyes.




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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 13.


• Romance isn't dead: A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader (pictured) liked what she saw from an Oklahoma State captain during a coin toss. Social media stalking and young love ensued.


• Last night, I watched "The Big Lebowski" for the 43rd time, unaware that Yu Darvish was flirting with a no-no and other cool stuff was happening.


James Harrison has declared war on "Hard Knocks." Bad for Roger Goodell, good for TV.


• Didn't see this one coming: Randy Moss is headed to Fox Sports. Wonder if Joe Buck will call him out for his disgusting acts.


• Note to high school football coaches: Old grudges die hard.


• Not sports-related but beyond awesome: The future of mass transit could be the Hyperloop, a solar-powered system where capsules speed through tubes at up to 700 mph. Yes, please.


The Adam Jones banana-thrower has been identified. Let the public shaming commence.


Baseball GIF of the week: a clever, well-timed bullpen prank.


Photos of college football's palatial indoor practice facilities. Amateur athletics at work.


How the SEC's best players were rated as recruits. I'd forgotten that Johnny Football was just a 3-star.


• Jose Iglesias's bare-handed flip to first is truly spectacular.




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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 12.


• We're a little more than two weeks out from real, live college football. To tide you over, here are the cheerleaders of the Coaches Top 25.


Jason Dufner indulged in a little celebratory grab-ass following his PGA Championship win. It's okay; the hiney in question belonged to his lovely wife Amanda.


Michael Jordan can still dunk at age 50. Impressive, until you remember that he's still 6-6. Speaking of His Airness, here are 20 old athletes who could still kick your tail.


Five SEC players who are already impressing in NFL preseason games.


Soccer fans apparently have even worse taste in tattoos than football fans. Speaking of poorly thought out tats, here are seven places men should never get ink. My apologies if you already have broken any of these rules.


Jerry Lewis once made a movie about a clown who worked in a concentration camp. Not surprisingly, the movie was never released.


Ian Poulter and Howard Stern got into a slap fight on Twitter over on-course shouters.


Russell Westbrook had some sort of femme Urkel look going at the Teen Choice Awards.


Adam Jones made a disturbing accusation following the O's-Giants game.


• View a piece of history: Miguel Cabrera became the first player to homer off the great Mariano Rivera in two consecutive at-bats.




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Jason Dufner looks more like the guy who drives the cage cart at your local driving range than a major champion. He greets clutch birdies like a guy who just found a quarter in the couch cushions. 
With a hangdog expression, a slight paunch, a soul patch and a dip of Copenhagen tucked between his lip and gum, Dufner doesn’t electrify like Tiger Woods or inspire like Phil Mickelson. But Duf-man beat Mickelson by 22 shots this week, and he did something Tiger hasn’t done since 2008: He won a major championship in rather dominating fashion.
There would be no Atlanta-style meltdown for Dufner at Oak Hill. Two years ago, Dufner held a five-shot lead on the 15th tee on Sunday at the PGA Championship before finding the water and ultimately major heartbreak at Atlanta Athletic Club, losing in a playoff to Keegan Bradley. 
This year, a more seasoned, more confident Dufner put the foot on the throttle with a second-round 63 and never let up, playing precise if not entirely flawless golf on a 1-under par weekend to set the Oak Hill major championship scoring record with a 10-under finish. 
“I still can’t believe this is happening to me,” Dufner said after capturing his third PGA Tour win. “To come back from a couple years ago in this championship when I lost to Keegan in a playoff and win feels really, really good.
“It’s such a great course. I decided I was going to be confident. I wasn’t going to play scared or soft. It’s a big step for my career.”
Runner-up Jim Furyk, who held the third-round lead, failed to put any pressure on Dufner, shooting a final-round 71 and bogeying the final two holes. Still, he left Oak Hill without regrets. “I played a solid round of golf,” he said. “Felt like I struck the ball really well on the back nine.”
The Swedish contingent of Henrik Stenson and Jonas Blixt finished third and fourth, respectively. The 37-year-old Stenson continued his resurgence, adding his PGA showing to his runner-up finish at the British Open last month. 
PGA Notes
• Adam Scott’s T5 finish was his seventh top-8 finish in a major in the last three years and his third major top-5 of the season. Scott was the season’s best major championship performer, posting a cumulative score of 2-over. Jason Day joined Scott as the only players with three top 10s in majors this season; Day added a T8 at the PGA to his third at The Masters and T2 at the U.S. Open. 
• Keegan Bradley, who took advantage of Dufner’s meltdown at the 2011 PGA, hung around following his final-round 66 to offer Duf his congratulations.
• Look for Twitter maestro Dufner to play up his major win via social media. The prolific tweeter had fun with the so-called Dufnering craze that he inspired, so a shot of the PGA champ Dufnering with the Wanamaker Trophy should be popping up on your feed if you’re among his 200K-plus followers.
• Defending champion Rory McIlroy flirted with the cut line on Friday before stringing together some birdies to play the weekend, when he shot 67-70 to finish T8 at 4-under. It was easily the best performance in a major this season for McIlroy, who finished T25 at The Masters, T41 at the U.S. Open and missed the cut at the British Open.
• The world’s Top 2 finished in the field’s bottom half. Pre-tournament favorite Tiger Woods, so dominant last week at Firestone, never got anything going, playing four lackluster rounds and failing to break 70 in finishing T40 at 4-over par. In fact, in the season’s four majors, Woods broke 70 only once in 16 rounds — a first-round 69 at the British Open. “Is it concerning? No,” Woods said. “It’s more frustrating not being in it.” Meanwhile, Open champion Phil Mickelson had four double-bogeys and two triples on his way to a 12-over finish and a tie for 72nd. 
• Major champion in waiting Dustin Johnson had the best weekend of any player in the field, shooting 65-69 after opening 72-71. 
Jason Dufner Wins PGA Championship
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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 9.


Kate Upton opened up to Elle Magazine on a variety of topics, like how her first SI swimsuit cover made her hate herself.


Steve Spurrier: No shirt, no shoes, no problem, except for the golf tan.


• Don't you love it when a pro athlete who's also a jackass gets caught in a lie? Here are the 20 most aggressive, in-your-face liars in sports.


• Now for something completely different: Matt Kemp's touching relationship with a cancer patient.


• Kevin Durant wasn't content to humiliate a young camper by launching his shot into the stands. He also posted a video of it.


• "Idiocracy" was not quite a documentary, but it's getting closer all the time. Here's a look at what that visionary movie has already gotten right.


• Where the running game still matters: Ranking the SEC's running backs.


Fortunately, South Carolina didn't hire Jadeveon Clowney to spell.


The Manziel family has hired a lawyer with NCAA experience. Stuff just got real.


Watch this biker recover from a crash with a crazy-good move.


Rory McIlroy's crib is pretty spectacular.


• Miguel Cabrera even falls down with style.




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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 8.


Kaley Cuoco is dating some tennis player we've never heard of. That news is nothing more than an excuse to run a photo of the lovely Ms. Cuoco, who was an accomplished junior tennis player herself.


Fox gets the U.S. Open starting in 2015, meaning no more Chris Berman. Of course, Fox will probably replace him with a giant talking robot or something.


There was some classic garbage-time baseball last night courtesy of a catcher pitching and a pitcher hitting.


Gary Patterson sees a missed opportunity for Les Miles in the Jeremy Hill situation.


A nice refresher going into the final season of Breaking Bad. Spoiler alert, of course.


• Meanwhile, in the make-believe world of highly paid actors, Bruce Willis said no to "Expendables 3" because they wouldn't pay him $4 million for four days of work. So they turned to Harrison Ford, who's doing it for just under $1 million a day.


• Three weeks from tonight, college football will be played. Here's a poem to help you through the home stretch.


• This is something I've never seen: An angry minor league manager emptied his dip on home plate.


Kobe brought a grown man to tears. So he doesn't just make women cry.


Mike Trout homered on his birthday for the second straight year. Kid's got potential.


Andrew McCutchen's mom sang the national anthem. Inspired, McCutchen homered.


• With the PGA teeing off today, enjoy this video of colorful golfer Rickie Fowler taking on the psychedelic golf challenge.




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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Aug. 7.


• Elsewhere on this website, you can find this gem: the Houston Texans cheerleaders engaging in something called "Freestyle Friday." We heartily endorse the concept.


Raul Ibanez, professional outfielder.


• As a palate cleanser from that last atrocity, enjoy this GIF of Elvis Andrus making a nice play from his butt.


• Finally, an area of SEC football where Alabama's not No. 1: The SEC fanbases, ranked.


• You've seen this by now, but I can't not link to it: The Manning bros (and Archie) pimp for Sunday Ticket.


Is the Manziel affair a tipping point in the whole paying players debate? For his part, Jay Bilas is doing what he can to expose the NCAA's hypocrisy in the deal.


• Deadspin whipping boy Jay Mariotti, who for some is the epitome of all that is wrong with sports media, is getting into the branded website game.


• We bring you stories you can actually use: Cartoons that are fit for adults.


• Did you know RG3 collects superhero dolls? That, and other weird facts about athletes.


• It's Shark Week, which gave Mensa member Tara Reid the opportunity to drop some knowledge about whale sharks.


• Bryce Harper didn't take kindly to getting plunked. Enjoy.




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More Bang for Your Buck
When selecting the best holes you can play, price is usually no object, but not this year. We have chosen golf holes that are just as spectacular as some of their famous contemporaries but come at half the price. All the holes on this list are at courses with greens fees less than $100, proving that sometimes you get well more than what you pay for.

No. 1
Palouse Ridge Par 4, 463 yards
Pullman, Washington

This is the home course for Washington State University and is consistently ranked as one of the top college courses. The opening hole uses the university's iconic Bryan Clock Tower as an aiming spot for the first two shots. From the tee it's a slight dogleg, and golfers should favor the left side because of the sloping fairway. The clock tower is just left of the middle of the fairway and is a good guide to determine where approach shots should be played. An extra club might be in order because of an elevated green that is 40 yards deep.
Contact: 509-335-4342,

No. 2
Grand National (Lake Course) Par 4, 428 yards
Opelika, Alabama

Part of the famed Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, this hole is not only one of the best at this facility, but also one of the best of the 11 courses that comprise the golf trail. Native plants, shrubs and trees crowd both sides of the tee box, presenting a visually daunting tee shot, especially from the back tees. This is one of the few holes on the course that doesn't have the famed lake guarding the fairway or the green, but the two fairway bunkers and two greenside bunkers make up for the lack of water. The kidney-shaped green has several undulations and several possibilities for difficult pin positions.
Contact: 334-749-9042,

No. 3
Wildhorse Par 5, 537 yards
Gothenburg, Nebraska

It doesn't seem wise to aim at a bunker, but on this long, reachable par 5, it's encouraged and may make birdie more possible. The hazard on the right is far enough away that it can't be reached, and when a ball lands on that line, it filters to the left because of the slope of the fairway and provides the opportunity of reaching the green in two. If that is an option, aim for the right side of the small green, avoiding the bunker that eagerly awaits miscalculations 10 yards in front of the hole. Lay-up shots have two well-placed pot bunkers that will also trap any careless efforts.
Contact: 308-537-7700,

No. 4
Circling Raven Par 4, 406 yards
Worley, Idaho

This golf course is part of a casino, and this hole fits the theme. Golfers can gamble off the tee and try to cut off yardage by sending a drive down the left side, taking the dogleg out of play. Go too far left, and the wetlands will take your ball. The second shot also can have a more difficult angle to the green. Safer players will stay to the right, but not too far right, because three large bunkers await any slice. The oval-shaped green is undulating and quick. Beware of left pin placements, as a large greenside bunker will grab anything short.
Contact: 800-523-2464,

No. 5
Sand Creek Par 4, 345 yards
Newton, Kansas

This is one of the easiest holes on the course, and if played well it is a realistic eagle opportunity. Driving the green depends on the wind, which can knock down shots when it comes from the south. The hole is slightly elevated from tee to green, and a strong tee shot has to negotiate not only the incline but also the strategically placed mounds in the fairway. There's a wide landing area, so gripping and ripping it shouldn't be a problem. There are no hazards fronting the green, but a mound about 20 yards in front of the green will stop balls trying to roll up onto the putting surface.
Contact: 316-284-6161,

No. 6
Ross Creek Landing, Par 3, 204 yards
Clifton, Tennessee

This is a brief reprieve from the tight fairways of the first five holes. This hole is placed in a wide-open space. The trees are set back behind the green, and the fairway gives the illusion that there is more room than there actually is. The pot bunker that fronts the green is clearly visible, but the larger U-shaped trap on the left is hidden and captures many balls that stray in that direction. The oval-shaped green is deep, and pin placements dictate the shot. Stay away from the left pin, hit the middle of the green and gladly take a two-putt par. The bail-out area is short and right.
Contact: 931-676-3174,

No. 7
Old Kinderhook Par 3, 152
Camdenton, Missouri

A picturesque hole and the shortest on the course, though not necessarily the easiest. The elevated tee shows you all the pitfalls, including a large bunker on the front right of the green. There are three grass bunkers to the left, and they may be more difficult to extricate a ball from than their sand counterpart. The green is straightforward, and birdies are a definite possibility. One club less than the yardage suggests may be a smart play considering the elevation and prevailing wind.
Contact: 573-317-3500,

No. 8
Lakota Canyon Ranch Par 4, 398 yards
New Castle, Colorado

It is easy to feel like a long-drive champion on this hole with the combination of the course's altitude and the tee box's elevation. The back tees are 67 steps from the cart path, and even if they aren't played, they should be visited for the amazing views of the surrounding mountains. The dogleg left layout can be taken advantage of, but three penalizing pot bunkers are well-placed in the wide fairway. The second shot shouldn't be anything more than a 7-iron, and firing at the pin is definitely encouraged on this large green with one bunker in front.
Contact: 970-984-9700,

No. 9
Neshanic Valley (Lake) Par 5, 525 yards
Neshanic Station, New Jersey

Another elevated tee with a stunning view, but just like the previous hole, don't get caught gazing at the scenery for too long. The fairway is not too tight, but long hitters will have to contend with bunkers on both the left and right side of the landing area from the tee box. A wetland area dissects the fairway near the green, and long hitters should be able to clear it easily. Shorter hitters will have to carefully select a proper club for the lay-up shot. The slightly undulating green is 35 yards deep and has a sand trap on both the left front and right middle.
Contact: 908 369-8200,

No. 10
Twin Warriors Par 4, 483 yards
Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico

This hole is not only long but also intimidating and should be played with much respect. The fairway is wide at first but narrows the longer you try and go off the tee. Go too long and you will have a downhill lie for your approach shot. The second shot is even more harrowing than the first. There is a deep ravine that separates the fairway and also comes into play on the left side of the green, which is elevated, adding even more length to the second shot. The bailout area on the right is a safe play, but even there a bunker awaits any miscalculations. Par is a great score here.
Contact: 505-771-6155,

No. 11
Old Works Par 5, 597 yards
Anaconda, Montana

At nearly 600 yards, this is only the third-longest par 5 on the Jack Nicklaus-designed course, but it is the best. Warm Springs Creek runs up the entire left side of the fairway and cuts across the middle near the green. Tee shots should be placed on the right side and will trickle toward the middle due to the tilt of the fairway. Getting to the green in two is difficult even for long hitters, and the green is protected by the creek in front as well as a bunker. A hill at the back will claim any long shots. The green is wide and shallow and much better attacked with a wedge.
Contact: 406-563-5989,

No. 12
Sugarloaf Par 5, 542 yards
Carrabassett Valley, Maine

An unusual setup awaits on this medium-sized par 5, where two sets of tees are available. The left tee box is accessible by bridge, and tee shots must cross over the Carrabassett River that runs along the left side of the fairway. The right takes the water out of play, but golfers must employ a fade to have a chance of getting to the green in two. The fairway tightens considerably from about 250 yards to the green, and trees frame both sides of the hole. Getting to the green in two shots is possible, especially with the prevailing wind at your back.
Contact: 800-843-5623,

No. 13
Gray Plantation Par 3, 213 yards
Lake Charles, Louisiana

This challenging par 3 will definitely test any golfer's nerves. The tee shot is about 170 yards of carry over one of the 60 acres of man-made lakes on this course. Getting the ball over the pond is no guarantee of success. There is a large, deep bunker in front of the green that captures any ball that doesn't make the green. Hit too much club, and balls will find the back bunker. Flare a shot, and there is another large bunker waiting on the right. Even the left side of the green doesn't provide a measure of safety, with balls rolling to a small collection area. The green is long and narrow.
Contact: 337-562-1663,

No. 14
Bully Pulpit Par 4, 404 yards
Medora, North Dakota

The course has rebounded nicely after the Little Missouri River flooded and damaged several of the holes. Fortunately, this wasn't one of them, and it begins what course architect Michael Hurdzan coined the "Oh my goodness corner" to describe 14, 15 and 16. This hole is in the state's famous Badlands and is surrounded by hills. The drive should be to the left middle of the fairway, which slopes to the right. An additional club is the play for the second shot since it is to an elevated green and into a prevailing wind. The oval green has slight undulations.
Contact: 800-633-6721,

No. 15
Mountain Ranch Par 4, 395 yards
Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

This is not only the hardest hole on the course, but it is also considered by many to be the hardest hole in the state. What makes it so difficult is the narrow fairway and steep incline off the tee box. There are bunkers on the left and the right guarding against any stray tee shots, and when the rough is high, making bogey from there is almost a certainty. Par is not a given even if you are in the fairway. The green is protected by bunkers in the front, back and the left. The bailout area is the right side, but even reaching that can be a chore. Par is a great score here and not often attained.
Contact: 501-884-3400,

No. 16
Old Silo Par 4, 432 yards
Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

This hole has one of the few tight fairways on the course, and traps guarding both sides add to the difficulty. The course's namesake is on the left side but invisible from the tee box. The old silo comes into view on the left as you approach your drive's landing spot, and if your ball goes too far left, the landmark can affect your second shot. A creek runs across the fairway short of the green and turns to protect the left side of the putting surface. Other obstacles are bunkers on the left and right of the green. Putting the ball near the pin is important since the heavy undulation can make two-putts tricky.
Contact: 859-498-4697,

No. 17
White Clay Creek Par 3, 183 yards
Wilmington, Delaware

It's the shortest hole on the course, but it will take a golfer's power of concentration not to get distracted. The safest shot is center of the green regardless of where the pin is to set up a two-putt for par. The obvious disturbance is the pond that fronts the left side of the green. The farther back you tee off, the more the water is in play. Aim right and you will bring grass mounds into play if you don't reach the green. The other distractions are the horse racing announcer's call of the races that travel throughout the course and the long, winding whistles from distant trains. Both sounds can be oddly melodic and comforting.
Contact: 302-994-6700,

No. 18
The Fort Par 4, 474 yards
Indianapolis, Indiana

This finishing hole will exhaust most golfers with its length and treacherous layout. Architect Pete Dye constructed the tee like Augusta National's 18th with a long chute framed by mature trees that will visually intimidate golfers no matter their skill level. Try to drive the right side, because balls will funnel toward the middle of the fairway. The second shot could be on an uneven lie because of the slope and will require a long iron or utility wood to reach the green. The putting surface is receptive to long shots but does have some subtle breaks that may derail par.
Contact: 317-543-9597,

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