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  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 day 7 hours ago

    Redshirt freshman Will Grier is suspended for the season for taking performance-enhancing drugs. 


    During the press conference, the Florida quarterback looked visibly shaken and extremely disappointed in himself as he apologized to those around him. This will a tough loss for the Gators, who are 4-0, but they have a viable option in Treon Harris.

    (h/t Orlando Sentinel)

  • By Steven Lassan, 1 day 12 hours ago

    Northwestern is dipping into its past this Saturday. The Wildcats will wear retro uniforms against Iowa, which are inspired by their 1995 team.


    The 1995 team was one of the most successful in program history, as Gary Barnett guided Northwestern to a 10-2 mark and an appearance in the Rose Bowl.


    Check out Northwestern’s throwback uniforms for Week 7:





  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 day 13 hours ago

    If you weren't a fan of Bret Bielema before, this video isn't going to help.


    During the Arkansas-Alabama game, Crimson Tide lineman Cam Robinson was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for getting in the face of the Razorbacks coach. A new video has surfaced that makes it appear as if Bielema was the one who started the situation.


    Bielema gets in the middle of the scuffle and flops like he was pushed by Robinson, and once the flag was thrown, he does a little dance in celebration. Robinson was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.



    Arkansas ended up scoring a touchdown on that drive, but it wouldn't help as they went on to lose 27-14.


    As of Monday's press conference Alabama coach Nick Saban had not seen the video that has made it's rounds all over Twitter. 



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  • By Steven Lassan, 2 days 6 hours ago

    USC coach Steve Sarkisian will take an indefinite leave of absence. Athletic director Pat Haden announced the news on Sunday afternoon.


    Offensive coordinator Clay Helton will serve as the interim coach in Sarkisian’s absence. Helton previously served as the program’s interim coach in the 2013 Las Vegas Bowl.


    The reason for Sarkisian’s leave of absence was not revealed, but the second-year coach revealed earlier this offseason he would seek treatment after an incident at the “Salute to Troy” booster event. Additionally, Haden indicated Sarkisian was "not healthy" during Sunday's press conference.


    Sarkisian’s absence is indefinite and it’s uncertain when he will return to the program.


    The Trojans are 3-2 headed into Week 7 and play at Notre Dame on Saturday night.


    Here are a few additional details from Haden’s press conference and around USC today:

  • By Steven Lassan, 3 days 3 hours ago

    Don’t mention the term “Clemsoning” around coach Dabo Swinney. The term “Clemsoning” came about after the program had trouble meeting preseason expectations or losing a game it was supposed to win. Some would also say a disappointing performance in a game also applies to the “Clemsoning” term.


    On Saturday, Clemson improved to 5-0 with a 43-24 victory over Georgia Tech, but that wasn’t the biggest tidbit of postgame news from Death Valley.


    Instead, coach Dabo Swinney had quite the postgame rant when asked about the “Clemsoning” term. Frankly, he's tired of hearing about it. 


    Check out the rant here on video:


  • By Jasmine Watkins, 3 days 7 hours ago

    Before every Maryland game, head coach Randy Edsall shakes the hands of his players. Keep that in mind.


    After the game a reporter asked if him shaking the hands of his players could possibly mean he's on his way out as head coach of the Terrapins. After a 49-28 loss to Ohio State, it's safe to say he didn't appreciate that implication.


  • By Steven Lassan, 3 days 10 hours ago

    It’s rare to see LSU in a different uniform other than its white jerseys and yellow pants. However, the Tigers are switching up their look for Saturday’s home game against South Carolina.


    Due to recent flooding in South Carolina, the game was moved from Columbia to Baton Rouge earlier this week. The Gamecocks are wearing all-white and considered the home team on Saturday afternoon, so LSU can’t wear its normal white tops for this game. Instead, the Tigers are breaking out the purple jerseys. But that’s not all: LSU is also going with an alternate white helmet.


    According to LSU’s media relations, this is the first time in the modern era the Tigers will wear this combination:



  • By Jasmine Watkins, 3 days 10 hours ago

    Baylor has been trying out the 410-pound LaQuan McGowan out at tight end, and it paid off.


    Listed at a mere 390 last year, McGowan has put on a little extra muscle, but that didn't hinder his quickness of getting to the end zone. It's a bad idea to try tackling this guy.


  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 week 1 day ago

    Everything is bigger in Texas, even the controversy.


    As a result of the blowout delivered at the hands of TCU, 50-7, things aren't going so well for the Longhorns. Freshman corner Kris Boyd was discovered to have retweeted a tweet about transferring to Texas A&M. He would later apologize but like everything on the internet, it was here to stay. 


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    People on the social media network then began calling for Charlie Strong's job. To make matters worse, the Texas Rangers even got in on the act. The tweeting didn't stop there as the team is 1-4 with a matchup with Oklahoma on the horizon. It's safe to say the Longhorns may be a little on edge.


    They reached out to Lil' B The Based God to lift a curse if he has one on the team. He's been known to curse Kevin Durant and James Harden, and it's important to note that neither have won a championship.



    DeAndre McNeal, a freshman Longhorn, took to Twitter about the team bashing each other. 



    Even the upperclassmen seemed fed up with some of the situations surrounding the team.




    With all that's going on in Texas, are Strong's days numbered? However many days he has left, he should spend them talking to players about their on and off the field game plan.

  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 week 1 day ago

    SEC fans are a special breed. They're passionate, rowdy, and no matter how bad their team is, they never give up on them.


    This guy puts all of those feelings in one video. From the "roll tide!" Alabama fans say, to the "as long as we beat Bama" things that Auburn fans say. It's all a part of SEC football.

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