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  • By Jasmine Watkins, 2 weeks 4 days ago

    Penn State is reverting to the nameless jerseys and fans couldn't be happier about it.


    To commemorate such an occassion, the program released a video of former players discussing the importance of having no name on the back of the jersey. The old sayings ring true, it's about team and unity. 


    "Christian Hackenberg has so much respect for the 14's before him."



    Ending an image of the name being torn from the jerseys is Penn State's way bringing back what never should have left.

  • By Josh Hamburger, 2 weeks 4 days ago

    Having grown up and lived in Mississippi for most of his life, Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze stated how the pride he has for his home state. However, that didn’t stop him from stating his opinion that the state flag, which displays the Confederate emblem in the corner, should be changed in some fashion.


    Freeze noted how some groups have used the Confederate Flag as a symbol of hate, which has sparked a national debate. At the SEC Media Days, Freeze was asked about his opinion on the issue, and he made his stance clear. Meanwhile, Mississippi State Head Coach Dan Mullen didn’t give a straight answer when asked about the matter, rather explaining the diversity at his school.

    See Freeze's post about SEC Media Days:


  • By Steven Lassan, 2 weeks 5 days ago

    College football’s media days are usually filled with a bunch of coach speak or comments that aren’t bulletin board material for other teams in its conference.


    However, that wasn’t the case for Arkansas coach Bret Bielema.


    Arkansas finished its 2014 season with a blowout win over Texas in the Texas Bowl. But that’s not the highlight of Bielema’s comments about the game from SEC Media Days.  


    That's certainly an interesting way to describe the ending of a huge victory for Arkansas. 


    But should we surprised? Here's a comment from Bielema last year on one of his defensive tackles:

    And after putting its offensive line on the media guide, Bielema had this to say about this group:

  • By Jasmine Watkins, 2 weeks 5 days ago

    People say over and over that the SEC is overrated. When Paul Finebaum says it, people tend to take notice.


    While covering the SEC Media days, the radio host said the "toughest conference in football" is overrated. There's doubt the SEC will even get one team in the College Football Playoff. It's hard to believe that could be the case, but there's also a problem being the toughest conference; you have the toughest competition.


    Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Mizzou, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, LSU and the rest. That's a scary list of direct competitors.

    It's odd hearing it come from Finebaum since he is so heavily involved in the SEC and defending it. On the other hand, without the SEC being as dominant, one could argue Finebaum wouldn't be where he is. 


    With programs like Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, and USC coming virtually out of nowhere, what is in store for the SEC in the coming years? The past couple of years proves the SEC can be beaten, and it may not even be that hard.


    Fans in the South (not to mention ESPN's SEC Network) aren't ready to give up on the conference just yet.


    Only time will tell if the SEC strikes the same fear in hearts as it once did. 

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  • By Jasmine Watkins, 2 weeks 6 days ago

    South Carolina has taken down the Confederate flag and although there are some that weren't happy about it, Steve Spurrier couldn't be more proud.


    The South Carolina coach says it is going to help the state immensely. He spoke about the same issue in 2007, and was saddened that it took this long. 


    "I applaud our governor for setting the initiative ... and obviously it was received very well by just about everyone."



    (h/t For The Win)

  • By Jasmine Watkins, 2 weeks 6 days ago

    Former Florida State quarterback De'Andre Johnson is breaking his silence on what happened that night at the bar when a surveillance camera caught him punching a woman.


    Johnson got caught in an altercation with a woman, regardless of how the situation escalated, he says he never should have let it get that far.


    "I should've never raised my hand to her," Johnson said.


    Johnson goes on to say how sorry he is for hurting his mother by getting caught in a situation like this. He mentioned that she didn't raise him this way and through the tears are words of sincerity. He also understands Florida State's decision to dismiss him.


    ABC US News | World News

  • By Jasmine Watkins, 3 weeks 13 hours ago

    The man who brought you the most convincing video for Ezekiel Elliott's bid for the Heisman, is back with another hit.


    His beloved Ohio State Buckeyes are the centerpiece yet again. Meshed with highlights and a song the team needs to play in the locker room before each game, this video will get you excited for the second coming of the Silver Bullets.


    Darron Lee, Joey Bosa, Elliott and more make appearances and if this is any indication, no one will want to be in the way of these Silver Bullets.

    The song is great, but will the Buckeyes' play match?

  • By Jasmine Watkins, 3 weeks 15 hours ago

    If your kicker can make a field goal from almost parking lot distance, your team is in pretty good shape.


    Nick Rose has the leg of something that's not human. The Texas kicker is seen here crushing an 80-yarder with ease.



    Yes, this is the same guy who does the backflip field goal as well.



    This should be a stern warning that no game will be out of reach with this guy on the team. 

  • By Steven Lassan, 3 weeks 3 days ago

    Florida State running back Dalvin Cook is considered one of the rising stars in the ACC, but the sophomore is facing some serious allegations after an incident on June 23.


    According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Cook was allegedly involved in the battery of a woman outside of a bar. The article from the Tallahassee Democrat indicates the police report was heavily redacted and noted the victim was intoxicated and suffered minor bruises.


    Charges have yet to be filed, but ESPN reports Cook will be charged with misdemeanor battery. An arrest warrant is expected to be issued.


    Additionally, the ESPN report indicates Cook allegedly punched the woman in the face several times.


    Earlier this week, Florida State dismissed quarterback De’Andre Johnson after video was released of an incident at a bar, which the freshman punched a woman in the face.


    Cook was a key part of the Seminoles’ playoff run last season and was considered one of the top running backs in the nation.


    Needless to say, Cook’s future at Florida State will depend heavily on how this case plays out in the next few months.


  • By Jasmine Watkins, 3 weeks 3 days ago

    Jadeveon Clowney is trying to make a name for himself with the Texans, but there's always time to talk a little college football.


    As the nation's No. 1 recruit in 2010, Clowney had his share of visits from coaches all around the country. Although he ended up choosing South Carolina, Alabama's Nick Saban left an unflattering impression on the linebacker.


    "I don't see no big deal like everybody else," Clowney told The State. "They'd say, 'He's the king of all of football.' The guy ain't nothing but 5'5. He's a short guy. Everybody's going crazy on Nick Saban."


    That wasn't all, the former Gamecock talked about Saban's recruiting pitch.


    "He talked the whole time he was there," Clowney said. "I was dozing off. He can talk. A lot. He talked for a whole straight hour."


    Clowney did mention that he would've committed to Alabama anyway if they had run his particular style of defense, 4-3, as opposed to the Tide's 3-4. 

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