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College Football 2015 Team Recruiting Rankings

Nick Saban is once again the king of the recruiting trail.
2015 Consensus Team Recruiting Rankings

It's starting to get boring — although, the 2015 recruiting national championship race was closer than it has been in years. 


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National Signing Day 2015 Winners and Losers

Gus Malzahn and Auburn were big winners on Signing Day
National Signing Day 2015: Winners and Losers

National Signing Day 2015 is (mostly) over and Alabama is once again the champion of the recruiting trail, according to ESPN and 247Sports. In fact, it's almost boring how good Nick Saban and Alabama has been at luring talent to Tuscaloosa, landing their fifth consecutive recruiting championship.


Programs like Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State and Clemson all signed elite top 10 classes but were mostly inactive on National Signing Day. That wasn't the case in the state of Florida, out West in the Pac-12 or down on the Plains.


Recruit Chris Warren Uses Coin Flip to Decide Between Washington and Texas

Warren heads to Texas after coin lands on heads.
Recruit Chris Warren Decides Between Texas and Washington With Coin Flip

Running back recruit Chris Warren had a hard time deciding between Washington and Texas on National Signing Day. So the high school senior used a coin flip to decide where he would spend the next four years of his collegiate career.

Here’s video of Warren’s coin flip:


National Signing Day 2015 Announcement Watchlist

It could be a big day for USC and Coach Sarkisian.
National Signing Day 2015 Announcement Watchlist

Athlon Sports keeps college football fans updated throughout National Signing Day with every important announcement — with a little Crystal Ball help from the good folks at . Below is the list of every four- or five-star recruit set to announce, where they are projected to go and when it will take place on NSD (based on 247Sports Composite rankings).


Remembering National Signing Day's Wildest Recruiting Tales

Athlon recounts some of the wildest and wackiest National Signing Day stories.
Remembering National Signing Day's Wildest Recruiting Tales

Teenagers are complicated, fickle, naive creatures who seldom have any perspective on the trappings of adult life or that every action carries a consequence.


Few 16-year-old kids in this country know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Hell, many adults still struggle with this question.


Outrageous National Signing Day Headlines We're Rooting For

Bizarre and strange stories are a big part of the National Signing Day fun.
Outrageous National Signing Day Headlines We're Rooting For

Many believe National Signing Day to be the end of a long, arduous process after months of evaluations, official visits and message-boarding. To me, Signing Day is just the beginning of the process as thousands of new star athletes take the first steps in their collegiate careers by officially picking a school.


Ranking the 10 Best Recruiting Classes Since 2001

Athlon ranks the best overall recruiting classes of the last decade.
Ranking the 10 Best Recruiting Class of the Modern Era

The "modern" recruiting era is tied directly to the online recruiting websites.


Rivals and Scout began the explosion around 2001 and ESPN and 247Sports have powerfully entered the market since. The rankings databases only go back 10 or 11 years, so it is difficult to evaluate historic recruiting classes. But since the turn of the millennium, fans and analysts alike have a tremendous amount of data to evaluate recruiting rankings, talent development and scouting evaluations.


Here are the top 10 recruiting classes of the modern era:

Recruiting Analysis: Class of 2009 Re-Ranked

Athlon Sports re-ranks the Class of 2009 with some help from the experts.
Recruiting Analysis: Class of 2009 Re-Ranked

Recruiting, like the NFL Draft, is the lifeblood of the sport. But recruiting, just like the NFL Draft, is an inexact science. Five-star prospects have a significantly better shot at landing on All-American teams or getting drafted than two-star prospects. But busts and overlooked talents are a natural and inherent part of the process — just like the NFL Draft.


10 Players Replacing the Biggest Names in College Football for 2015

Who are the replacements for CFB's top players?
10 Players Replacing the Biggest Names in College Football for 2015

Attrition and finding replacements are a key part of any college football offseason. A coaching staff may find answers through the junior college ranks for a quick fix, or they may feel comfortable with a replacement that’s been on the roster waiting for his turn to step into the starting lineup.

Recruiting Analysis: What was the Best QB Class Since 2002?

Athlon Sports looks back at the last 13 recruiting classes of signal-callers.
Recruiting Analysis: What was the best QB class of the modern era?

Not every recruiting class is created equal.


Depending on the state, region or position, each recruiting cycle offers different areas of strengths or weaknesses. A quick examination of the most important position on the field during the modern era of football recruiting (2002) makes this painfully obvious.


Every team needs a quality signal-caller to compete for championships but not every year can provide an answer under center. Here are the last 13 quarterback classes and how they stack up against one another: