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Unit Rankings: 2012 Big East Wide Receivers

Louisville's DeVante Parker is a rising star to watch in the Big East.
<p> Big East 2012 Wide Receiver Unit Rankings</p>

Kickoff for the 2012 college football season is still two months away, but it's never too early to project how the year might play out. Athlon will be taking a look at how each position stacks up in the BCS conferences and nationally until the start of the season.

Each unit ranking was evaluated based upon how it will perform in 2012 - not how the team played in 2011.

Ranking College Football's Conferences for 2012

The SEC is once again college football's best conference.
<p> Ranking College Football's Conferences for 2012</p>

Once again, the SEC ranks as college football's best conference. LSU and Alabama are expected to be national title contenders, while Georgia and South Carolina should finish the year ranked as top-10 teams. While the SEC is college football's No. 1 conference, the Big 12 isn't too far behind. Oklahoma is the favorite to win the conference title, but Texas is on the rise, and the league welcomes West Virginia and TCU as new members in 2012. 

College Football Realignment Winners and Losers

Which schools are winners in the latest round of realignment?
<p> College Football 2012 Realignment Winners and Losers</p>

It has been another busy year in college football realignment. The SEC and Big 12 made significant moves, while the Big East was one of the biggest losers in the latest round of realignment.

Which teams and conferences were the big winner or loser from the last year of realignment?

College Football 2012 Realignment Winners and Losers


The History of Big East Conference Realignment

Conference realignment isn't a new phenomenon and Athlon Sports will prove it to you.
<p> The History of Big East Conference Realignment</p>

College football expansion has taken over the hearts and minds of college football junkies everywhere.

The sky is falling, rivalries are dead and the future of college football is in great peril. I am here to tell you that this just simply isn’t the case. Conference realignment has been taking place for more than a century and it won’t stop anytime soon. Teams have been switching leagues, conferences have been created out of thin air and college football has powered through all the criticism and into the playoff era.

What's Next in College Football Realignment?

Is Florida State content to stay in the ACC?
<p> What's next in college football realignment?</p>

College football realignment has dominated the headlines throughout parts of the last two years. The biggest move before last season's moving day was Nebraska's decision to leave the Big 12 for the Big Ten. On July 1, 2012, it will be a busy moving day across college football, as West Virginia and TCU will join the Big 12 and Missouri and Texas A&M become members of the SEC.

Although realignment may take a back seat for a couple of months, there's no question it will jump back in the headlines in the next few years. 

Big East Football 2012 All-Conference Team

Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater ranks as the No. 1 quarterback in the Big East.
<p> Big East Football 2012 All-Conference Team</p>

The 2012 college football season is just around the corner, and Athlon continues its countdown to kickoff with a look at our first, second and third All-Big East teams for this season.

Athlon's 2012 All-Big East Team

First-Team Offense

College football conference realignment draft: Part 1

We restructure the college sports landscape by drafting new four new conferences
<p> College football conference realignment draft</p>

Welcome to the 2012 NCAA (National Conglomerate of Athlon Authorities) conference realignment draft.

Our esteemed conference commissioners -- Mitch Light, Braden Gall, Steven Lassan and David Fox -- will put an end to the conference realignment madness, which stretched into yet another summer this year, with the first (and hopefully, only) conference alignment draft.

Big East 2012 Heisman Contenders: The Way It Should Be

Athlon Sports ranks the Top 25 Heisman candidates from the Big East in 2012.
<p> Big East 2012 Heisman Contenders: The Way It Should Be</p>

The Heisman Trophy may be the most coveted trophy in all of sports.