Ryan Broyles

Air Force Legend Fisher DeBerry Talks College Football

The Hall of Famer coached the Falcons for 23 years and won 169 games.
<p> Air Force legend Fisher DeBerry discusses the state of collegiate athletics, realignment, current teams and some of the greatest players and places from his outstanding career.</p>

By Patrick Snow (on Twitter)

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Athlon Awards: Wide Receiver Units

Oklahoma's Ryan Broyles leads one of the nation's top receiving corps.
<p> Athlon Sports ranks the best wide receiver units in college football for 2011.</p>

They're the teams within the team - those cohesive little units bound together by their shared responsibilities within the larger team context.

Whether it's the offensive linemen firing off time after time into those familiar blocking sleds, or the defensive linemen drilling repeatedly on how to shed blockers, or the defensive backs breaking on ball after ball - these teams in miniature hone their tasks on the practice field until those tasks become second nature.