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#NASCAR & #Twitter? OMG! and Jerry Springer coming to Cup?

Backseat Drivers Fan Council
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<p> The Backseat Drivers Fan Council talks the NAScAR and Twitter partnership, a potential "Jerry Springer Show" sponsorship and the race at Pocono.</p>

Jerry Springer and NASCAR? A special Twitter page for NASCAR and a unique race at a unique race track. Backseat Drivers Fan Council members had much to debate this week and they didn’t always agree. Here’s what they had to say about this week’s issues:

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Kurt Busch's Downward Spiral

Foul mouth and fiery temper conspire to extinguish Busch's NASCAR career
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<p> Athlon Sports contributor Vito Pugliese examines Kurt Busch's star-crossed NASCAR career — and how, if he cannot control his temper, it may be coming to a premature ending.</p>

The last five days have become the most memorable of Kurt Busch’s 12-year tenure in NASCAR. The next five may ultimately determine the rest of his career.