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15 Infamous Moments in Super Bowl History

Super Bowl XLVII By the Numbers

An in-depth look at the stats, figures and trends to watch in Super Bowl XLVII.
<p> Super Bowl XLVII By the Numbers</p>

An in-depth look at Super Bowl XLVII through statistics, numbers, records and trends: 

30 Best Brothers, Sisters and Twins in Sports

The Harbaugh Brothers are both in Super Bowl XLVII, but are not the only active siblings in sports.
<p> The Harbaugh Brothers are both in Super Bowl XLVII, but are not the only active siblings in sports.</p>

The Harbaugh Brothers are hogging — or Har-gging or whatever — all the attention at Super Bowl XLVII. But little Johnny and Jimbo aren’t the only tikes in the backyard turned titans in the world of sports. Here’s a rundown of the top 30 sets of active athlete siblings, with the combined accomplishments of the top 10 brothers, sisters and twins.

Super Bowl XLVII's Top 5 Most Likely MVPs

Who are the odds-on favorites to win the Super Bowl MVP trophy?
<p> The Top 5 Most Likely Super Bowl MVPs</p>

Pinpointing any big game MVP is a complete crapshoot. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways of handicapping the most likely candidates — or keeping Vegas from setting odds on favorites.

San Francisco and Baltimore will battle Sunday night in the 47th edition of the Super Bowl. As the world’s biggest sporting event each year, the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player is, in some sense, the most important athlete of each calendar year.

Super Bowl XLVII: One on One With Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Dannell Ellerbe

Ellerbe talked about his Super Bowl preparations, Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco and more
<p> Super Bowl XLVII: One on One With Ravens Linebacker Dannell Ellerbe</p>

Unless a nagging ankle injury sidelines him, Baltimore linebacker Dannell Ellerbe should line up next to Ray Lewis when the Ravens’ defense takes the field in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday. An undrafted free agent out of Georgia who signed with the Ravens following the 2009 NFL Draft, Ellerbe has asserted and established himself in his fourth pro season.

20 Most Amazing Stats in Super Bowl History

The most important, interesting, intriguing and amazing Super Bowl Stats
<p> The most important, interesting, intriguing and amazing Super Bowl Stats.</p>

NFL football is the greatest reality TV program of all time. The Giants and Colts made sure of that back in 1958. Each NFL fall is a completely new and original experience for every player, fan and coach alike. New stories, new personalities, new winners and new losers. And new statistics.

Here are the most important, most intriguing and most bizarre statistics to keep in mind about the 46-year history of the Super Bowl:

5 All-Time Greatest Super Bowl Games

The NFL's All-Time Super Bowl Team

After nearly half a century of Super Bowls, who makes up the All-Time Team?
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<p> Athlon picks the best that have ever stepped foot on the big stage.</p>

In selecting an all-time Super Bowl team, it is important to establish clear criteria. While there is nothing more subjective than all-time teams, the criteria certainly includes individual performance, but performance that leads to team success carries more weight. Multiple game appearances help, so longevity counts too.

All-time Super Bowl Team: