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10 Possible Replacements for Jets Superfan Fireman Ed

Who will fill the void left by recently retired New York Jets superfan Fireman Ed?
<p> New York Jets fan Fireman Ed penned a guest column in the Metro declaring his intentions to quit his unofficial post as the team’s mascot, following the 49–19 Thanksgiving Day massacre loss to the rival New England Patriots. Fireman Ed will no longer lead the "J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!" cheer. Here's a list of 10 potential replacements for Fireman Ed.</p>

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets Preview and Prediction

AFC East nighttime clash caps off Thanksgiving Day trifecta of games
<p> New England Patriots vs. New York Jets Preview and Prediction</p>

The New England Patriots look to build on their three-game lead in the AFC East as they take on the New York Jets in MetLife Stadium at 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC. The Patriots have won four games in a row, a streak that started with a 29-26 overtime victory against the Jets in Foxboro back in Week 7. The Jets snapped a three-game losing streak last week with a 27-13 win in St. Louis. Their record is 4-6 and they can ill afford another loss, especially in divisional play, if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Building the Ultimate NFL Quarterback

Our editors look to construct the ultimate NFL quarterback.
<p> Our editors look to construct the ultimate NFL quarterback.</p>

What’s your favorite aspect of a quarterback’s game? Some like arm strength, some favor mobility while everyone wants a tough leader. The Athlon editors decided to take the best traits from elite signal callers like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees (sorry, no Tim Tebow) and build the perfect NFL quarterback.

Building the NFL's Worst Quarterback

Athlon Sports built the NFL’s Best QB; now we build the worst.
<p> Athlon Sports built the NFL’s Ultimate Quarterback; now we build the NFL's Worst Quarterback.</p>

Athlon Sports built the in the September issue of our monthly magazine. Now we take a shot at building the NFL’s Worst Quarterback, pulling together the worst attributes from the league's QBs.

Fantasy Football 2012: Breaking Down the New York Jets

<p> Fantasy Football 2012: Breaking Down the New York Jets</p>

What can the New York Jets do for you this fantasy season? Check out Athlon Sports' team report as we break down the rookies, veteran players to watch and avoid, fantasy playoff schedule and more to help you get ready for the 2012 season.

Inside the Locker Room
with Ernie Palladino, Freelance Writer

Fantasy Football 2012: The Cure for Your Tim Tebow Obsession

Don't expect consistent fantasy production from the Jets' No. 2 quarterback
<p> Fantasy Football 2012: The Cure for Your Tim Tebow Obsession</p>
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So you’re infatuated with Tim Tebow, eh? Can’t get enough of his last-minute, game-winning drives, followed by his (gasp!) world-famous thinking-man’s pose? Sure, he’s a snappy dresser — we give you that — and his determination and work ethic are admirable qualities. But as a fantasy passer, Tebow doesn’t live up to his billing — not as a franchise quarterback, not even as a reliable No. 2.

NFL Quarterbacks Rewrote Record Books in 2011

Numerous passing and rushing records set during historic season
<p> NFL Quarterbacks Rewrite Record Books in 2011</p>

training camps are set to open in three weeks, but before we set our sights on the upcoming season, let’s take a look back at 2011. Although the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots to capture Super Bowl XLVI, the 2011 NFL season may as well go down in the history books simply as the Year of the Quarterback.

5 Questions Surrounding Tim Tebow

How Will Tim Tebow and New York Get Along?
<p> How Will Tim Tebow and New York Get Along?</p>
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There may be no pairing in the history of sports with more explosive potential than New York and Tim Tebow. Not LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Not T.O. and, well, anybody else. Not even Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner.

Take a team struggling to recover from a disappointing season that featured poor play and late-season drama, add in a new backup quarterback with a rock-star following and pour it all into a 24/7 media cycle in the world’s most supercharged city, and you get the potential for an unparalleled spectacle.