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Michael Phelps Strips Down to Speedo and Gold Medals to Distract FT Shooter

Shooting free throws is tough.


Add in a svelte, 18-time Olympic gold medal winner in his Speedo breaking your concentration and it would be pretty much impossible to hit one. That's exactly what happened when Michael Phelps attended an Oregon State vs. Arizona State game. The swimmer participated in the "Curtain of Distraction" and was he ever.


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LSU Walk-On Gets Surprised With Scholarship

It's always a special moment when a walk-on gets a scholarship.


LSU basketball coach Johnny Jones decided to surprise junior guard Henry Shortess with a scholarship as a token of appreciation for all the hard work he's put in. The best part of the video was when Shortess called his family to let them know the good news.


"I'm not a walk-on anymore," Shortess said. "I'm on scholarship."

Oregon State Player Suspended For Tripping Referee

If you're upset with a call or no-call, don't trip a referee. Seems like common sense but evidently not.


In Oregon State's game against Utah, Jarmal Reid was visibly upset after he was tripped up but didn't get a foul called. As he was getting up from the floor, he stuck his leg out to the referee running up the court. Bad move. Reid was immediately ejected. 


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When the Day Comes, Who Will Follow Coach K at Duke?

Duke is on top now, but former assistants may have an eye on the throne
When the Day Comes, Who Will Follow Coach K at Duke?

April 6, 2015. Mike Krzyzewski was standing among his players on the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, listening to the initial notes of “One Shining Moment.” His Duke team had just completed a five-point win over Wisconsin to capture the fifth national championship during his tenure, and it was time for the celebration to begin in earnest.