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2015 College Football Conference Power Rankings

After a two-year national title drought, does the SEC still sit on top?
2015 College Football Conference Power Rankings

In 2015, conference bragging rights seem to mean so much, yet so little.


For most of last season, one division — much less one conference — seemed to reign over all others. Yet on the night of the national championship game, the SEC West was nowhere to be found. Instead, the Big Ten’s era of darkness came to an end with Ohio State defeating champions from arguably the two most daunting leagues in the country, the Pac-12 and SEC.


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Jim Harbaugh Throws First Pitch at Detroit Tigers Game on Tuesday Night

Harbaugh's pitch was just a bit high.
Jim Harbaugh Throws First Pitch at Detroit Tigers Game on Tuesday Night

coach Jim Harbaugh has been a busy man this offseason. Whether it’s satellite recruiting camps, providing entertainment through Twitter or a trip to Peru, Harbaugh always seems to be in the news.


And Harbaugh’s busy offseason made a stop in Detroit on Tuesday night, as the Tigers hosted the Pirates for an interleague matchup.


Ball State Football Crushes Leg Day

This is a pretty different approach to working out.

Leg day. The two words that make even strongest athlete tremble. 


Ball State doesn't let something like leg day stop them from going all-out beast mode. The team dresses up in different costumes to prepare for a tough workout ahead, not that they would need them because this team is full of beasts.


Jim Harbaugh Once Babysat a Current Recruit

The new Michigan head coach hopes that this bond will help bring Connor Murphy to his team.

College football coaches look for any way to lure high school players to come play for them. They usually boast the amenities or the success of the team. But new Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has arguably the most unique relationship with a recruit. He was a one-time babysitter for Connor Murphy, a highly rated defensive end out of Phoenix.


De'Andre Johnson Dismissed from Florida State Following Battery Charge

Less than two weeks after getting suspended indefinitely for violating team rules, Florida State Seminoles freshman quarterback De'Andre Johnson has been dismissed from the football team after being charged with misdemeanor battery ...