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Fantasy Football 2015 Patience or Panic: Mike Evans, Alfred Morris, Lamar Miller, Golden Tate

I am back with another Patience or Panic post. I did not write one last week because the players I mentioned in my initial post carried over into Week 4. Last week I recommended cutting bait with Andre Johnson and Week 4 only validated the belief that Johnson is simply no longer an impact...

Week 4 Fantasy Football Injury Updates: Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Jordan Cameron, Dwayne Allen

Welcome to Week 4, where more big-name fantasy quarterbacks are finding their way onto the injury report. First, we lost Tony Romo. Next, Drew Brees and Jay Cutler did not play in Week 3. Then Ben Roethlisberger went down in Week 3 and it will be a month or more before he’s back on the...