ESPN Sends Mike Tirico Off With a Touching Tribute

The voice of ESPN is leaving for NBC.

Mike Tirico was the voice of ESPN for 25 years, and he's .


ESPN couldn't let him go without creating a tribute to an iconic voice. The play-by-play man has been an intricate part of the network and, at least for now, it's hard to imagine a Monday Night Football game without him.


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Cristiano Ronaldo Throws Reporter's Microphone into Lake

He clearly wasn't in the mood to talk.

Cristiano Ronaldo has to be in the right mood in order to give an interview. Evidently, this was not one of those times.


The soccer star was walking along a lake when a reporter came up and asked if Portugal is ready for its upcoming match against Hungary. Ronaldo wasn't in a talking mood. 



Note to self: Never talk to Ronaldo near bodies of water.

10 Favorite Sports Dads

Dads are all special, it would be impossible to rank them.


We love sports dads because no matter what happens, they will always keep their athletic sons and daughters in check. They never let their heads get too big or caught up in all the fame and fortune. It's an extremely tough job but they handle it with no problem. Here's some of our favorite dads in sports. 


Laquon Treadwell Gets Pranked During Mini-Camp

There is no shortage of fruit snacks at the Treadwell house

Minnesota Vikings rookie wide receiver has now experienced rookie "hazing" at mini-camp. 


On his 21st birthday, Vikings veterans surprised the Laquon Treadwell with 60,000 bags of fruit snacks. Kyle Rudolph and Teddy Bridgewater stuffed the rookie's car full of them through the sun roof. Similar to more common pranks such as stuffing popcorn (which is just terrible) or balloons in people's cars.


Stephen Colbert Makes Fun of Steph Curry's Shoes

Not even Colbert wants to wear the "dad" shoes

After a whole week of hate, the jokes about Steph Curry's new Under Armour Curry 2 Low are not done yet. Since the release, the all-white shoe has been called the new "dad" shoes or "nurse" shoes. Pete Carroll has even , which has for a long time been viewed as the "dad" shoe. 


Ayesha Curry Calls Out NBA Finals Referees on Twitter

Curry family drawing more attention throughout the NBA Finals

With Steph Curry playing in the NBA Finals, it seems like other members of the Curry family have been receiving more attention. After Steph's sister, Sydel, got , Ayesha has found herself stirring up some trouble as well.


Fox Sideline Reporter Fired After Racist Comments on Video

Fox Sports has cut ties with sideline reporter Emily Austen.


The Rays and Magic reporter did a video with Barstool Sports, a website known for its blunt takes, and made racist comments regarding multiple people. 


Adidas Misspells Colombia in Soccer Ad

Spelling Error Draws Criticism for the Brand

With Colombia topping the Group A standings in the Copa America Tournament, Adidas recently launched a new ad campaign to celebrate the South American team in the tournament. However, the country's name was misspelled "Columbia" instead of its native spelling. These spelling errors extended to Adidas's website which have now been fixed.


'Space Jam 2' Caused This Sports Report to Get Awkward

This proves nothing good can come from a 'Space Jam' sequel.

"Space Jam 2" is already ruining lives and it's not even in production yet.


A television station in San Francisco was a part of an awkward exchange between a sports reporter and news anchor. Apparently Gary Radnich, the resident sports guy at KRON 4, was a little annoyed by the fact that news anchor Catherine Heenan covered that topic beforehand.


At one point Radnich mentioned that she should "stay in her lane." Awkward.