Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Fires Back at DeAngelo Williams' Peyton Manning Criticism

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Charles Barkley's Prediction: Warriors Won't Win the NBA Championship

Charles Barkley has said a lot of off-the-wall things, but fans are coming after him for his latest statement.


Stephen Colbert talked to Chuck basketball during his appearance on the show and the NBA analyst isn't buying into the success of the Warriors this season. 


"They have a terrific team. They've been great for the NBA," Barkley said. "I'm telling you right now: They're not gonna win the championship this year."


Michael Phelps' New Under Armour Commercial Brings Him to Tears

Michael Phelps is preparing for a comeback and the world will soon take notice.


During a visit with Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, Phelps was able to see his new commercial. It was a powerful ad to say the least. The fitness apparel company is becoming know for the winning athletes they sponsor as well as the passionate messages they spread.


Peyton Manning Quotes Forrest Gump When Asked About Sexual Allegations

Peyton Manning thought he was going to get through his retirement announcement without the really tough questions. He was wrong.


USA Today Sports reporter, Lindsay Jones, asked Manning about the 20-year-old sexual allegations from his time at the University of Tennessee, and answered it to the best of his ability. The legendary quarterback even quoted Forrest Gump, ending with the classic line, "that's all I have to say about that." 


Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams Calls Out Peyton Manning

It seems like the right time for everyone to express their thoughts about Peyton Manning's retirement.


It wasn't an easy year for Manning, giving how it began, but obviously the Broncos prevailed and won the Super Bowl. The Steelers were one of the teams they had to get by in order to make it, and their running back DeAngelo Williams took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Manning. 


Pirates Fan Saves Kid From Getting Hit in the Face By Bat

Not all heroes wear capes.


During a Pittsburgh Pirates spring game a fan stretched his arm out to an unsuspecting kid looking at his phone, and saves him from getting hit in the head by a flying bat. The photos from the close call are just amazing.


This guy is the definition of clutch.


Eli Manning Talks About Peyton in a Heartwarming Feature

Peyton Manning retirement is an emotional event for fans. No one will feel it more than his brother, Eli.


Some fans have watch Peyton's entire NFL career, so to them it will seem like part of the game is leaving. For Eli, it's much more. Tom Rinaldi helps the younger Manning sibling take a look back at the legacy of this brother, as he speaks from the heart. 


Oregon State OL Painfully Proves He's Too Big To Swing

There comes a time when everyone is too big to swing on a swing set. Most of us are in denial about when that time is. 


Oregon State football players took a break from their community service and OL Blake Brandel ended up painfully displaying that he is too big too swing. Ouch. 


Duke Student Creates 'Save a Tar Heel' Commercial

Well, this isn't going to help the Duke-UNC rivalry.


Duke Student Broadcasting trolls North Carolina with its PSA to "Save a Tar Heel", and what would it be without the saddest song in history to accompany it? This is just adding more fuel to the fire for their upcoming matchup. Expect it to be intense, to say the least.