Drake Teams Up With T-Mobile For "Hotline Bling" Super Bowl 50 Commercial

You used to call me on my T-Mobile cell phone. Catchy, no?


Like it or not, Drake and T-Mobile are joining forces for a "Hotline Bling"-themed Super Bowl 50 commercial and it's actually kind of funny. It takes you back to the rapper's acting days on "Degrassi" and that's never a bad memory to have.


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Tim Tebow Performs "Eye of the Tiger" on Lip Sync Battle

Tim Tebow is a national treasure. 


He's does everything from football to commentary to hosting... and now lip syncing. On Spike's "Lip Sync Battle" the former NFL quarterback performed the iconic song, "Eye of the Tiger". Tebow played the part well from the snippet.  



You can catch Tebow in all his "Rocky" glory Thursday at 8pm ET.

'Super Bowl Babies Choir' and Seal Join For an Awesome Commercial

Your team wins the Super Bowl and you've been drinking... what comes next? Babies of course.


The "Super Bowl Babies Choir" team up with singer Seal and make a pretty awesome commercial to get you in the mood. It makes perfect sense. Happiness, alcohol, and canoodling. Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" gets the remix you never thought it needed.



Bears' Fan Obituary States She Was Not a Fan of Jay Cutler

For the most part, Bears fans have a love-hate relationship with Jay Cutler. Sometimes, it's more hate than love.


Elizabeth Porter Bowman was a huge Bears fan who recently passed away at the age of 78. In her obituary, ran in the , it states that she was not too fond of the Bears quarterback. Really, can you blame her?


Michael Phelps Strips Down to Speedo and Gold Medals to Distract FT Shooter

Shooting free throws is tough.


Add in a svelte, 18-time Olympic gold medal winner in his Speedo breaking your concentration and it would be pretty much impossible to hit one. That's exactly what happened when Michael Phelps attended an Oregon State vs. Arizona State game. The swimmer participated in the "Curtain of Distraction" and was he ever.


Charles Barkley Says Auburn Made a "Good Investment" If They Paid For Cam Newton

Charles Barkley is never going to keep his opinion to himself, and some would argue that it's perfectly fine. 


The NBA analyst joined Dan Patrick to talk about race, the Super Bowl, and Cam Newton's Auburn days. Barkley goes on to say if Newton did get paid to play football for Auburn then it was a "good investment". Joking aside, he's right. That would've been money well spent considering the Heisman and national championship.


Cam Newton: "I'm an African-American Quarterback That Scares People"

Cam Newton has never apologized for who he is. 


The Panthers quarterback talked to the media about the upcoming Super Bowl match-up with the Broncos, and said what others are perhaps too afraid to say.


Gilbert Arenas Deletes Instagram After Making Jokes About Flint Residents

If you were on the fence about Gilbert Arenas, this just might push you over the edge.


The former Wizards star has said some and, surprisingly, he's not done yet. Arenas went on Instagram to express tasteless thoughts about the women in Flint, MI and the water they are forced to deal with. 


Former Texas A&M Trainer Claims He Was Pressured to Clear Players

When it comes to student-athletes, people would like to think safety comes first.

When it comes to student-athletes, people would like to think that their safety comes first. 


A former Texas A&M trainer will appear on an upcoming HBO Real Sports special and his claims should be of no surprise to some. Karl Kapchinski was fired by the Aggies school in 2013 after giving them 31 years of his best effort. He's now going on the record saying that coaches from the football team pressured him to clear players to get back on the field before they were ready. In some cases, it lead to them getting injured even more.