LSU Walk-On Gets Surprised With Scholarship

It's always a special moment when a walk-on gets a scholarship.


LSU basketball coach Johnny Jones decided to surprise junior guard Henry Shortess with a scholarship as a token of appreciation for all the hard work he's put in. The best part of the video was when Shortess called his family to let them know the good news.


"I'm not a walk-on anymore," Shortess said. "I'm on scholarship."

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Cleveland Radio Host Kevin Kiley: "There's No Place For a Woman in Professional Sports"

Brace yourself. 


Cleveland radio host Kevin Kiley has some thoughts about about the Buffalo Bills hiring Kathryn Smith as the NFL's first full-time assistant coach. He has some serious complaints about it.


"Women are intellectual beings," Kiley said. "They have to be in order to overcome the physical advantage [that men have]... there's no place for a woman in professional sports." 


Colin Cowherd Completely Rips Middle Tennessee State, School AD Fires Back

Colin Cowherd seems to dislike a lot of things. Judging by this video, one of them is Middle Tennessee State. 


"The Herd" host went in on Middle Tennessee State's football program saying people don't care if they play football or not, and if schools like MTSU are the reason college football players aren't being paid then they need to get rid of their program. So much for sticking up for the little guy.


Former Michigan Commit Erik Swenson 'Shocked' to Have Scholarship Pulled

Erik Swenson had been committed to Michigan since 2013 and just like that, his offer was pulled.


The Wolverines' program called the recruit, canceled his official visit, and pulled his offer without warning or reason. Swenson said he's been trying to talk to head coach Jim Harbaugh but has been unsuccessful in his attempts. He issued a statement letting people know what happened and that he's decommitting from the university.


Rob Gronkowski Has Epic Comeback For Broncos

It's no secret that Rob Gronkowski is hard to tackle. 


The Patriots tight end is always quite a task for his opponents to take down, and Chris Harris Jr. already recognizes the challenge ahead. During an interview with SportsCenter, the Broncos cornerback said the best way to take down the huge Gronkowski is to aim low. That won't end well. 

Stephen Colbert Has Ideas For the NFL's Coin Toss Problem

Stephen Colbert is only here to help.


In the aftermath of the Packers-Cardinals coin flip fiasco, the late night host came up with an array of ideas the NFL could pursue instead. I vote for the "Price is Right" solution.

Florida DB Apologizes For Calling College Football a 'Modern Form of Slavery'

Some college players tweet things only to delete them later.


Florida's Jalen Tabor let his emotions get the best of him once the revenue numbers for the SEC came out. The conference made upwards of $500 million and upon seeing that, athletes are crying foul claiming how they should be paid, not counting their education being paid for. Players these days want incentives and a little something extra to go along with it. Tabor mentioned they aren't getting that and tweeted:


Girls Basketball Brawl Leads to Canceled Seasons

Two Indiana high school basketball teams' seasons are over. 


Ben Davis High School and Pike High School girl's basketball teams got into a bench-clearing brawl that also included some fans. Both teams were set to enter post-season play, but instead the players and coaches will be entering sportsmanship training.


Along with the teams' seasons being canceled, both teams will be on probation for the upcoming season.

Charles Barkley Reminds Everyone That He Hates Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless is not popular in most circles.  


Charles Barkley is in one of those circles. The "Inside the NBA" analyst talked about those people in sports who act like they know everything and didn't hesitate to mention Bayless as one of those people.