Jimmy Fallon Roasts Seahawks and Vikings Ahead of Wild Card Matchup

The Vikings and Seahawks are facing off in a Wild Card matchup, and they should know the drill by now.


"The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon gave them what has become a tradition when you have the primetime spot by giving them the customary "NFL Superlatives."


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HS Basketball Coach Head-Butts Referee to the Ground

Video has emerged of a high school varsity basketball coach head-butting a referee during the last 30 seconds of a game Tuesday evening.


Jerry Devine, in his 10 season as a Pennsylvania varsity head coach, evidently wasn't pleased with the call and took matters into his own hands, or head. He head-butted the referee and was hit with his second technical of the game which garners an ejection. 


It's unclear if there will be charges filed but a WBCB broadcaster gave his account of the situation.


Man Answers Incredibly Easy Jeopardy Question With Wrong Alabama Team

Hint: It's not Auburn.

Jeopardy features the smartest people... or so we thought. 


Those who are book smart are sometimes not too well-versed in sports. One man answered an incredibly easy question with the wrong Alabama team. The correct answer is, "Who is Alabama?" and this guy uttered the words one should never say if you're even somewhat familiar with college sports.


WATCH: Eli Manning Gets Emotional During Tom Coughlin's Press Conference

Seeing Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning on the sidelines during Giants games is somewhat of a tradition. It will be a little odd to see the quarterback standing next to someone else next year. 


During Coughlin's exit press conference, he spoke a little about what Manning has meant to him and stressed that his departure wasn't the quarterback's fault.

No one is taking it harder than Manning.

Tom Coughlin Gives Giants Owner the Cold Shoulder

Some people aren't happy with Tom Coughlin's exit from the Giants.


As one could imagine, Coughlin himself is one of those people. After his press conference, the former head coach completely breezed past the Giants owner, John Mara, and everyone noticed. 


Ex-NFL Player Dexter Manley Apologizes for Black Quarterback Joke

You have to watch what you say on live television. It's a lesson some have to learn the hard way.


During segment discussing quarterbacks, former NFL defensive end Dexter Manley stated that black ones were more mobile because they were used to running from the law. 


Stuart Scott's Daughters Make Touching Video on the Anniversary of His Death

January 4th marks the day the sports world lost a true pioneer. One year later, Stuart Scott's daughters make a love letter video to talk a little about the man behind the anchor desk.


The video begins with Scott's iconic ESPYs speech and leads into his daughters, Taelor and Sydni, talking about their treasured moments with him.