Rob Ryan Makes an Awkward Hurricane Katrina Joke

Rob Ryan won't be missed in New Orleans, even less after this.


The former defensive coordinator for the Saints was let go recently and while talking about his former team, he made a joke about Hurricane Katrina that perhaps wasn't in the best taste.


"Everything in New Orleans is being blamed on me, including Katrina," Ryan said. It was visibly awkward for everyone on set.


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5 Times Things Were Ruined in Sports

Thanks Bryce Harper... and the rest of you.

Trends come and go. The important thing is to know when it's time to fade them out.


Bryce Harper's butchering of the word "meme" got me thinking of some other times that things should not have been done or said in the sports realm. From Harper to Cris Carter, some just aren't meant to keep up with the times. It's not for everyone.


Bryce Harper Has No Idea How to Pronounce 'Memes'

When people think of Bryce Harper sometimes the words cool, amazing, etc. come to mind. Not anymore.


During a SportsCenter segment, we learn just how un-cool Harper really is when he tries to pronounce the word "meme." In case you're wondering, it's all one syllable. 


In the age of the internet, this will be a difficult one to live down.

The NFL's Ugliest Alternate Uniforms

Ray Lewis Impersonator Gives Amazing Motivational Speech to Ronda Rousey

Not sure if you've heard but Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm.


It seems to be all people can talk about with all the memes and her own overconfident sound bites, it's hard not to get in on the action. One guy, who does an uncanny impression of Ray Lewis, went a different route to give Rousey words of encouragement. 


Seriously, it's literally like watching Lewis.

Marshawn Lynch's Agent Tweets and Deletes Remark to Russell Wilson

Agents are a gift and a curse.


During Sunday night's game between the Cardinals and the Seahawks, evidently Marshawn Lynch's agent wasn't happy with some aspects of Russell Wilson's performance. He sent a tweet (and later a deleted it) directed at Wilson. The Seahawks ended up losing 39-32, and we're guessing Lynch's agent wasn't too happy about that either, but probably thought it was best to keep that to himself.


Bears TE Martellus Bennett on Rams: 'I Consider St. Louis Seattle's Little Brother'

The Bears are finally starting to turn things around.


Chicago throttled the Rams Sunday, 37-13. After the game, Martellus Bennett felt it was the right time to tell everyone what he thinks of the team from St. Louis. 


"I consider St. Louis Seattle's little brother," Bennett said. 


Antonio Brown Nails Amazing Front Flip into the End Zone

Antonio Brown is flashy in so many ways. 


The important thing to remember about the Steelers wide receiver is that he also gets the job done. Brown catches a pass against the Browns and takes it to the house, but not without a little cherry on top for the fans. 

Now that's impressive.