Sarah Palin Blasts at ESPN for Suspending Curt Schilling

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Richard Sherman, Drew Brees, and Clay Matthews Star in Xbox Commercial

Imagine being in a class with these guys.


In a new Xbox commercial, Richard Sherman, Drew Brees, and Clay Matthews give us a pretty accurate portrayal of what would happen if they were all in a class together. Sherman is definitely a know-it-all, but one of those cool ones you don't hate, while Matthews is in the back waiting for the time to pass.

Daniel Tosh Completely Rips Nick Saban

Believe it or not, there are still Dolphins fans who are bitter about Nick Saban leaving the franchise after continuously denying he was going anywhere.


Tosh (a noted Dolphins fan) took time on "Tosh.0" to read excerpts of the book to children, and the results were probably as good as one would expect. If you're a Alabama fan, or just live in the state, beware.


Curt Schilling Tweets Hitler Meme Regarding Muslims and Nazis

Another day, another ESPN apology for something its employees have done.


Curt Schilling tweeted, and later deleted, a Hitler meme regarding Muslims and Nazis. For future reference, comparing anything to Nazis along with a picture of Hitler, always a bad idea.


Troy Aikman Blasts the NFL Preseason

The former NFL QB says it's not for fans.

No one likes NFL preseason games. Fans think they're a waste of time and everytime a fan-favorite goes down with an injury, the question of "do we really need them?" is asked again.


Troy Aikman is only the latest person to speak out about them. After the injuries to Jordy Nelson, Maurkice Pouncey, and Kelvin Benjamin, it's hard to find reasons to oppose his theory.


Randy Moss and Petite Randy Moss Star in New Commercial

If this doesn't make you want to switch to DirecTV, nothing will.

Don't be like Petite Randy Moss, because his life is not at fun as the regular-sized one.


In a new commercial for DirecTV, we get a preview into the former NFL star's life, and what it would've been like if he would've chose cable. Spoiler: The outcome would not have been so good. 


Cris Carter Apologizes for Telling NFL Rookies to Have a 'Fall Guy'

Leave it to the internet to make a big deal out of something said a year ago.


During a 2014 NFL Rookie Symposium, the former NFL star, along with Warren Sapp, talked to the rookies about all kinds of things and it was recently brought to light because of an ESPN profile of former 49ers player Chris Borland. He said the talk of the former player, later found out to be Carter, appalled him but he decided to stay because he didn't want to make a scene.


ESPN Apologizes to the Patriots

Steve Levy apologized for reporting false information.

No one likes to admit when they're wrong.


It's rare that a big sports entity like ESPN apologizes for false reporting. They are held to a higher standard than most and everything they report is put under a microscope. for giving out false information.