Robert Griffin III: 'I Feel Like I'm the Best Quarterback in the League'

Umm... ok.

So this is a thing. Robert Griffin III thinks he's the best quarterback in the NFL.


In an interview WJLA, the Redskins quarterback talks about the confidence he has in himself and his team. RGIII has always been sure of his abilities, but some fans feel he may be taking it to an extreme in this video.


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Rob Gronkowski Tells the Story of His Super Bowl Ring

We've all been there. Listening to a friend who just got a ring, and pretending to be happy for them.


Rob Gronkowski tells the story of how he got his ring in the new "This is SportsCenter" ad. Neil Everett, Stan Verrett, and Kenny Mayne put on their best "I'm so happy for you" faces as Gronk gives the details.

Dan Mullen, Hugh Freeze Call for Change to State Flag

The Mississippi football coaches use a full-page ad to make a stand.

Dan Mullen and Hugh Freeze don't come together for much, but this is one thing they agree on.


In a full-page ad appearing in the , the Mississippi State and Ole Miss coaches along with Morgan Freeman, Archie Manning, and others are calling for the state flag to be changed.


Wake Forest WR Cortez Lewis Has Different Handshakes For Over 50 Members of the Team

This kid has a great memory.

One thing you can say about Cortez Lewis is that he has a phenomenal memory.


The Wake Forest wide receiver has a secret handshake with over 50 members of the team. That's a lot of memory being used. You have to remember who's who and which handshake goes with which guy. My goodness, give this kid an MVP just because.

Cam Newton Belts Out The Weeknd's 'Earned It'

Clearly Cam should stick to football.

Cam Newton is a popular quarterback in the NFL. After this video, that could change.


The Panthers star belted out a popular song right now by The Weeknd, called "Earned It." Ironically people are wondering what they did to earn this performance because there is serious work to be done.

Aaron Rodgers Supports Tom Brady

Being a quarterback in the NFL is like being a part of a brotherhood, at least if you ask Aaron Rodgers.


The Packers quarterback is sticking by his fellow athlete Tom Brady during the whole Deflategate scandal. 


LeBron James Responds to Michael Jordan Saying He Would Win One-on-One

Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Who would win in a one-on-one?


That's the eternal question. MJ says he would definitely beat LeBron and, as you could imagine, the Cavaliers star is taking himself over the Bulls legend. James is a competitor so he said he would choose himself over anyone. That's fair.

Here's Jordan saying James couldn't beat him.

Ice Cube Rates Athletes' Raps

Kobe Bryant, Deion Sanders, Damian Lillard, and more fall prey to Ice Cube's critique.

There's no question that Ice Cube is one of the best rappers in the game.


Many young rappers would love to hear would he thinks of their rhymes. Athletes on the other hand, are a different story. The west coast rapper and his son, along with some help from ESPN, decided to critic the rhymes of some of your favorite sports stars. From Kobe Bryant to Deion Sanders, everyone is fair game.


DeAndre Hopkins and DeAngelo Hall Get into it on Twitter Over Play

By now everyone has seen the video of DeAndre Hopkins burning DeAngelo Hall during a joint practice between the Redskins and the Texans.



Hall didn't appreciate everyone still talking about it, and had a few words to say to Hopkins on Twitter.


Young Steelers Player Thought James Harrison Had Retired

This is awkward.

Let's just file this under awkward.


James Harrison is 37 and still a scary player in the NFL. The Steelers linebacker is a monster, and everyone knows it. From his intense Instagram videos to his aggressive nature on the field, nobody wants to get in this guy's way.


During an interivew with 93.7 The Fan, offensive lineman Ramon Foster gave a funny anecdote about how one of the young Steelers wasn't even aware that Harrison was still an active member of the NFL.