Willie McGinest Says IK Enemkpali Deserves a Contract Extension After Punching Geno Smith

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Steve Spurrier Pokes Fun at Other Coaches During Interview

He gives the answers others wouldn't think to.

It's good to have college teams practicing and coaches giving interviews again.


Steve Spurrier is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to all things college football, unless you really hate South Carolina. In an interview, the old ball coach decides to switch things up and gives totally different answers than the normal ones every other coach seems to give.

All coaches should be this honest.

Pierre Garcon and J.J. Watt Get into Heated Argument on 'Hard Knocks'

Training camps are always heated. Football players have been cooped up the whole offseason with no playing time. 


On HBO's "Hard Knocks" the Texans and the Redskins got into a few scuffles during their scrimmage together. The main argument happened between Pierre Garcon and J.J. Watt. Why someone would try to square off against Watt is beyond me.


(Warning: The language is NSFW)

Michigan Football's Social Media Accounts Get Hacked

Ah, social media. There's a good and bad side to it, and here's some of the bad.


It seems that Michigan's social media account for football, basketball, and athletics were hacked at some point this morning. There were tweets and updates about Kim Kardashian, sex, tattooed moms, and more. Unless Michigan is into that kind of stuff, it's pretty safe to say they were hacked.


Geno Smith 'Sucker-Punched' by Jets Teammate

Smith will be sidelined 6-10 weeks with a broken jaw.

Geno Smith will not be playing for the Jets anytime soon.


The Jets quarterback was "sucker-punched" during an altercation in the locker room with IK Enemkpali. The linebacker was immediately released and Smith ended up with a broken jaw and will be sideline for up to 10 weeks. For now, the Jets will most likely put all their chips in Ryan Fitzpatrick's basket.


Eagles Fans Start Petition to Have Pope Francis Bless Sam Bradford's Knees

Bless this mess.


Eagles fans have started a petition in hopes to get Pope Francis to bless the knees of Sam Bradford. The petition, on , is almost up to 2,000 signatures, and they need 2,500 to reach the goal.


Here's the pitch:


Kirk Herbstreit Goes on Twitter Rant About ESPN's SEC Bias

ESPN catches a lot of grief for the way they handle college football. Most notably, the way they are all over the SEC.


Why wouldn't the worldwide leader in sports cover much of the SEC? They have the SEC network and it's arguably the most dominant coverage in football. ESPN's College Gameday host Kirk Herbstreit took to Twitter in order to set the record straight on why things seem to be a little biased in the SEC's favor, and made note of the fact that the first camp the gameday crew stopped at was that of Ohio State.