ESPN Wanted Bomani Jones to Cover Up His 'Caucasians' Shirt

On this morning's episode of Mike & Mike no one could tell you what the topic was, but the social media discussion revolved around Bomani Jones' t-shirt.


The personality wore a shirt similar to the Cleveland Indians, but it instead it said "Caucasians" with Chief Wahoo turned into a white person with a dollar sign as opposed to the feather. It caused many arguments on Twitter. You can see the majority of them if you venture over to Jones' mentions. 


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Ernie Els Has the Worst Start in Masters History

Well, this escalated quickly.


Ernie Els didn't get off to the start he was hoping for. During the Masters, Ernie Els goes through a sextuple bogey. It's a real thing now as the golfer just couldn't seem to sink the put. Not the best opening.


UNC Fans Start Petition to Overturn National Championship Game

Remember the National Championship game between North Carolina and Villanova? Of course you do. 


The UNC-Nova game will probably go down as one of the greatest in title game history. The insane shot by Marcus Paige and then the game-winner by Kris Jenkins is enough to keep fans talking for a long time. It was a horrible way to lose, and the Tar Heels fans aren't taking it lightly. 


Mike Tyson Confuses UConn and Cincinnati, Congratulates Team on Championship


UConn women's basketball team won its fourth national title in a row over Syracuse.


The world should be used to their dominance, but maybe some don't know as much as others. Boxing legend Mike Tyson sent a tweet out to congratulate the team with one error, he called them the University of Cincinnati. Not a good look. For a team that has won 75 games in a row, you think people would know them by now.


Peyton Manning Sings "Rocky Top" With Lee Brice

Peyton Manning seems to be adjusting well to retirement life. 


The NFL Super Bowl champion was in Nashville recently and somehow ended up singing Tennessee's "Rocky Top" with country singer Lee Brice. 



It could've been a lot worse.

UNC Mascot Sucker-Punched After Villanova Buzzer-Beater

Villanova's buzzer-beater to beat North Carolina and win the championship sent the sports world into a frenzy.


As soon as the Kris Jenkins' shot went in and the buzzer sounded, everyone on the court was involved in chaos. During the melee, it seems like the Tar Heels' mascot may have gotten sucker-punched by someone on the court. In the lower left portion of the video you can see the mascot get punched, only to be restrained when he gets back up and tries to go after the person responsible.


Charles Barkley Has Hilarious Reaction to Buzzer-Beater

Charles Barkley is a Auburn alum, but he's just a big fan of college basketball in general. 


During the unforgettable buzzer-beater by Kris Jenkins to make Villanova national champions, Barkley seemed to be one of the most excited people in the venue.


UNC Coach Roy Williams: "I'm a Hell of a Lot Smarter Than You Guys"

'I don't take breaks.'

Roy Williams is one of the most outspoken college basketball coaches out there. Spoiler alert: He isn't going to change anytime soon.


The North Carolina head coach was asked around the 7:50 mark of the video about his strategies, he comes back with the ultimate answer for the media.