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NASCAR 2011 Preview

Drive for Five Complete, Now It’s Time for a Six Pack Jimmie Johnson’s run of five straight NASCAR Sprint Cup titles will one day be appreciated for the historical feat that it is. While some wonder if Johnson’s domination of NASCAR’s Chase for the Championship is actually good for the spo...

Dale Earnhardt

NASCAR’s annual February pilgrimage to Daytona Beach for the 53rd Daytona 500 will be bittersweet for fans, competitors and officials, as this season’s event marks the 10-year anniversary of the death of the great Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt died in a last-lap accident in Turn 4 of the 2001 ...

Higher Calling

Deep among the hills of the Dominican Republic are a people so poor, so disregarded, they all but don’t exist. Of Haitian origin, they were enticed by offers of good jobs but instead were brought in to work the sugar fields and left to fend for themselves in slums known as bateyes. Men spend l...