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15 Athletes Turned Politicians

These former players became major leaders in America.
<p> 15 Athletes Turned Politicians</p>
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Many athletes hit the campaign trail once their playing days are over. And on the other side of the aisle, quite a few politicians were once on-field leaders. Here are 15 former players who became important leaders in the field of politics.

Gerald Ford
38th President of the United States (R)

13 Athletes who Scare Other Athletes

Even the top players fear some of the competition in their game.
<p> 13 Athletes who Scare Other Athletes</p>

We love to watch the fearless nature that many of our favorite sports stars exude in their respective games. But even professional stars have to feel a little scared of their competition from time to time, right? To celebrate Halloween, Athlon Sports asked hundreds of pro athletes, "Which athlete scares you the most?" Here are our favorite responses.

NBA Preview: Will the Heat Repeat?

Three questions to ponder for the upcoming NBA campaign.
<p> NBA Preview: Will the Heat Repeat?</p>

Last year, the only thing NBA fans knew was what they didn't know — like, would the season ever start? One convincing Miami Heat title and blockbuster trade later, and fans just know that it will be Miami and L.A. in the Finals. C’mon guys, it’s the NBA, no one knows everything. So...
 1) Who’s Next?

Building the Ultimate NFL Quarterback

Our editors look to construct the ultimate NFL quarterback.
<p> Our editors look to construct the ultimate NFL quarterback.</p>

What’s your favorite aspect of a quarterback’s game? Some like arm strength, some favor mobility while everyone wants a tough leader. The Athlon editors decided to take the best traits from elite signal callers like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees (sorry, no Tim Tebow) and build the perfect NFL quarterback.

Building the NFL's Worst Quarterback

Athlon Sports built the NFL’s Best QB; now we build the worst.
<p> Athlon Sports built the NFL’s Ultimate Quarterback; now we build the NFL's Worst Quarterback.</p>

Athlon Sports built the NFL’s Ultimate Quarterback in the September issue of our monthly magazine. Now we take a shot at building the NFL’s Worst Quarterback, pulling together the worst attributes from the league's QBs.