31 All-Time Greatest Athletes in Movies

These are 31 athletes who also starred in movies, including LeBron James in "Trainwreck."
<p> These are 31 athletes who also starred in movies, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, O.J. Simpson and Mike Tyson.</p>
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While most athletes are content to enjoy the limelight on the field of competitive sports, many have tried to bask in the bright lights of Hollywood. Here are 31 athletes who made their mark in the movies; some as classic characters in blockbusters and others in forgettable box office disasters.

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Tracy McGrady Says Steph Curry's Unanimous MVP Vote Shows the NBA is "Watered Down"

Tracy McGrady notices a difference in the league he once played in.


While on ESPN's "The Jump" he talked about Steph Curry's unanimous MVP, and mentioned the NBA is "watered down" these days.


"Think about when MJ played, Shaq, I mean those guys really played against top-notch competition," McGrady said. 


Canadians Upset With Dwyane Wade For Shooting During National Anthem

Basketball players have to respect the national anthem, even if it isn't their own.


Dwyane Wade is catching heat from Canadian fans after shooting around during the country's anthem. Players and coaches are supposed to stand and observe during the anthems.



People took immediate notice of the Heat star's actions.


Steph Curry Mistakenly Tweets Porn Account

Steph Curry has over five million followers so he, more than most, has to double-check his tweets.


After the Warriors beat the Trail Blazers in Game 2, the Golden State star tweeted to congratulate his teammates with one crucial mistake. He meant to tweet Brandon Rush,[email protected]_25, but he mistakenly tweeted at brush_4, which is an account that tweets out NSFW things. In all fairness, it used to be Rush's old account. 


Russell Wilson Wants to Start Petition to Bring the Seattle SuperSonics Back

The Seattle Supersonics represent the highest form of nostalgia. The younger generations remembers them as the team Kevin Durant was drafted to, but they were so much more than that.


Russell Wilson is one of those people longing for an NBA to return to Seattle. While watching the Trail Blazers take on the Warriors, he started tweeting about the potential of a team returning to Seattle. Portland is the closest team for Seattle fans to go see, but obviously it's not the same.  


5 Biggest Conspiracy Theories in Sports History

Conspiracy theories from the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA playoffs and more.
Conspiracy theories from the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA playoffs and more.

On the heels of by an unknown person, conspiracy theories are running wild. Of course, everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, especially in sports. When Michael Jordan unexpectedly retires? Conspiracy. When Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins a race after his daddy died? Conspiracy. Anytime Duke gets a seemingly easy NCAA Tournament draw?

Kobe Bryant and Ellen DeGeneres Team Up For Hidden Camera Prank

"Sir Sweats-a-Lot"

Kobe is certainly making the most of his retirement.


The Lakers legend had some help from Ellen DeGeneres for a hilarious hidden camera prank. Bryant really sells the prank so maybe he has a future in acting.


Forget "Black Mamba," Kobe will now be known as "Puddles."


Portland Trail Blazers Troll DeAndre Jordan After He Airballs Two Free Throws

NBA players can't afford to miss free throws these days because even the teams' twitter accounts are vicious. 


Clippers star DeAndre Jordan found that out the hard way when he airballed two free throws against the Trail Blazers in Game 4 of the NBA playoffs. 


Kevin Durant on Mark Cuban: "He's an Idiot"

Mark Cuban isn't exactly everyone's favorite NBA owner.


The outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks said Russell Westbrook was an "all-star but not a superstar" before Game 5 against the Thunder. Cuban went on to say Kevin Durant was the only superstar on the team.


After Mavericks were eliminated, Durant had some choice words for Cuban.