Russell Westbrook Fined $25,000 For Shouting Profanities at Fan

We now know exactly what was said by Russell Westbrook in Game 4 against the Mavericks.


The Thunder point guard was caught on video talking to a fan, telling him to sit there and "shut the f— up." The NBA fined him $25,000 soon after.


Warning: This video contains NSFW language.


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Isaiah Thomas' Sons Steal the Show After Boston's Win Over Atlanta

Who doesn't love cute kids? 


From Derrick Rose's son to Steph Curry's daughter, the NBA is crawling with adorable youngsters. Boston guard Isaiah Thomas felt it was his sons' time to shine and after beating the Hawks, the two little ones got a chance to join their dad for the post-game press conference.


Draymond Green Rips Reporter For Asking Horrible Question About Houston Flood

Green made sure to put the reporter in his place.

Draymond Green is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He needs to be when he sits in front of the media game after game.


The Warriors star was asked about the Houston flood and implied if it had anything to do with the Warriors beating the Rockets, and the fact that they were raining threes. Although the reporter didn't directly say it, he made it seem as if there was a correlation between the natural disaster and the Warriors winning. This wasn't the first time this same reporter asked the question, and Green made sure to put him in his place.


This Woman Eating Pizza on the Kiss Cam is Basically All of Us

If you watched the Celtics - Hawks game Tuesday night, you got a real treat (not the game).


There's a really good chance this was staged, but you have to hand it to this girl for going all the way with the pizza while a couple goes at it in the sits right in front of her. She's basically everyone's spirit animal.



Fake or not, it's still awesome.

NBA Approves Advertisements on Jerseys, Twitter Comes Up With Ideas

The NBA approves advertising on jerseys and the ideas run wild.

Get ready for a new-look NBA jersey. 


Long gone are the clean looks from the Lakers, Warriors, Bulls, and the rest. Beginning in the 2017-18 season, your favorite team's jerseys may feature an advertisement from the highest bidder.


WGN News Anchor's Rant About Kobe Bryant Goes Viral

Not everyone is a Kobe Bryant fan and that's understandable. 


One thing you can't deny is that the Lakers legend deserves respect. This news anchor from WGN didn't think so. In a video that how now gone viral, Pat Tomasulo shows he needs to take it down a notch.


On Facebook, the anchor wrote, "I'm sorry but sometimes this job makes me snap."


Jason Whitlock Rips Kobe Bryant; Terrell Owens Calls to Set Him Straight

Jason Whitlock is still doing Jason Whitlock things.


On "The Herd" Fox Sports cog attempted to downplay Kobe Bryant's exit from a 20-year Lakers career. Whitlock called Bryant many names to once again gain the attention that he so desperately craves.


Not Even Houston Thinks the Rockets Have a Chance in the Playoffs

Evidently it's hard to have faith when your team is going against the defending NBA Champions.


The Rockets start the first round of the NBA playoffs against the Steph Curry and the Warriors and, according to their fans, that's where their road will end. According to this Houston television poll, no one thinks James Harden and the Rockets have what it takes. 


That has to hurt.


Nike Drops the Best Kobe Bryant Commercial Ever

There has been a ton of farewells for Kobe Bryant, but Nike just blew them all out of the water.


The Lakers legend gets the proper send-off in a love/hate-filled commercial featuring Phil Jackson, Paul Pierce, and others who haven't been on the best side of Bryant's game-winners.