Meet the Country's Luckiest and Unluckiest Team: Oklahoma

The Sooners have had one of the most strange two-year profiles in recent memory
Meet the Country's Luckiest and Unluckiest Team: Oklahoma

In the last two seasons, one Oklahoma team went 11–2 and upset Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Another went 8–5 and got offensive coaches fired.

Jackie Robinson West Files Lawsuit Over Vacated Title

After being stripped of their Little League title, they are looking to take it back.

After one of the best stories of the summer last year in which Jackie Robinson West won the United States’ side of the Little League World Series, it was taken away for having ineligible players. After arguing for their case, they have filed a lawsuit against Little League to take back the title. They initially were accused of stretching their geographical boundaries to gain a better selection of players.


Kevin Love To Enter Free Agency

Kevin Love will look for a new contract, although Cleveland remains a likely spot.

To little surprise, Cavaliers’ forward Kevin Love decided to forgo the final year of his contract in an effort for a better deal. Although he would have been paid over $16 million for the year, he will now enter free agency with the hopes of a bigger, longer contract. After a season that seemed to disappoint, especially with his injury early in the playoffs, he still remains a highly valuable player.


2015 NBA Mock Draft

Projecting the first round of the 2015 NBA Draft.
2015 NBA Mock Draft

A little more than a week has passed since the Golden State Warriors raised the Larry O’Brien Trophy as NBA champions, and it’s already time to start prepping for next season. On Thursday night, lives and basketball franchises will change forever as the 2015 NBA Draft is set to take place. While Karl Anthony-Towns seems to be the universal choice for the No.

NHL Expected to Make Overtime 3 on 3 Matchup

In an effort to reduce shootouts, the NHL looks to make overtime more exciting.

Most sports fans would agree that overtime is the most dramatic and exciting part of any game, should it come down to that. Hockey is unique in that if a game remains tied after overtime, it moves onto a shootout. However, there will soon be a change to limit shootouts per a vote by general managers in the NHL. They just recently passed a referendum to make overtime a 3 on 3 period, as opposed to the 4 on 4 now.


14 Position Groups Under Pressure in the Big Ten for 2015

Which units are on the hot seat?
14 Position Groups Under Pressure in the Big Ten for 2015

The terms “on the hot seat” or “under pressure” usually apply to quarterbacks and head coaches. After all, there’s an enormous amount of pressure on quarterbacks and coaches for any college football team.

College Football's Most Improved Teams for 2015

Which teams are poised to improve?
College Football's Most Improved Teams for 2015

The overall unpredictability of a college football season is one of the main reasons to tune in each Saturday during the fall. While preseason predictions and rankings are often accurate and correctly project the amount of wins for specific teams, each season always brings a surprise or two in the top 25.