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• We all tend to dismiss the National Enquirer as a slanderous gossip rag, but they've been right plenty of times, as in the case of Tiger and Elin. .

• An overlooked story from Signing Day: .

, and lost. In a nutshell, the Illini caught the Hoosiers watchin' the paint dry.

. Depending on your feelings about Duke, you'll probably hear what you want to hear.

• On the positive side of the Dookies' ledger, .

• While you were watching Indiana lose, , a season high in college basketball.

• On a night of fantastic finishes, .

• I probably don't have to tell him this, but .

• Here's a rundown of .

• Now that the dust has settled, just Here's a hint: Pretty well. All 14 SEC teams are in the top 39 classes in the nation.

• Dustin Johnson was proud of his facial hair until he ran into .

• Profiles in courage: A sideline hockey reporter took a puck to the face and kept reporting with blood gushing from the wound.


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Feb. 7

• It's almost SI Swimsuit time. In anticipation, of the last 15 years. Not surprisingly, Brooklyn Decker (right) made the list.

• Best story of Signing Day: . As someone pointed out on Twitter, if the guy couldn't catch his mom, he doesn't have SEC speed anyway.

. I hope he knows what he's doing; apparently, nobody told him that St. Nick has no detectable sense of humor.

• Tennessee Sports Radio came up with a fool-proof way to draw people to their Signing Day event: .

• Before you get all hyped up on your team's 5-star prospects, remember that recruiting is an inexact science. . Darren Rovell reminds us also that on . Hey, at least he cracked the top 100.

• Last Signing Day link: .

. Extra points given for close games, upsets, shootouts and games that went to the last play. Nice list, although I still contend that XIV (Steelers 31, Rams 19) is an underrated gem.

• Proposing by text, mailing the engagement ring: .

• Ray Rice couldn't hang on to the ball in the Super Bowl, and .

• Longtime Rockies slugger Todd Helton got popped for DUI, and .

• College basketball's taking a lot of heat this year for the poor quality of play, but hoops doesn't get much better than the ending of last night's Baylor-Oklahoma State game.

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Feb. 6

. Alex doesn't share all of Katy's most obvious assets, but it's a pretty good approximation nonetheless.

• It's the fax machine's last day in the sun — National Signing Day, an unofficial holiday in SEC country (people may be at work, but no one's getting any work done). , part of a stunning haul for the Rebels. You can follow the big announcements . The guys at offer a tasty assortment of Signing Day links as well. Finally, .


. He just needs a growth spurt.

. Obstruction of justice? Check. Intimidation? Check. Witness tampering? Check.

. Those were the days — the economy was booming, it was peacetime, The Rock was just The Rock and Ric Flair's "Wooos" weren't embarrassing yet.

• Last night in answered prayers: .

• Appropriately enough, at the International Bowl prep all-star game.

• In today's featured video, Kobe gives us two posterizations for the price of one.

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Feb. 5

, and she's also a sideline reporter for the Pac-12 Network/Fox Sports. Seems like a good excuse to run her photo.

• In case you just can't let go of football, .

• In this age of viral videos, one way to keep score of popularity is the amount of sharing over social media. .

. Some of them are pretty awesome.

• Tomorrow is National Kids and Hats Day. . And to get ready to have your heart broken by a bunch of 17-year-olds.

• What? Color me shocked.

• On a serious note, skier Lindsey Vonn was injured during a crash and airlifted to a hospital. . No word yet on her condition.

. I can feel my arteries harden in anticipation.

: He airballed a free throw, then joined a kids' game at halftime.

• Happy 79th birthday to the great Hank Aaron. 755 homers, all of them legit. . I'm convinced.

• Today's video: A key moment in Super Bowl 47 — Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones — re-created in Lego. Enjoy.

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Feb. 4

• In case you were at the fridge, Beyonce rocked the halftime stage. The guys at Bleacher compiled . Les Miles called the performance "very athletic."

• The interwebs were made for mornings like this. , from our friends at Mandatory.

• Deadspin compiled from the night the lights went out in New Orleans.

. Flacco's living the life: He's the Super Bowl MVP, and he announced last night that his wife is pregnant. .

. Here's a sample: San Fran outscored Baltimore 25-6 following the power outage.

. Something tells me he'll get over it.

• There were some decent commercials last night. and . But people seem to be talking the most about this morning.

• We don't often link to , but in Victor Oladipo's case, we'll make an exception. If it had gone down, it might have brought Assembly Hall down with it.

• What happens when you edit together the drama of the movie "Apollo 13" with Alabama's national championship game? . Well, unless your a Notre Dame fan.

• There were many compelling moments from last night's game, but for our video of the day, we gotta go with Jacoby Jones' 108-yard kickoff return. Turns out, the Ravens needed those points when it was over.

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