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• The "Evil Dead" remake opens today. Those who weren't planning to see it might want to check out of one of the stars, Jessica Lucas. It might change your mind. That's her in the photo, by the way.

• Final Four weekend is finally here. Check out Athlon's previews of the semifinal matchups and .

• Note to this weekend's Final Four teams: They can't take away what you've accomplished. Well, then again, maybe they can. .

• Looking to lose some money this weekend? .

• God in a Goldfish cracker? .

• Legendary film critic Roger Ebert died yesterday. . He loved "Raging Bull"; hated "Kazaam." Okay, so some are no-brainers.

• Slam dunk contests have gotten kinda tired, but .


• After , I want Cubes to draft her just so they can both be humiliated.

. He may not get another opportunity after this display.

• Just when you thought you couldn't root for Kevin Ware any harder, he goes on Letterman and kills. Ware for President.

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April 4

• Anybody watching ? Reminder: It features Katherine Webb, as you can see in the photo.

• According to somebody who tracks these things, there were only 21 pitches in MLB last year that failed to even reach 60 mph. Last night, .

. (Full disclosure: I giggled.)

• Tired of adults grabbing baseballs away from kids in the stands? . Sometimes justice does prevail.

• Need a little help getting pumped for the Final Four? .

• Long-form piece of the day: .

• If you grew up in the '80s, you probably loved WWE. If so, .


• Another day, another scandal: .

. But he's still not talking.


• Falling down, back to the basket: Danilo Gallinari had the Jazz right where he wanted them.

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April 3

• The Golf Channel's Holly Sonders wants you to get fit and . Holly, you have our attention.

• News Yu can use: Rangers ace Yu Darvish came up one out short of a perfect game, leaving headline writers and Twitter comedians to try to outdo each other with puns.

• After that explosive video showing him abusing his players, . Moral of the story: If you're going to be a bullying jackass, at least be a successful one.

. Good times for college sports.

. First client: Robinson Cano.

• Bob Costas quoting Ludacris? .

• I doubt this will make David Stern's Christmas letter: .

• In happier NBA news, .

• An SEC market report entering this year's NFL Draft: .


• Bubba Watson is living the life. He has a green jacket, and .

• Chivalry is dead, and this guy might be, too, after ducking out of the way of a home run ball and allowing his girlfriend to take it in the face.

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April 2

• Yes, it's April 2, but it's not too late to note that March was a good month for fans of the ladies. Here are the , including MLS' Houston Dynamos girls.

• For a day, anyway, . Of course, I wouldn't bet the house on either New York team.

• Bryce Harper hit two home runs, but to me, .


• What's next for Kevin Ware? .

• April Fools Day joke, or real Mississippi State recruiting letter? .

: If you miss, just keep jacking.

but instead blurts out a well-known part of the male anatomy. No thanks - I'll stick with the popcorn and Cracker Jack.

- I hope it's me they're talking about.


• When rookie hazing and April Fools Day collide, you get .

• This insane alley-oop had its origins when both players were still outside the arc.

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April 1

• The SEC was shut out of the Final Four, along with their comely cheerleading squads. SEC fans will have to settle for .

• The Final Four is set, much like Kevin Ware's horribly mangled leg. I won't inflict the horrific video of his injury on my readers; instead, . And .

that was at times thrilling, at times stomach-turning and at times dreadfully boring.

• Despite today's date, everything you read here is true. But if you're jonesing for some April Fools Day humor, . And .

• Yes, baseball was played last night, but today is the real Opening Day, meaning that Mets pitcher .

• Athlon offers up the .

with their latest cover.

• These guys should be glad they don't work in the real world: .

• Boy, . Even if you have an oversized head that no helmet could fit.

• In this year of the airballed free throw, Andre Drummond of the Pistons outdid himself. Watch and enjoy.

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