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• Danica's not the only woman making history this weekend. Rising superstar Ronda Rousey is headlining UFC 157 tomorrow. of Ms. Rousey's progression from little-known judo medalist to sex symbol.

• A pregnant Cowboys fan lost a bet to her boyfriend, a Redskins fan. The result: .

• It's NFL Meat Market time. .

• Mark Cuban is one of the stars of ABC's Shark Tank. . Cubes was impressed.

• Another reason to hate Pete Rose: According to an auction site, he apparently used corked bats in 1985, the year he broke Ty Cobb's record. The good news is, .

• February Madness: . NBC hardest hit.

. But to prove that he's the anti-Te'o: He actually met her.

• Kobe goes all Namath, .

• We interrupt the sports to bring you the weather: . Of course, he was in a stunt plane at the time.

• LeBron limped off the court last night, . Stay classy, Chicago.

• Today in front office mis-management: . One of them, Bobby Bonilla, hasn't played for the Mets since 1999. The sad thing is, he's still probably their best left field option.

• You've probably already seen this, but too bad — it's still amazing. A cheerleader makes the ultimate half-court shot.

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Feb. 21

• Daytona's Budweiser Duels are today. To mark the occasion, enjoy of pole-sitter Danica Patrick's life and career.

includes my pick for funniest sports movie of all time, Kingpin.

• Here's a fun sequence from Okie State-Kansas last night: .

• James Harden's awesome evening included .

• Also last night: .

• On an evening of awesome highlights, this might have been the best: .

• SEC football's calling card is defense, but ?

. I happen to think that rug on his head is a fire-able offense, but that's just me.

• Oscar Pistorius may have caught a break: .


. Yes, that's a weird sentence.

• Well, this is just too dang adorable for words: An arthritic sea otter dunks basketballs for therapy.

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Feb. 20

• Break up the Blackhawks. . To help them celebrate, .

• Inspirational story of the day: .

• So they cleaned up in recruiting. ?

• In this era of 46-38 abominations, .

on a go-ahead tip-in in Indiana's 72-68 win at Michigan State. He keeps putting the Victor in Victory.


• Michael Jordan turned 50 over the weekend. Now it's Sir Charles' turn. .

• Hulk Hogan has opened a restaurant in Tampa. . If you own a restaurant, you don't want to read that your food is a "train wreck."

for winning the Daytona 500. Trouble is, the race hasn't happened yet.

• Night before last, for some reason. Cameras were there to record the touching moment.

• Celebrity diving shows are yielding YouTube gems like this: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar doing a back flip off a diving board.

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Feb. 19

, like javelin thrower Leryn Franco (pictured).

. Are they changing their nickname to Mean Machine?


• The late Jerry Buss might be the greatest owner in the history of the NBA. .

• Not sports-related, but amazing: .

• Did anyone think that would not be a palace on wheels?

. You'd think that athletes, who make their living with their bodies, would be more protective of their most valuable asset.

. Still doesn't explain the bloody cricket bat. Weird detail: He didn't have his legs on.

• Good news for the SEC West: .

• The fact that the new Die Hard movie is garbage simply reminds us how great the original was. , including the fact that Richard Gere was considered for the role of John McClane.

• Ndamukong Suh is on an upcoming celebrity diving program. Previously, we learned that he practically had to save obese comedian Louis Anderson from drowning. . Let's hope he fired his agent.

• We have a new entry in the ongoing World's Worst Free Throw Attempt sweepstakes. Entries are now closed.

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Feb. 18

. Maybe now she'll be known more for her racing than for photos like the one at right. Nah, who am I kidding?

• It was a rough weekend in college hoops. , who proceeded to take it out on the USC Trojans. in the chest, sparking the Shockers to an 8-0 run to close out a 1-point win.

• Happy Presidents Day. testing your knowledge of both sports and presidential administrations.

includes Craig Ehlo recounting what it was like to guard Michael Jordan, who's 50 years and 1 day old today.

, you risked hypnosis. Or even insanity.

. That recipe equals YouTube gold (though we must accompany it with a content warning).

, and I can pride myself on the fact that I've managed to avoid it during its brief lifespan.

• Power couple: got together for a friendly round of golf over the weekend.

• Bad timing award: with the Combine set to begin Wednesday.

• Moments like this are what NBA All-Star Weekend is all about. All that's missing is a Kia to jump over.

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