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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for June 29:

• Probably  of draft day. Hard not to root for this guy.

• So, . Job's not so easy without Michael Jordan, is it?

• All lovers of college football — in other words, everyone reading this — should add  to their bookmarks.

• Not sure what a pimp cup is. Guess we'll have to ask .

• Turning internet memes into charity — .

• Reliving 

• Speaking of Iron Mike,  might be the greatest tweet in history.

•  has a little bit of everything you love about the NBA Draft — Adam Silver, Knicks fans going nuts after a pick and a chubby kid doing the Mutombo. 

• Hey,  — stick to your day job.

•  dodged the truth for as long as he could.

• Apparently,  gambled and lost that he could buy Twitter followers without detection. 

June 28

 . This one really got us when Stephen A. Smith showed up. Even better than the real thing.

• You think we've got lingering racial issues in the U.S.?  actually ran in an Italian newspaper. 

• Ever wonder what Anthony Davis would look like with other people's eyebrows? 

• Bob, we love ya, .

• You may be tired of cautionary tales in sports, but  another one, and it's pretty sad. 

•  is just what you want to read about your franchise on draft day. 


• Can't wait for the new Spider-Man movie?  are here for you. 

• Is  considering a career change?

• Fat guys launching home runs is what softball is all about — 

• Aaron Rodgers' peers voted him the best player for 2012.  was his reaction. 

June 22

• Joe Posnanski looks at with the Miami Heat.

• Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman .

• SmartCar USA has to a critic.

• Mark Ennis of Big East Coast Bias looks at .

• Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is tired of hearing about .

• How big of an impact will make with the New York Giants?

• Would Maryland really ?

• SportsGrid gives us some funny video of at the Euro2012.

• It sounds like .

• A recent violated an NCAA rule.

• You knew LeBron James winning a title would not play well in Cleveland. Local
weatherman Mark Johnson cannot get through the forecast without showing his frustration with the Heat beating the Thunder.

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June 21

• The BCS commissioners have decided to to college football’s Presidential Oversight Committee. A playoff should be in place for the 2014 season, although there are many details still to be decided.

• CBS’ Tony Barnhart looks at the details of a college football playoff that still need to be worked out, including .

• Rob Zombie’s next project will be writing, directing and producing . The idea has been described as “Rocky meets Boogie Nights on ice.”

• Just one win away from a title, are taking nothing for granted.

• Will Ohio State play its ? ESPN Big East blogger Andrea Adelson looks at the Buckeyes “encroaching right into the heart of Bearcats territory.”

• Make sure to check .

• Joe Strauss of the Post-Dispatch reflects on , who passed away 10 years ago. His death still affects many in the baseball world and in St. Louis.

• It sounds like free agent receiver Plaxico Burress is of the Jets.

• tells against the Braves.

• The next time , be careful out there.

• Many of you are not LeBron James fans, but the Heat superstar is on the verge of finally winning a ring. For those who do not like this fact, we recommend that you remember him as Alexander — the Solid Gold dancer.

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June 20

• Get ready America; the polarizing from a championship ring.

• Lisa Horne looks at , including Texas, Florida, Notre Dame and Georgia.

• With Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter debuting this week, takes would look like.

• Is Brett Favre (you know, that former Vikings QB) ?

• Speaking of Minnesota, about the team.

• Would NBA teams spread as a pre-draft smokescreen?

• Ryan Leaf admits being “” in court.

• Bleacher Report’s Barrett Sallee believes that Notre Dame quarterback Gunner Kiel, a former Tigers verbal commitment.

• Check out for The Dark Knight Rises.

• Will the Padres like the Mets did this season?

Bryce Harper, the 19-year-old phenom of the Washington Nationals, has been very likeable for baseball fans this season. But then last night, he changed his walk-up song to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” Ouch. Hopefully, it was just a rookie prank or a lost bet.

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June 19

R.A. Dickey of the Mets continued his stellar season last night . He’s probably the best story in baseball right now and should be the NL starter in the All-Star Game.

• ESPN SEC blogger Edward Aschoff is not sure that for a college football playoff.

• We had to get a couple of sports links in before this one. There is a distinct possibility that with GQ could crush the internet for a while.

• I’ll admit that our profession is guilty of some overkill when it comes to the polarizing Tim Tebow. But a story that includes a , and throwing a summons complaint on the ground at police in front of Dunkin Donuts? Now you’ve got us.

• Chadd Scott of questions .

• The former Blockbuster, Carquest, MicronPC, Tangerine and Champs Sports Bowl is now .

• Mike Tyson…. ?

• NHL legend Wayne Gretzky won four Stanley Cups as a player, and it looks like as well.

• Be careful Massachusetts residents. There’s nothing quite like . Seriously.

• The Lakers were taken out by the Thunder in the NBA playoffs, but the scary .

• I’m still not exactly sure why parents film their children watching games instead of enjoying the experience with them, but it does make for some entertaining video. This little man, a big Oklahoma City fan, just loses it about a minute in and states “I hate Miami!!”

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June 18

• The great LaDainian Tomlinson, after 11 NFL seasons and 145 rushing touchdowns, .

• The wait is over Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his fans, as the popular driver at Michigan.

• Webb Simpson became with his victory in the U.S. Open.

• So apparently actress/model Jenny McCarthy, girlfriend of Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, likes to send nude pics. Accidently, .

• How sick are the Thunder ?

• ESPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg breaks down at Ohio State.

• Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times looks at .

• Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News details what it will take for .

• The Nationals have .

• Gizmodo has some .

• The bonehead of the weekend has to go to tennis player David Nalbandian, who inexplicably did this while leading at the Queen's Club final in London.

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