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• Sergio Garcia was your first-round co-leader at The Masters after shooting a bogey-free 66. Probably won't hold up, but in Sergio's honor, here's a picture of one of his ex-girlfriends, tennis player Martina Hingis.

. Sports makes me feel inadequate sometimes.


• Baseball vied for its share of headlines last night with . To hear the great Vin Scully call the brawl, . The confrontation even extended into .

• Sometimes blue-chippers just don't pan out. .

• Reality TV is often the last stop for has-been athletes on their road to oblivion. .

which opens today.

Me neither.



• The Lions have signed YouTube kicking sensation Havard Rugland to a contract. Judging from his video, he's got a shot. Guy's phenomenal.


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April 11

• Hello, friends: The Masters is underway. I'm expecting big things from Dustin Johnson at Augusta this week. Which could mean an 18th hole greenside shot of Dustin's girlfriend Paulina Gretzky late Sunday afternoon. Which would have Bobby Jones spinning in his grave.

• Alternately, should Tiger Woods win, we'll get a glimpse of his current companion, .


• Augusta is all about tradition, but .

• Today's history lesson: .

• It's no Bubba Watson hovercraft, but .

: 47 points, eight rebounds, five assists, four blocks, and three steals. How was your night? For the hard-core Kobe lovers, .

• Getting you ready on the outside chance they're our future overlords: .

• Also not sports-related: .


• Either a nod to Cubs lore, or some sort of bizarre satanic ritual: .

• Let's hope this isn't an omen for Rory McIlroy, but his girlfriend/par-3 caddie Caroline Wozniacki proved that she should stick to tennis yesterday.

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April 10

• Somehow, some way, rich professional golfers are able to score some attractive companionship. Coed presents the , including Kandi Mahan, wife of Hunter and former Cowboys cheerleaders (pictured).

. Caroline Wozniacki will be caddying for him at the Par 3 contest today.

includes a nifty Masters tradition: skimming the ball across the pond at 16 during practice. Vijay Singh managed to hole one using this unusual method.

• It's a slow sports day, so I'll throw a little Seinfeld your way: . Vegetable Lasagna for the win.

. But you know that eight isn't enough for Geno Auriemma; it only ties him with Pat Summitt.

. So he bounced it off the backboard for a self-assist. That's why he's King James.

• In case you missed it: .

• Pay college football players? .

. My favorite part of the clip is Kevin Durant's expression. He knows a good tomahawk when he sees one.


• Today's video provides ammo to those who say that Denard Robinson is a runner, not a thrower.

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April 9

• As we close the books on the NCAA Tournament, we present .

• A lackluster tournament was redeemed by a classic title game. With the dust and confetti settling, — and — of this year's NCAA Tournament.

• A couple of great moments from last night captured in GIF form, courtesy of Deadspin: ; and (that was called a foul).

• That abysmal foul call wasn't the only thing that tainted what was a great game. .

• They can't all be Shining Moments. .

. Wonder if Chris Webber was screaming timeout reminders to John Beilein.

• This seems dumb, NCAA edition (Vol. 516): . That would be an extra benefit, dontcha know.

• Ever stop to wonder why college football even exists? .

• Tonight's the Masters Champions Dinner. .

• Bad officiating is not limited to college basketball. A baseball game ended late last night with one of the worst strike three calls you'll ever see.

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April 8

• We bid a fond farewell to college basketball with . Until next year...

. Neither Michigan nor Louisville has won the national title since before any of tonight's participants were born. In a few hours, that changes.

• Because I support the troops, I fully support

• Speaking of Boeheim, . They later made up, but this is what happens when curmudgeons collide.

• Last night, , went in for the finger roll, then decided at the last second, what the heck, I'll dunk it.

• Head coaches get the glory, but some of college football's most essential work is done by the assistants. .

• Sports movies provide fertile ground for debate. . Hey, I liked The Waterboy. But I'll let them have Rocky V.

• This weekend, in highly amusing fashion. He needed to have that giant head of his on a swivel.

• It's Masters Week, y'all. .

• Prepare your eyes for some salty discharge: This weekend, a 7-year-old cancer patient ran for a touchdown at Nebraska's spring game.

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