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. We endorse the effort. At least, we endorse the photo at right.

• Today in year-end countdowns: The folks at Awful Announcing have culled through the worst of the worst to come up with their .

• It's been a pretty spectacular year in college football. .

• Ah, fans. God love 'em. One Indiana fan spent $10,000 and enriched his local power company by crafting to Christian Watford's 2011 buzzer-beater against top-ranked Kentucky.

• What a shocker — Johnny Football's .

• No surprise here, either: The eternally optimistic is less upset about his lack of playing time than his fans are.

• Last night's atrocity of a football game featured one gem: , and then roughed him for good measure. The GIF is mesmerizing, as all good GIFs are.

• The vultures are of the once-mighty Big East.

• They might as well go ahead and shut down boxing for good. .

• I'm reluctant to wade into the Robert Griffin III-Rob Parker racial controversy, so I'll let speak for me. in the aftermath of his comments, before assuming radio silence.

• I'm late to this Hanukkah party, but in today's video, members of the Houston Rockets attempted to sing the dreidel song, with hilarious results.


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December 13

• Today in year-end countdowns: Ask Men's Top 99 of 2013 included , including comely tennis player Ana Ivanovic.

• Your 2014 U.S. Ryder Cup captain: . As Jack Nicklaus said, if they want somebody who knows how to win in Scotland, they've got their man. Watson was also the last winning U.S. Ryder Cup captain on foreign soil. In 1993.

• Kevin Youkilis is a Yankee, to the chagrin of the fans in Bah-ston. But Youk's not the first to rub salt in Red Sox Nation's wounds by joining the Evil Empire. .

. I'm not worthy to breathe the same air as this kid.

• From a national title to pills, paranoia and prison: .

• Mississippi State and Loyola are meeting up this weekend to celebrate the that changed college basketball for the better.

• Rajon Rondo would like to have back. Needed a little more air under it.

• Like any good leader, and grown into his job.

• I told you recently that Kim Jong Un was leading the Time Magazine readers poll for person of the year. Dude closed it out like Mariano Rivera. .


• There are some great Christmas movies. .

• Today's video: Even at 50, Michael Jordan is still a better player than he is an executive.

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December 12

• Our tribute to the best team in football right now: a slideshow of lovely .

• In honor of today's date (12/12/12): .

• Watch out, Eric Dickerson. and your 1984-era jheri curls.

• In other NFL news, .

My take: His regular season stats fall a little short, but one more Super Bowl seals the deal.

• A realization has hit the mainstream sports media: . Nothing more.

• Today in hilariously ungraceful exits: Tommy Tuberville got up from a dinner with recruits to go to the can and . The next day, he was head coach at Cincinnati.

• That didn't take long. . Who's No. 1, you ask? Here's a hint: "When you're challenged, and if you enjoy challenge, well, you enjoy it."

• The football program's in decline, but the revenues aren't: .

: A first-person account from a repeated concussion sufferer.

• This isn't sports-related, but it's personal to me. . About bleepin' time.

• Today's video: A 5-11 NAIA guard throws down a monster slam. Gotta love the reaction of the tubby assistant coach.

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December 11

• College football's regular season is over, so it's time to turn pro. .

• Body's not even cold on the 2012 college football season, and my colleagues here at Athlon are already projecting . They just can't help themselves.

• Speaking of top 25s, here's . Nice job, Florida State.

• College football attendance dipped in 2012. includes attendance figures for every FBS program. Boy, those fans in San Jose are hard to please; they won 10 games, and their attendance dipped 41 percent. No wonder Mike MacIntyre got out of there.

• Attendance at Sunday's Bengals-Cowboys game at Paul Brown Stadium was 63,590, .

• "They look cute. They look like a high school swim team." Ouch. .

has seen "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" one too many times.

• Sports Business Journal is rolling out its 50 most influential people in sports business. . My name hasn't appeared yet, so I must be in the top 10. Nice.

• Selena Robert analyzes , with help from Athlon contributor Brandel Chamblee of the Golf Channel. Looks like Tiger's glory days are behind him; he might have to settle for just being insanely wealthy.

• Rob Neyer thinks the Baseball Hall of Fame could from the Country Music Hall of Fame. Here in Nashville, we endorse this line of thinking.

• It's never too early to start thinking about spring. The NCAA has named its .

• Today's video features Johnny Football doing the Letterman Top 10 list. Don't go Hollywood on us, kid.

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December 10

• Tis the season for year-end countdowns. The folks at Mandatory bring you , including this one of Angelina Jolie on the red carpet at the Oscars.

• In that same vein, here's the . 2012 will be hard for her to top.

• Hate to pile on this kid, but I have no choice. I present:

• Deadspin's weekend roundup includes getting absolutely destroyed by a single punch.

• Sure, it's got problems, but it's still America's game, and it can still bring us enjoyment.

• Social media's made for job networking. Today's Exhibit A: . Hey, the Cards could do worse. Obviously.

• Speaking of social media, it's also useful for making idle threats that make you look thuggy and get you into trouble.

• Last week, Roger Goodell floated the idea of eliminating kickoffs. .

• The NFL may or may not have a drinking problem, but .

• I'll freely admit that I've never heard of Lions receiver Kris Durham. But his second reception of the season was .

• Heisman voters probably got it right in giving the stiff-arm trophy to Johnny Manziel.

• In today's video, Buffalo's Lee Smith shows us that the Lambeau Leap is a maneuver that's best left to the professionals.

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