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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day

Rounding up the web's best sports links so you don't have to.

<p> The best sports links from the NFL, college football and basketball, MLB, the NBA, NASCAR and the world of entertainment.</p>

This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for January 11.

• The national obsession with AJ McCarron's girlfriend continues. Looks like Katherine Webb will be appearing in . Judging from the photo, she'll fit right in.

• Last night was not a good night for , nor was it a good night for Bobby Knight.

. Urban Meyer gets an A. Ellis Johnson, not so much.

• Short people got no reason to play quarterback. , or Doug Flutie.

. Some no-brainers in there, like Larry Allen and Jonathan Ogden, but some tougher calls, like Jerome Bettis and Warren Sapp.

, including new Jags GM David Caldwell's puzzling announcement that there's no place for Tim Tebow in Jacksonville.

• I'm not a soccer fan, but even I know that . Too bad there were only about 42 people there to see it.

• We interrupt the ongoing Ray Lewis love-fest to bring you .

: What if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was like the Baseball Hall of Fame and excluded known drug users?



• In today's video, the chubbiest kid on the court has an athletic highlight most of us can only dream of.


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January 10

• Can Johnny Football do it again? . Of course, this item is really just an excuse to run a photo of Manziel's model girlfriend, Sarah Savage.

• San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin went all Harlem Globetrotters against Fresno State. The result was .

comes courtesy of a little-used special teamer. This kid may be a scrub, but he's the kind of guy I want on my team.

to protest the Hall of Fame shutout this year. Not sure how to feel about this. Seems like a waste of space. Of course, some would argue that the Hall is becoming a waste of space when it excludes the home run leader, hits leader and seven-time Cy Young winner.

• Speaking of said seven-time Cy Young winner, . It's all good, until his sign-off. "Muchie peachie"?

• One last Hall of Fame item: needs to be outed and publicly shamed.

• I don't think Tim Tebow is a liar, but I simply don't believe .

• According to TMZ, .

for the suddenly luckless Fighting Irish?

• In honor of today's Academy Awards nominations, Sports Illustrated has assembled a .

• Don't try this at home, kids. in some cases.

• Turns out that the Seahawks' Richard Sherman was mic'd up after Seattle's wild card win over Washington, so we get to hear what it was that led Trent Williams to punch him in the face.  

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January 9

• You probably didn't notice, but . Could portend a big year for the big hitter. Of course, we present this item merely as an excuse to run a photo of DJ's reported girlfriend, Paulina Gretzky, seen here following her beau amid the winds of Hawaii. 

. Looks like Brent's comments will be remembered far longer than the game itself. Meanwhile, , while the in its own inimitable way.

• Yes, it's early, but it's never too early. .

• Thanks to the NFL vacancies, . Could be many more dominoes to fall.

. No Hall for you.

• This may be a little inside-baseball for us media types, but with Turner's acquisition of Bleacher Report, instead of Sports Illustrated.

• Now that conference play has begun, . And here's a look at the changes for this season and upcoming seasons .


, and unsurprisingly, Adam Sandler and Nic Cage made the cut. They'll say it's an honor just to be nominated, but you know they want to win.

• Drive-thru window plus invisible driver equals comedy gold.

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January 8

•A star was born last night, and it wasn't Eddie Lacy. AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb threatened to melt Twitter, after . In Musberger's defense, she is very attractive, as you can see in the photo at right.

• Musberger wasn't the only one taken with McCarron's lady. .

• On the field, the most exciting moment of the night came when , and Jones responded with a shove. The guys are roommates and buddies, so it's all good. 


• No truth to the rumor that .

• Well played, .

• Hate to pile on, but . Maybe next time, Rudy.

• 2013 will bring us an early candidate for Game of the Century: . ESPN GameDay will no doubt be there.

• In other news, a little bit in the RG3 affair.

• For all those who made fitness-related New Year's resolutions: .

• Kate Upton is more than just a pretty face. She's also a clever Tweeter. .

• Today's video promoting Shane Battier's charity karaoke event is dedicated to those Boomers who remember the Love Boat.

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January 7

• In honor of Notre Dame's appearance in tonight's national title game, of fetching Irish fan Leslie. If you believe many of the pundits, Notre Dame's highlights will begin and end here.

• In the interest of equal time, . Judging from the respective hotties, the game's a toss-up.

Of their eight participating pundits, six pick Alabama. Sounds about right.

• To the chagrin of some and the delight of others, Brent Musberger, 73 years young, will be on the mic tonight. .

has to be seen to be believed.

. Of course, his routine killed. (See what I did there?)

. The day's winners: the Seattle Seahawks and Dr. James Andrews.

• The Seahawks' Richard Sherman is seemingly happy to play the villain role for these playoffs. .

ended with Kelly back at Oregon, and the Browns back to the drawing board.

used a public safety notice to make his feelings known about Lane Kiffin. Well played.

• One last college football palate cleanser in GIF form: .

• Today's video is a look back at an all-time college football classic: Alabama-Notre Dame, the Sugar Bowl, Dec. 31, 1973.

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