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• The NFL's Final Four are set to do battle on Conference Championship Sunday. These elite teams also have elite cheerleading squads. .

. Bottom line: Lance is still trying to control the narrative. .

• One of the people Armstrong admitted to steamrolling is not going to go quietly. .

• The Te'o plot thickens. Seems as if the supposed mastermind of the hoax has been chasing fame for a while now. . It's also pretty clear that even if he was the victim of a hoax, . Finally, to prove that the Internet was invented for stories like this, .

• With athletes in confessional mode, . And .

• The Nike-Rory McIlroy marriage is off to a flying start. in his first tournament with the new gear and the new multimillion-dollar contract. His Nike cohort .

• In case you missed it, Colts Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne appeared on this week's episode of Parks and Rec. Not bad, although they should stick to their day jobs.


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January 17

• In keeping with today's theme of fictional women, , including Teri Hatcher. They may be fictional, but the actresses are real and spectacular.

• This could be an all-Manti Te'o edition of Eleven Links, but I'll try to limit it to a few key ones. . Travis gives a good rundown of what we know and throws in some blindly irresponsible speculation for good measure.

• Meanwhile, Pro Football Talk delves into .

• You've heard of Tebowing, and Kaepernicking, and planking. Those are so last week, or last year. . Anyone can do it.

• One by-product of this bizarre episode: . Tim Burke, one of the blockbuster story's authors, — too basic, apparently, for mainstream journalists.

. Worth a read.

• In reading the Te'o story, I couldn't help but be reminded of .

• While you were obsessing over Te'o, the games went on as usual. .

• Continuing the theme of disgraced athletes, . Can you blame him? A guy can only eat at Perkins so many times.

• Remember boxer Kevin McBride? No? Us either. .

• The other sports liar of the moment, Lance Armstrong, once filmed an anti-doping ad for Nike.

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January 16

• SEC basketball is lagging behind the rest of the nation this season, but the cheerleaders still lead the pack. .

. Marc Trestman is either a home run, or a swing and a miss. Just like every other coaching hire, in other words. For what it's worth, .

. There are three sports figures in the top 10.

• Last night in buzzer-beaters: Ole Miss' Marshall Henderson, a guy fans are learning to hate,

• Don't fret, Vandy fans — football season will be here before you know it. James Franklin is recruiting at an unprecedented level, thanks in part to .

• Uh-oh — . How can an amateur athlete afford courtside seats? Alert the council of elders at the NCAA.

• My last Brent Musberger post of the week: . Got it?

• I don't read German. English-speaking minds want to know.

• Shocking news — .

• This is cool — .

• Who doesn't love those bad lip-reading videos? Finally, the NFL has joined the fun.

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January 15

• There's a major tennis tournament going on. We won't bore you with the results; instead, we'll link to a .

is a sobering reminder of the way our gladiators suffer for our entertainment.

and that he didn't make a sexist remark about Holly Rowe. I'm having a Clinton-era flashback.

• In linking to , I'll avoid the obvious fish puns and just wonder if there's anything the kid can't do.

• Along those same lines (no pun intended), .


. Were those heads in a duffel bag?

• This may be a brazen attempt at boosting ratings for the broadcast of her interview, but

• Pro wrestling may be fake, but suffering and death are real. .

. The guy's a frequent punching bag, but we wish him well in his struggle.

• Speaking of ESPN, .

• Today's video: an instant classic courtesy of the underrated comedy stylings of Key & Peele.

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January 14

• The Packers' season is over, thanks to the 49ers. To console Green Bay fans, we present one last look at , the hottest Packers fan on the planet.

• College football may be over, but the sports world marches on unchecked. .

. Prepare for plenty of Manningface.

for this weekend's Ravens-Patriots AFC Championship game, 140 characters at a time.

• We knew this was coming, but it's still a pretty big deal: . Kind of explains the Tiger-Rory bromance that blossomed last year, doesn't it?

• The two greatest quarterbacks of our era remain separated by their relative postseason success. Eleven years after Tom Brady benefited from the Tuck Rule, .

Can genuflecting before her Oprah-ness salvage his reputation?

. Money quote: "Kaepernick is everything Vince Young was supposed to be."

• Speaking of Kaepernick: .

. Rule one: Protect the concessions.

(if it is in fact over). Tebow has met the enemy, and it is us.

• In today's video, Tiger and Rory go mano-a-mano for Nike, Bird-Jordan style.

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