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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Feb. 1.

• It's finally Super Bowl weekend. .

• If you just can't wait until Sunday, . The screen grab alone is priceless.

. Who knew that cheerleaders had weigh-ins like they were Vegas showgirls?

• Some tasty Super Bowl morsels from our friends at Mandatory: , and even cooler, .

• Randy Moss is an all-time great receiver. He's not an all-time great judge of personnel. Moss ruled himself out of any future GM jobs yesterday by including Terrell Owens (and himself) on .

. Supremely cute, or strangely creepy? You be the judge.

• As recruiting season reaches a crescendo, . Those classes have gone on to win quite a few national titles.


like a dog with a chew toy. Not good for Dan.

• Now that "30 Rock" is in the dustbin of television history, on the dearly departed sitcom.

• In today's video, a D-II player throws down a between-the-legs slam. As a reminder that this is D-II, the dude at the beginning totally clanks it off the bottom of the backboard, WNBA-style.

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January 31

• It's almost time for the Super Bowl, which brings together the two best teams in the NFL…along with their cheerleaders. In case you haven't seen it yet, we have a gallery of the fabulous .
• Ever wonder just how much your favorite NFL team spends for its talent? Here's an . Sorry Raiders fans, this will really depress you. 
• Green Bay Packers great for good. We'll miss you.
• The Texans …sort of. We wish the happy couple nothing but the best.
• Note to self: Stop asking
• Want to be the know-it-all at this year's Super Bowl party? Sure you do. Here is . And a lot of stuff you don't. 
• One of our favorite sites on the Interweb has gotten a makeover. Check out the new and improved awesomeness of . Trust us, you won't regret it.
• How many  panned out in the last 10 years? Find out. 
• Have you ever wanted to see the most important play to happen on ? Yeah neither did we, but it is pretty cool. 
• Google is honoring Dodgers infielder , who was born 94 years ago today. Happy Birthday to one of the greats. 
• Sometimes being a to make it Super Sunday. 
Joe Rogan REALLY enjoys a good UFC stare down. And we enjoy the Benny Hill music. So it's a win-win.

This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for January 30.

. Yep, the object of Brent Musberger's affection.

• $114 million is a lot to pay a disgraced steroid user, even for the Yankees, .


• From Mars and Michael to Li'l Penny to Grandmama, .

• Apparently, the deer spray craze has poked its antlers into the college game. .

. Let's hope that day is a Saturday.

• College hoops' newest villain, Ole Miss gunner Marshall Henderson, struggled last night in a loss to Kentucky. .

. Thank God Nick Saban doesn't have to recruit under these conditions.

• Apparently, , later copping to being "confused." Join the club, Ronaiah.

• Lest we forget, there's an NBA season going on, and .

• Talk about under the radar: . Let's make this kid famous before it's too late.

• Now this is good parenting at work. A 2-year-old unveils a masterful array of WWE impersonations.

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January 29

• Competing for eyeballs this Sunday in the Mercedes Benz Superdome: . I think they'll hold their own.

• In anticipation of today's Super Bowl Media Day circus, . My favorite: "I know what you just asked, but I was so mesmerized and dazzled by your voice right there. You have got a great voice. I lost my train of thought."

. Our long national nightmare is over.

What could possibly go wrong?

. Maybe you'll recognize some of the names in their little black book: A-Rod, Melky Cabrera, people like that.

: He was both dominant and vulnerable.

• This was as inevitable as Taiwanese animation: . Speaking of Te'o, .

• This should be a conversation-starter: .

: Some lunatic surfed a 100-foot wave.

. He enjoyed it so much that he laughed until he cried. Why does everything always end with Ray Lewis crying?

• Former Yankee great Bernie Williams is known for his guitar chops, and he got to bust them out with Paul Simon for charity.

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January 28

. Now that I have your attention, here's the sports news:

: Adding a whole new layer of Super Bowl enjoyment for the degenerate gambler in your life.

• If you're going to New Orleans for the big game, . They've come a long way.

• Yesterday's Pro Bowl score was 62-35, but . That says it all about this annual affront to the game of football.

• Aussie Open, Rondo, Real Madrid, POTUS and more: .

• The little snarky sports website that could: . When you break some big news amid all the pee-pee jokes, people start paying attention.

• Attention, recruiting coordinators: What you do today could impact the Super Bowl 10 years from now. .

about as well as he swings a golf club. Hint: His golf swing is an abomination.


• Evidence that there are way too many "celebrity" reality shows: .

• A CM Punk fan watched The Rock take away his guy's belt last night. . Strong language warning.

• Ray Lewis was the subject of some gentle ribbing from SNL over the weekend. Well played, Kenan.

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