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that sent pulses racing across the fruited plain: "I'm single." I wonder if Justin Verlander knows.

• Michael Jordan just hit the half-century mark, and to celebrate, . Also, goes all long form journalist to give us the measure of the man at 50. . Finally, today's last MJ link: .

• The NBA Slam Dunk Contest is tomorrow. Believe it or not, this used to be a big, big deal. , from Jordan gems to Jeremy Evans snoozers.

• A meteor exploded over Russia last night. .

prior to last night's Minnesota-Wisconsin game. . Appropriate, since the win probably clinched the Gophers' spot in the Big Dance.


• Among the revelations and assertions in : Still not gay.

• Sir Charles has outdone himself. Barkley showed up on the Inside the NBA set sporting a tribute to the Alabama football player muggings.


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Feb. 14

• Happy Valentine's Day. To celebrate, the Detroit Free Press does .Yes, Isiah and Magic did make the countdown.

• More V-day celebrating: Here are .

• Here's a not-so-happy story for Valentine's Day: . Deadspin reminds us of .

• One last Valentine's link: .

• Irony alert: . At least he saves his wrath for the anonymous kind.

. I live in Tennessee and don't mind admitting that we can be dumb sometimes.


: a home win over North Carolina.

• Today would have been Titans great Steve McNair's 40th birthday. .

• He's coming for you, GloboGym: .

• I'm a little late to this dust-up, but Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim unloaded on ESPN's Andy Katz the other night.

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Feb. 13

• Kate Upton and her cohorts have done the hard work of Swimsuit 2013; .

• King James and the Izzone were en fuego last night. .

. He used a rather unusual alias.

. Let's hope for the best.

• If you're gonna go out, go out in a blaze of glory, I say. .

• As MJ turns 50, .

. If your state is a talent producer, that is.

that there are two SEC schools in Mississippi recruiting at a high level.

• Guys, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. . Hint: Plain chocolates, shoes and carnations ain't gonna cut it.

• Tough chick of the day: , cut the venom loose with a tee, and kept playing.

• The Duke-UNC managers game involved a buzzer beater and court-storming. Let's hope tonight's main event can approach this level of excitement.

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Feb. 12

. Viral track star Michelle Jenneke is in this year's issue. We approve.

• The SEC rules the college football world. .

. I could add nothing to the headline.

. The reason? A Crimson Tide crime wave. Nick Saban is clearly losing control. .

. Whatever he did, it was impressive.

• Today's debate fodder: .

Wasn't that like the original Olympic sport?

• Bizarre athlete injury of the day: .

. Obviously, Athlon doesn't consider the WNBA to be a professional sport; otherwise, they'd dominate this category.

• Today's out-of-control sports parent: . The cops had to escort him out.

• The lovely ladies of Swimsuit 2013 presented David Letterman's Top 10 list last night.

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Feb. 11

• This is the week: . Need we say more?

. Nice security team you got there, Roger.

. Yes, Tebowing makes the list.

: He's made 49 of his last 65 shots. As King James said himself, "S---, that's pretty good."

• Speaking of guys who are in the zone, . Nice guys sometimes finish first.

• Florida State's Michael Snaer doesn't always make shots, but .

• Baseball nerds, rejoice: . But all is not well for some teams.

• Even better news: Real games start soon in college baseball. .

. The comment made Awful Announcing, but I thought it was pretty clever.

• A teaser while you wait for spring practice: .

• The Grammys were last night. I don't know much about what happened, but .

• In honor of LeBron's historic, epic run, here's a tasty ally-oop from the Heat's demolition of the Lakers.

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