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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day

Rounding up the web's best sports links so you don't have to.

<p> Rounding up the web's best sports links so you don't have to.</p>

This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for April 19.

• I think we can all agree that this one of the craziest, suckiest weeks in recent memory. I also think we could all use , like Scarlett Johansen (pictured), as a diversion.

and lived to tell about it. I just know that I'm not following this guy on his next excursion.

, claiming that as a Bulls fan, he suffered mental breakdowns and emotional distress due to Rose's absence. I can believe the mental breakdown part.

, leaving urine, feces and garbage in their wake. Guys, not to go all HR stickler on you, but this is not the way to impress future employers.

• Butt, meet couch: .


• Hot girls riding mechanical bulls? .

• Clown sale, bro: .

only because I think the photoshop work is hilarious. 

, the Ryan Lochte reality show will provide ample unintentional comedy gold.

• Will Notre Dame's new TV deal slow realignment?

. The results were predictably tremendous.

• Today's video: the best old-school throwdowns of this NBA season.

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April 18

• As we bid farewell to Katherine Webb, her 15 minutes quite possibly up, .

. Dude, you got me - my mouth was open.

, simply because, who would want to try to break them?


• Ever wonder what your favorite athlete would look like toothless? . Warning: Some of these are funny, but others are pure nightmare fuel.

• Tired of post-football tragedy stories? How about this - .

. Turns out he has a girlfriend named Marie. Sorry, ladies.

. But his face was spared.

. Something tells me he won't have trouble finding work.

• A California high schooler went all Johnny Vander Meer on his opponents, .

• Walk it off, Coach. .

• America comes together in the wake of tragedy. Fans of the Bruins and Sabres drowned out the national anthem singer with their own spirited, patriotic rendition.

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April 17

That news offers the excuse to run a photo of Ms. Webb. I'm just glad that Louie Anderson survived his experience on the show.

• The great Pat Summerall died yesterday. .

• Attention, degenerate gamblers: .

• Looking for proof that this NFL Draft lacks star power? .


. My prediction: Boring, efficient and injury-free.

I haven't looked yet, but "This is SportsCenter" had better be No. 1.

• Redemption for Shoelace: .

• Remember the 7-year-old cancer patient who ran for the touchdown at the Nebraska spring game? .

• Random photo of the day: .

• The NBA: Where athletes and celebrities collide. Here, Billy Crystal approves of Jamal Crawford's ridiculous assist.

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April 16

• Seems a little disrespectful to have fun on the Internet this morning. But I think we could all use a little diversion. So here we go. . For continuity's sake, Carrie Underwood makes a lot of sense as a replacement.

. Through the magic of the GIF, you can watch it over and over.


• MLB food porn: .


• This is just so insane, it might work: . Only if he brings Stevie Williams as his wingman.

• Vin Scully is a priceless living artifact of another age. .

• Are you an SEC hater who would love for an upstart to end the league's stranglehold on the national title? .

, and another piece of my childhood died with him.

. Back in the day, he was apparently too nervous to play it, too.

• Porn for baseball nerds: .

• This fan may repel women with his goofy giant novelty glove, but he can snag a baseball.

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April 15

• Eligible bachelor Adam Scott won a golf tournament yesterday. He used to date tennis player Ana Ivanovic (pictured). , but I doubt he cares much right about now.

. The only downside to Adam Scott's win: .

• Think the Aussies wanted this Green Jacket? .

. Aaron Rodgers summed it up: "Wow. I love golf."

• Golf Digest gives us a rundown of things that were . My favorite: "I'm drinking beer and watching the best golfers in the world. Every day after this one automatically sucks."

• No matter who wins The Masters, Augusta National is the real star of the show. .

• Adam Scott moves up, Kobe goes down: .

• "42" opened strong over the weekend. .

• The '90s were a glorious time for the NBA. It was Michael Jordan's heyday after all. But he wasn't the only attraction. .


• This is how we do soccer hooliganism over here.

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