Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day

Rounding up the web's best sports links so you don't have to.

<p> Rounding up the web's best sports links so you don't have to.</p>

This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for May 3.

Harvard gave us Rashida Jones (pictured), so it's on the list.

• Tomorrow, people in comically oversized hats will gather to watch horses run. . Speaking of the Derby, .

. Given that this is the NBA. the kid could be anyone's, but my money's on Calvin Murphy.

. How was your night?

• Bizarre story of the day: .

• For people my age, this is simultaneously interesting and depressing: .

• Did you know that Texas A&M's Kyle Field will soon be the SEC's biggest stadium? You invite the new kid in and they think they own the place. .

Buchholz says no; the Blue Jays broadcaster says yes.

. That's not the kind of buzz those fans came for, amirite?

• This one's for a niche audience, but here are the .

• Golden State's Steph Curry has emerged as a superstar in these playoffs. Here are 12 minutes of Curry brilliance condensed into a one-minute video.


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May 2

• It's NBA playoff season. .

• This is cool: . I think the Babe was surprised by the movement on Yu's fastball.

. His first mistake is paying attention to his Twitter haters.

. In related news, there are too many kids with cancer.

. He has Versace sheets on his dorm room bed, because of course he does.

• Les Miles has a dilemma: .

• Golfers aren't often considered cool. .


. Some of these guys are going to need a bigger boat.

, calling them "40-year-old virgins," among other things. Charlie Kelly does not approve.

• The Pirates lineup, SNL style. Somebody snarkier than me might say that the last time the Pirates were good, SNL was actually funny.

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May 1

• One person who was surprised when she heard Jason Collins was gay? .


• This is always interesting: Two of the top 5 had no star rating at all.



, before the money and the trappings of fame corrupted them.

• Apparently, deer antler spray is A-OK with the PGA.


• I'm no hockey expert, but shouldn't goaltenders stay kinda close to the goal? .

• Speaking of hockey, according to this broadcaster, .


• Danica Patrick tried some shots from center ice at the Blackhawks game. One went well, the other three not so much. Now we've found two sports Danica sucks at. I kid, I kid.

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April 30

• I'm late to this little dust-up, but a female blogger got in hot water for suggesting . What say you, Essential Links readers?

• Jason Collins came out in SI this week. Yawn. .

: Pizza prevents cancer.

• Fans in Oakland got a two-for-one — .

: "Henry Gribbohm says he lost his life savings, $2,600, on a carnival game and all he has to show for it is a stuffed banana with dreadlocks."



• For Draftniks, it's never too early to think about next year. . Athlon chimes in with its .

• Insult to injury: Tennessee's Tyler Bray declared, went undrafted, and didn't even make .


• Sometimes, the posterizer gets posterized. Last night, Carlos Delfino victimized Kevin Durant.

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April 29

• April is almost in the books, and the folks at Coed were kind enough to assemble . Like the USC Song Girls (pictured).

. The guest list was pretty impressive: Tiger Woods, Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Toni Kukoc, Usher, Spike Lee. I don't think Juanita was there, though.

. I still think Jacksonville makes the most sense for Tebow. That, or Canada. Or The Bachelor. in the wake of the announcement.

(if it's real, which I'm still not convinced it is).


• Many athletes turn to the silver screen when their competing days are over. Some are not very successful at the transition. .

• Staggering stat of the day: . It's almost unfair at this point.

, with the help of his baby mama.

• Dwight Howard's had a rough season in LA. .

benefiting his own charity. He was just goofin' around. I think.

• Got two minutes? Watch this cartpath-aided 500-yard drive by Louis Oosthuizen.

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