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Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day

Rounding up the web's best sports links so you don't have to.

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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for June 14.

• "Man of Steel" opens this weekend, which prompted . Amy Adams ranks pretty high on that list.

. Finally. . At least not at him.

. And for the next 26 mornings.

. Well worth the fine.

. The marquee threesome of Tiger, Rory and Adam Scott combined to go 8-over in the first round.

• Ooh, this could get interesting. .


• A Father's Day weekend morsel: .

• October's when the you-know-what gets real in the SEC. .

. That makes it all worth it.

• I've truly never seen anything like what happened to Carl Pettersson at the U.S. Open yesterday. At least not where sober professionals are playing.


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June 13

• My favorite part of hockey? Probably the ice girls, but then I'm kind of a pig. .

• Recently retired point guard . For what it's worth, .


, but I don't think the heavy stuff will be here for a while.

. Her desperation is starting to show.

• Football news from down SEC way: And shows that they like their cupcakes down in Mississippi. Not surprising, considering the obesity rates.

• Tis the season for a .

• Today's '90s flashback: Back in the days of flannel, the Seattle sound and Monica Lewinsky, .

. Dabo Swinney needs to find a way to pin it on Florida State.

• An exhausted Andrew Shaw apparently let an f-bomb slip on live TV in his postgame interview. After nearly 120 minutes of hockey, we'll cut him some slack.

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June 12

• Since it's Stanley Cup season, what better time to celebrate , including hockey WAG Elisha Cuthbert? . Once again, the Internet proves its worth.

He and his assistants look like they're waiting for a bus.

• A little late to this, but .

• Remember Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel? .

• Many think that early-season SEC football is a cupcake parade, but that's not quite accurate. . There are some legit matchups in there.

This is a campaign I can get behind.

• Need a schadenfreude fix this morning? .

• Not sports-related, but I'm throwing this one in for free: Who's Mitch Hedberg, you ask? Only one of history's most underrated comedians.


• The Spurs were en fuego from downtown last night, hitting a Finals-record 16 3-pointers. Here's every single one of them.

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June 11

• Here at Athlon Sports, we're in the information business. We're educators first and foremost. With that in mind, , who turned 21 yesterday.

• It was an eventful day yesterday. By the time it was over, , and . Here are . And .

• Also yesterday: landed Chad Johnson in the pokey.

. POV porn for speed junkies.

• Father's Day is coming up. Whether or (or, more likely, both), we're here to help.

. Kobe Bryant made the list.

• So is there such a thing as a home cooking? .

• Things got heated between the Red Sox and Rays last night in what turned out to be a pretty epic tilt.

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June 10

. Hint: The girl in the photo is a Victoria's Secret model.

. Downside: It came during an off night for James and a rout for the Heat. Still, it was pretty epic. Enjoy Jim Ross' call of the play at .

. It's pretty spectacularly mesmerizing.

, including the Finals, the French Open and extra innings baseball.


Good lord, I hope not, although the article seems to think it's cool.


• They play a little offense in the SEC West, .



• There was some pretty spectacular Super Regional action in college baseball over the weekend, but this might have been the best single play.

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