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• They're about to start playing games that count in MLB. , including David Wright's fiancee, Molly Beers (pictured). 

, which saw another No. 1 seed go down to defeat.

• Noted white man Doug Gottlieb planted his foot in his mouth last night, but .

• Step aside, Tebowing and Kaepernicking. . And it's tremendous. . Note the half-pack of Skoal in the lower lip.

• A by-product of the rise of the read option in the NFL: Guys like and are getting a second look.

• Big Ten and Pac-12 fans might wonder how anything SEC football-related could be underrated, but here you go: .

• Lane Kiffin, report to the principal's office: .

• Yesterday's incoherent tweet was a joke, but now that Phil Jackson is on Twitter, let's hope for a continuing stream of .

• Jerry Buss continues to burnish his reputation as a ladies' man even in death. .

• An announcer accidentally referred to a part of the male anatomy. Uncontrollable giggling ensued. If that's your idea of entertainment, enjoy today's video.

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March 28

• The Tournament's second weekend is upon us. To celebrate, Coed presents .

• Florida Gulf Coast is only the latest in a long history of NCAA Tournament Cinderellas. .

• All good things must end, and t. After the game, , who was in no mood to suffer fools, possibly because .

• SEC East, beware: .

(okay, Spurrier, we'll call them the other USC), including video of Matt Barkley's reaction to his Pro Day performance.

• After 2013, .

• Today in signs and wonders: .

. His avatar is badass, but apparently it's tough to type with all those rings.

• Pot, meet kettle: .

• Today's video: One last moment of anti-Heat schadenfreude, courtesy of some dude named Jimmy Butler.

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March 27

• The Big 12 didn't have a very good hoops season. Only one team from the league, perennial power Kansas, is still alive. But that doesn't mean the league's cheerleaders aren't among the elite. .


. Those were glorious times.

• Dirk Nowitzki vowed in late January not to shave until the Mavs reached .500. He's working on an epic beard. .

• Once upon a time, Mark Cuban was sleeping on a floor with six other guys in a three-bedroom apartment. .

• The U-Dub is an intriguing team to ponder for the 2013 college football season. .

, and he looks every bit of it. And I suddenly feel very, very old.

. Well, not dunks like you and I think of them, but dunks nonetheless.

. When you see her, you'll understand why.

. That guy is more trusting than I am.

• It may seem paranoid for coaches to close spring practices to the media, but .

• Blake Griffin hit what would have been the season's best buzzer beater. Unfortunately, he cheated and it didn't count.

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March 26

• Today's celebrity gossip: ", if their PDA at Sunday's Heat-Bobcats game is any indication. That's them, being photobombed by Rory McIlroy. Now back to our regular programming.

• Along with the shining moments, March Madness brings with it some crushing disappointments. .

. It's good to be the King.

• Attention Pac-12 fans: If your team's out of the tournament (or even if it's not), there's plenty of football news going on. .

• They'll rearrange your face, then tell you you're still ugly: .

• It's spring break time for many students. .

• Each fall in the SEC brings an amazing influx of new football talent. .

• Arizona pitcher Daniel Hudson didn't like his new baseball card. And no wonder: .

. She did not enjoy the experience.

• The Red Sox are having trouble selling tickets.

. Wonder if Elin agrees with the sentiment?

• Today's video amazingly combines elements of hockey, hoops and drinking into one amusing package.

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March 25

• Step aside, Katherine Webb: It's Amanda Marcum's time. . That's her in the photo, in case you were wondering.

• Ms. Marcum aside, they're the story of the tournament, and the sports story of the year so far: . Dunk City's coming, baby. .

• FGCU's a great hoops story, but you want a human interest angle? .

• Shane Larkin is Miami's best player, but . Another Hurricane superlative: , and nominations are now closed.

• Here's some crack for hoops junkies: . Also: .

• Baseball royalty: .

• Here's an opinion that's sure to generate discussion: . Remember, this is the school that produced Joe Namath.

• Sergio Garcia made his reputation as a 19-year-old hitting a closed-eyes shot from the base of a tree at the PGA Championship. Yesterday, he topped himself: . I've had to hit it out of the trees plenty of times, but not like this.

• Instant classic: Tiger, Arnie and Trevino go Ninja for EA Sports.

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