Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day

Rounding up the web's best sports links so you don't have to.

<p> Rounding up the web's best sports links so you don't have to.</p>

This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for May 10.

• Leading off today's Essential 11: . You're welcome. 


• Maxim put out its Hot 100 list. It's kind of a strange ranking. No. 1 (Miley Cyrus) is highly debatable. .

• They rule the SEC West. So how does compare to ? Bad news: They're both easy.

• Speaking of Alabama, . He's too busy dominating.

• Speaking of Texas A&M, .

• I'm old, so .

• Earlier in the week, Steeler Ryan Clark said that Tom Brady "sees ghosts" under pressure. Apparently Clark woke up with a horse head in his bed, because now

• Frivolous lawsuit of the day: . If spoilers are a sue-able offense, they'll have to shut down the internet.


• Is this Japanese kid the next Usain Bolt? That's kooky talk, but 10.01 is impressive for a 17-year-old.


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May 9

, supermodel Lisalla Montenegro. Nothing eases the sting of a crappy start like getting engaged to a supermodel. I assume.

. I would prefer face-painting.


• Don't know if they planned it, but .

• Everything's coming up Pitino. .

• There's an art to flopping. .

• Who says Michael Bay is a lousy director? . That's genius at work.

: Who ya got?

• I make fun of women's basketball as much as the next jerk, but .

. All this needed was George Brett going nuts and threatening the ump with bodily harm.


• Today's video features a Peyton Manning-directed pie in the face on live TV.

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May 8

• They make those annoying stoppages in play a little more enjoyable: .

• Lots of people love "Bull Durham." I'm not one of them, but if you are, you might be interested to learn , which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

. She's probably embarrassed that her new arm candy can't hold his liquor. The photos of a leering, bleary-eyed Tiger are priceless. 

. Apparently the NFL's been taking notes from the NCAA.

• The league that gave us Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson and Marcus Lattimore has .

• Sports has its own version of one-hit wonders: . Hey, one is better than none. Just ask the Macarena guys.

• A waterskiing baby? .

• One of Jalen Rose's keys to playoff success: .


• This is always a fun genre: .

• Marcell Ozuna lost a fly ball in the lights. Fortunately for him, .

• Kevin Durant should be outlawed. No one should be able to do things like this.

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May 7

• Looks like . Makes sense.

. Guess I shouldn't have watched Real Housewives with the wife.

• A couple weeks after asking everyone to honor their privacy, .


He probably said the same thing about Russell Wilson.


• Wow. .


. No. 1 is currently unemployed. Good news, everybody — you don't need a job to be influential.

• It was 24 years ago today. The legend of Michael Jordan took a quantum leap with The Shot, when he proved that, unlike Craig Ehlo, the laws of gravity didn't apply to him.

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May 6

. Fortunately, Kate Upton once dated Justin Verlander, so she continually pops up on lists like this one.

• Here's something nice and depressing for a Monday morning: .

• This is some sort of weird cannibalistic imagery: .

. In related news, .

• It's a Brave New World out there: .

• Talk about big shoes to fill: .

• This stuff has been around awhile, but it's still funny: .

. She made it to the final cuts.

• Gregg Popovich compared Steph Curry to Michael Jordan. .

• It wasn't quite Hendrix at Woodstock, but .

• Today's video is for all you fans who watch NASCAR just for the wrecks. Kurt Busch got airborne this weekend.

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