College Football's Link Roundup: August 29

Here are the must-read stories for August 29th.


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College Football's Must-Read Stories Around the Web for Thursday, August 29th

says the NCAA would be better off letting Johnny Manziel play than enforce the letter of the law.

Texas A&M may turn to Kenny Hill as its starting quarterback (at least for a half) over Matt Joeckel. Here's an on the freshman quarterback.

has an awesome graphic on college football's grid of shame.

Saturday Down South looks at the in the SEC for 2013. And a look at the SEC's .

Alex Collins has garnered plenty of preseason attention, but is still the starter for Arkansas.

has some intriguing options to rush the passer this year.

is ready for assume the reins for Baylor's offense.

will start at running back for Wisconsin, but Melvin Gordon is going to receive plenty of carries. also takes a look at the Badgers' defense in 2013. 

plans to redshirt a running back that was in the mix for playing time this fall.

isn't happy with his backup quarterbacks.

has moved an offensive lineman to the defensive side to help with depth.

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