College Football's Link Roundup: July 30

Here are the must-read stories for July 30th.

One day closer to August, which means the start of the 2013 season isn't far away.

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College Football's Must-Read Stories Around the Web for Tuesday, July 30th

, as Texas A&M's Polo Manukainiu and Utah's Gaius Vaenuku were killed in a car crash in New Mexico.

A had an interesting (and later deleted) tweet.

In case you missed it, .

Kevin McGuire takes a look at at the American Athletic Conference's Media Days.

Patrick Hruby has some and Mark Emmert on concussions.

USA Today's Dan Wolken as he attempts to lead the program back to prominence.  

called South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney the best player on the planet.

Saturday Blitz takes a .

issues a strong defense of the Bulldogs' drug testing policy.

Here's an on no-huddle offenses and the impact on defenses.

All charges from a recent incident have been dropped against .

faces a tough transition from the 3-4 to the 4-3.

The strength of in 2013 will be its running back corps.

has some major question marks to address this fall.

Here's a preview of .

What are the to answer this fall?

Big loss for Minnesota: has decided not to play football this year.

helped to catch two suspects involved in a robbery at his apartment. 

takes a look at the coaching staffs in the SEC.

at the Pac-12 Networks and the standoff with Direct TV. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear there will be an agreement anytime soon.

has to serve three days in jail due after pleading guilty to an attempted assault charge.

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