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College Football's Link Roundup: November 27

Here are the must-read stories for Nov. 27th.

College Football's Link Roundup: November 27

Catching up on the news from around the nation....

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College Football's Must-Read Stories Around the Web for Wednesday, November 27th

It seems every coach celebrates a win by dancing in the locker room these days. ranked the best dancing moves from head coaches.

the best college player in South Carolina this year. And have also been announced as finalists for the South Carolina Football Hall of Fame.

hasn't forgotten about the nasty e-mails he received. 

is pushing for the ACC to have its own television channel by 2016.

have announced an extension to their annual rivalry. 

LSU could be losing to the NFL Draft this offseason.

The staff at Nunes Magician previews . Can the Orange stop Andre Williams?

A good wrapup of postseason press conference.

career at Toledo is likely finished due to a leg injury.

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray suffered a torn ACL against Kentucky, but the .

for Florida's coaching staff this offseason.

has been dismissed from the team.

will miss the rest of the season due to a knee injury.

Bad news for SMU's bowl hopes: is out against Houston due to a knee injury.

is out for the rest of the season due to a leg injury.

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