College Football's Link Roundup: October 8

Almost at the halfway point of the 2013 season.

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College Football's Must-Read Stories Around the Web for Tuesday, October 8th

takes a look at the top-10 coaching confrontations since 2000.

? Get ready, there are four new ones coming to college football in 2014.

Here's an odd story: Fake representatives of are reaching out to coaching candidates.

Auburn defensive tackle will take a redshirt season.

UCLA lost tackle for the rest of the year with an ankle injury suffered against Utah.

Minnesota's president has renewed his support for coach .

What has happened to ?

Is tanking for the NFL Draft?

Virginia coach received the vote of confidence from his athletic director this week.

Why isn't Florida running back playing this year?

Utah tight end suffered a broken wrist against UCLA.

Should California fire defensive coordinator ?

Texas A&M defensive tackle will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.

Oklahoma linebacker will miss the rest of the season with a torn pectoral muscle.

Who replaces quarterback at Utah State?


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